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Special recognition Pierre Karsmakers

2014, Report: PIERRE KARSMAKERS inducted into the AMA HALL of FAME

October 16th. 2014.

x __Pierre___HoF____IMG_1066

How it all started.

First I want to motivate one more time, why this article is placed on this website, since this article is all about moto-cross and not BMX. Insiders in the sport of BMX know, that Pierre Karsmakers was the first importer of BMX bikes, parts and clothing, coming from the USA, starting in 1976. He was actif in BMX sales till  ending '80 s. Because of this link and Pierre being my brother in law, I decided to publish this article on this site.

Early 2013 during one of our coffee drinking talk sessions at Pierre Karsmakers "men's cave" in Aalst-Waalre, I told the guys pesent that it would be a great idea to sent in a nomination on Pierre, for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in the USA.  Not many people in Holland know what Pierre had accomplished during his moto-cross career in the USA from 1973 up and till 1979. To inform the general public, I did write an article on my website ( about Pierre's career (check Old & New's, the "Pierre "PEPE" Karsmakers story") acouple of years back.

x _PK___scannen0119x __Pierre_Karsmakers__85325_n

Shortly after us talking about it, one of the men present, Peer Bijnen, took the initiatif (without telling us) to nominate Pierre at the AMA for the motorcycle Hall of Fame. A couple of weeks later, Peer Bijnen received a letter with an application form, which he then gave to me: you finish this Gerrit, he said.  I answered all the questions on the application form and mentioned the details on Pierre's career concerning titles won, results etc. etc. in Holland and the USA. This nomination form was then sent back to the AMA Nomination Committee by me, where the details were scouteneered, checked and proven correct. Through e.mail I received confirmation that the Nomination was now officialy (ending 2013) and had to go through 2 or 3 more committees within the AMA HoF, before a final answer good be given on a possible membership of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame for Pierre.

The final word was received sometime May of 2014: The AMA announced officialy Pierre Karsmakers as 1st. inductee out of 7, on June 19th. 2014. The other inductees were Tom White, George Barber, Scott Summers, Rob Muzzy, Byron Hines, Mike LaRocco and Hall of Fame member Willie G. Davidson would become "Legend", within the AMA Hall of Fame.

IMG 0101

All news (AMA)
Motocross pioneer Pierre Karsmakers elected to AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame
June 19, 2014

Pierre Karsmakers, one of the first European motocross champions to bring his expertise to America, has been elected to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2014. 

x _PK_en_Yamaha__scannen0057

"Pierre showed Americans what motocross was all about," said Ken Ford, a member of the Hall of Fame executive committee and treasurer of the American Motorcyclist Association board of directors. "From his performance on the track to his training regimen, he demonstrated a firm resolve to wring the most from himself and his machines."

Karsmakers said he was honored by his election.  "It's been a long time since I raced, so it means a lot that America still recognizes me as one who brought motocross to the United States," Karsmakers said during a recent telephone interview from his home in The Netherlands.

The 2014 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on Friday, Oct. 17, as part of the AMA National Convention, Oct. 16-19, in Orlando, Fla., and in conjunction with the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo). Tickets for the convention and the induction ceremony go on sale soon. For more information, see

IMG 1061IMG 1070

A three-time motocross champion in his native Holland, Karsmakers came to the United States to gain wider exposure and attract the attention of the Japanese motorcycle makers.  "All the Japanese (sponsorship) contracts were going to Belgian riders," Karsmakers said. "I got mad, because other European riders were not getting noticed. But after I started winning in 1972, it began to open doors."   Racing for Yamaha in 1973, Karsmakers won the 500cc motocross national championship series, scoring 2,659 total points. The second-place racer scored 1,427.

Karsmakers also was winner of the inaugural AMA Supercross Championship in 1974. He retired from racing in 1979.   "That was a great time of my life," Karsmakers said. "I met many wonderful people."   Karsmakers is the first member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame class of 2014 to be announced. The remaining 2014 inductees will be announced in random order in the coming weeks.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers are selected through a nomination and voting procedure that includes ballots cast by living Hall of Fame members, members of the American Motorcyclist Association and AMHF boards of directors, and members of, and advisers to, the Hall of Fame category committees.  To nominate a future Hall of Famer, visit

Planning and our actual trip to Orlando.

