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University of BMX by Gerrit Does

History of BMX (2015 - 2016)

Year 2015.

March 7th. - 8th., International BMX Indoor de Tours - France, the 22nd. edition.

On March 7th. and 8th. the longest running indoor in Europe took place. The International BMX Indoor de Tours - France, took place for the 22nd time, the only remaining CLASSIC BMX EVENT from the 80's (first event took place in 1983). The other CLASSIC events were the E.C.C. / European Challenge Cup at Slagharen in Holland and the International Indoor Palais Omnisport de Bercy - Paris, in France. Both latest mentioned events seized to exsist years ago.

After a break in organizing the Indoor de Tour of 9 years, now this prestegious event is back. Since BMX has some history now, there will be Old School activities and a BMX Museum was in place. Three Pioneer well known BMX racers will attend this event on the Saturday evening. Hope to have some pictures available soon for you all.

KIMMANN Niek (Holland)

2015 World Champion

2016 World Champion

2018 World Cup

2019 European Champion

2019 World Cup

2021 Olympic Champion

2021 World Champion

Nominations 2016

The 2016 nominations for the European BMX Hall of Fame by the UNIVERSITY of BMX.

D.5 European BMX Hall of Fame nominations 2016

Category AA:

Nominations will be made after the 2016 Olympic Championships in BMX in Brasil

NO nominations, no European rider won an Olympic title in 2016.

Category A1:

The nominee from the 2016 UCI World Championships in Sao Paulo - Brasil, is the following Champion coming from Europe:

Elite men: Joris Daudet - France

Category A2:

2016 UCI Supercross World Cup Series overall winners:

Elite men:

Category A3:

The nominees from the 2016 UCI European Championships are the following Champions:

Elite men: Raymon van der Biezen - Holland
Elite women: Sarah Sailer - Germany  

Category A4:

Pioneer rider(s) nominated.

NO nomination(s) at this time

Category B1:

Pioneer (non racers) nomination(s):

NO nomination(s) at this time

Category B2:

Organizers/promoters of European Top events:

NO nomination(s) at this time

Category C:

European National Teams or Manufacturer Teams winning a team World title;

NO nomination(s) at this time

Update Waalre, September 2016.

Induction: all nominees mentioned above, have been inducted in November 2016.

PAJÓN Mariana (Colombia)

2016 Olympic Champion
2016 World Champion
2014 World Champion
2012 Olympic Champion
2011 World Champion
2010 World Champion

Spectacular developments in BMX from 1995 till 2016 ?

Yoshitaku NAGASAKOTo read about the DEVELOPMENT in BMX at the highest level, the Elite classes and within the World Cup/Supercross format, check this out:

Waalre, March 26th., 2016


An historical overview.

For some time now I had the plan to write an article about the developments/evolution in the sport of BMX at the highest National and International level within the UCI, in the Elite Women and Men classes. Also all the other BMX classes followed the development closely.

Background information.
Since BMX started as an organized sport in the USA in the early 1970's (1974 to be exact) and was spread over the worlds since 1980/81 by the I.BMX.F. (International BMX Federation) and from 1996 when the I.BMX.F. integrated into the UCI, big changes took place.

I think we have seen the following six (6) phases in the development of our BMX sport so far:
Phase 1, the pioneer periode from around < 1970 through 1979, mainly in the USA.
Phase 2, BMX start to spread over the world with help of among others, the I.BMX.F., 1980/81 through 1990.
Phase 3, the recoqnition of BMX as a official sport by the FIAC/UCI. A working together relationship started between I.BMX.F. ánd the FIAC from 1991 through 1995 with the intend to merge at a certain point and time.
Phase 4, merge of I.BMX.F ánd FIAC (bmx) into 1 organization, the UCI. A UCI BMX Comittee was formed. This happened in 1996 and is stil running.
Phase 5, BMX being recoqnized as an Olympic discipline from 2008 on. First Olympic Champs in Elite Men and Women during the 2008 Beijing – China Olympic Games.
Phase 6, BMX at the highest level developing towards an absolute top-sport from 2007 on. Meaning training technicaly (fitness and riding technique) as well as on track design etc. Facilities professionalized, governments supporting National BMX teams (since BMX became an Olympic discipline) etc.