Allthough I did not have the intention of going to the USA this year, reading about Pierre being an inductee in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, I decided after consulting my wife to go with Pierre to this unique event in October. The AMA wanted all inductees to be present on October 16th. Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA asked Pierre to come over one day earlier, so he could be present at the official presentation of the new Yamaha road and off road motorcycles in the Chapin Theatre inside the Convention Centre.  Yamaha dealers from all over the USA would be present and Pierre would be presented to them as their "Yamaha family member" ánd AMA Hall of Fame inductee.

We left Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam on October 15th, with a delay of over 3 hours. Because of the delay we missed our connecting flight and had to wait another +3 hours in Detroit-USA. After 23 hours travelling we arrived at the Rosen Centre Hotel at the International Drive in Orlando. After check in, Pierre contact Yamaha's General Manager - Communications, mr. Bob Starr and arrangements were made to meet early October 16 at the Chapin Theatrewere the presentation of new Yamaha products would take place, starting that Thursday at 10.00 hours.

2014 the_Rosen_Cntre_Hotel__Orlando__33845126IMG 1015 

By the way, just about 2 weeks before leaving for Orlando I learned that my youngest son Pieter Does (Twin Air) would be at the AIMExpo too for TWIN AIR. So we made an appointment to meet en have diner all together and so we did.

Scheduled activities Yamaha ánd AMA.

After a good nights rest, Pierre and I went to the Chapin Theatre directly after breakfast to be present at the Yamaha motorcycle presentation models 2015, at 10.00 hours. Back stage we did meet with Colin Edwards and his wife Alyssia, who were involved in presenting a Yamaha roadbike, We also did meet the GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) Champ as well as moto-cross rider .....................  Bob Starr explained to Pierre what would happen during the introduction of this presentation. The CEO of YAMAHA USA would be introduced to all Yamaha dealers present as well as Pierre.

IMG 1013IMG 1017IMG 1023

We saw a great show of about 1 hour in which the Dennis McNeal, Vice President Motorcycle Operations and Derek Brooks, Motorcycle Product Planning Manager of Yamaha Motor Corporation USA,  introduced the new Yamaha 2015 models. Afterwards many dealers and others came over to Pierre congratulating him, becoming an AMA Hall of Fame member the next day.

IMG 1025IMG 1024IMG 1031

The introduction of this Yamaha presentation was done by Bob Starr. After a welcome to all present, Bob introduced the CEO of Yamaha Motorcycle Corporation ánd AMA HoF inductee Pierre Karsmakers, a Yamaha family member as Pierre himself stated later on, to the USA and Canadian Yamaha dealers present.

IMG 1032IMG 1033IMG 1035 

The actual presentation of the 2015 models started by Dennis McNeal riding on to the stage on a Yamaha Bolt. Then Derek Brooks welcomed him and invited Dennis to explain all about the new Yamaha Bolt roadbike.

IMG 1036IMG 1039

IMG 1040IMG 1042


IMG 1043IMG 1045

The new Yamaha scooters were introduced and in short Dennis also explained a little about the new race bikes (not present at this presentation). These would be presented in Milan - Italy, a couple of weeks from now. Dennis also explained about the new entry-level Supersport bikes on which experienced riders as well as un-experienced riders could have a lot of fun and riding pleasure. To demonstrate that, Colin Edwards and his wife Alyssia did a road test on these bikes of which Yamaha made a short video which they showed. This was a fun video to watch.

IMG 1046IMG 1047

IMG 1049IMG 1048

IMG 1051IMG 1054

Personaly I enjoyed myself very much. It was good to see how Yamaha organized such an event. Learned a lot again this morning and did meet interesting people through PK.

Yamaha's Bob Starr invited us (so, Pierre and Gerrit) to be present at the Reception and the "Feed the Children Charity Auction" by Yamaha later on that evening on Thursday October 16th. in room W.304 at the Convention Center. Also Nation wide (USA and Canada) distributors and dealers were invited ánd present.  Since a couple of years now, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA organized an auction, gathering money to fill 2 truck with food for children. That food will be distributed during Christmas time among poor children. Many items were brought in as you can read on the chart below. Among those items a large picture/photo of Pierre with his signature on it. With us at the table was Hall of Fame member mr. Don Emde.

IMG 1177IMG 1174IMG 1171

IMG 1169

 Pierre Karsmakers picture, ready to be auctioned.

A Valentino Rossi cap was auctioned and Colin Edwards, former teammate of Rossi, got this cap for around 160 dollars. Special parts of factory racebikes were auctioned at an average of around 4 / 500 dollars. An original race-suite of Rossi was auctioned at 11.125 dollars and that of Lorenzo of around 7.000 dollars. Those were the top items auctioned. Pierre Karsmakersgraphed photo (action picture, PK on a Yamaha ofcourse) was auctioned at 1200 dollars, out of the smaller items this photo got top price. Colin Edwards and Don Emde also did bit on the photo, but finaly a Yamaha dealer got he highest bit. All together the auction generated over 38.000 dollars, which ment that not 2, but at least 4 trucks of food were available around Christmas time this year, to "Feed the Children". Fantastic initiatif of Yamaha Motor Corporation USA. Yamaha dealers present that bought all items were happy too and will show off their items won in their shops probably.

Yamaha's Bob Starr coordinated the evening ánd auction. Yamaha dealers and distributors from the USA and Canada were presented food and drinks during the evening. We all had a great time and the auction was a great success. Here some picture with a comment to give you all an overall impression of this happening.

IMG 1175IMG 1182IMG 1183

IMG 1186IMG 1180IMG 1189

End then Pierre's picture was presented for auctioning.............

IMG 1198IMG 1195IMG 1200

IMG 1209IMG 1203

IMG 1211IMG 1208IMG 1207

This auction / reception ended at around 22.30 hours. What a great evening this was, another fantastic experience for both Pierre and myself. On to the next day!

Thursday October 17th. 2014, the day of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame induction ceremony.



The AMA time schedule:

x 2014__AMA_time_schedule___scannen0001

The AMA had scheduled a Eagle Rider Kick-Off Party on October 16th,which Pierre could not attend because YAMAHA's Bos Starr had asked Pierre to be present at the Yamaha Auction on that Thursday evening. As I explained before, since a few years, Yamaha organizes an auction of motorcycle related products being donated by many people and Yamaha itself. The proceeds of this auction will go to sharity for 100%, Feed the Children. During a Reception type of gathering with food and drinks, Yamaha dealers came together in one of the large halls at the Convention Center. The goal for this evening was, generate enough money for 2 truck loads of Food for Children. The auction was such a success, that now they were able to not fill 2 trucks with food for children, but 4 trucks !

Friday, October 17th, prepairing for the AMA Hall of Fame ceremony. 

Pierre and I (as a guest) were expected to be present at 8.00 hours for the 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee/Legend breakfast in room W/306A, West Building of the Orange County Convention Center. All inductees and guests were introduced to eachother and emcee Perry King explaned during breakfast the procedure during the rehearsal, later on that morning and afternoon. Arriving later that day were Mike LaRocco and Willie G. Davidson (so, they were not present at this breakfast meeting).

IMG 1214IMG 1213

 IMG 1215IMG 1216IMG 1217

 IMG 1218IMG 1220

Here some more information below on the "emcee" Perry King:


After breakfast, Pierre Karsmakers was the first one to do his 30 minutes rehearsal together with emcee Perry King. Allthough everybody involved was kind of nervous and emotional the first time presenting their speech, all went well. After Pierre's rehearsal, we watched Tom White giving his speech after which we left the Chapin Theatre to have a first look around at the AIMExpo. On our way to the Expo as well as walking around at the Expo many people congratulated Pierre when they saw him. I was very surprised how many people still knew Pierre and are a FAN of him.

IMG 1225IMG 1227IMG 1239

 After rehearsal, Pierre, Perry and a fromer sponsor of Pierre, checkd out Pierre's Yamaha.

IMG 1250IMG 1251

From 18.00 till 20.00 hours the official part of this Hall of Fame happening started with the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductee/Legend Reception in the Valencia Room of the Convention Center. Again, many old friends of Pierre present, came over to congratulate him and talk "history". Very special moment when Pierre did meet Craig Blackwell, whose family took very good care of Pierre and his family, in the beginning of his long stay in the USA.

IMG 1298IMG 1299IMG 1303

IMG 1304IMG 1305IMG 1308

The AMA Motorcycle HALL of FAME ceremony.
Around 19.45 hours we all moved from the Valencia Room to the Chapin Theatre. At 20.00 sharp the AMA Hall of Fame induction ceremony started. Perry King welcomed everybody and introduced the President and CEO of the AMA, Mr. Rob Dingman. Mr. Dingman also welcomed all present and specialy the 7 inductees and the to be Legend. An AMA Hall of Fame video was shown and an explanation was given how the AMA Hall of Fame worked/was organized.

IMG 1259

IMG 1327IMG 1335

IMG 1336IMG 1337IMG 1338

On the video shown, also the AMA Motorcycle Museum was promoted. Here some pictures of that promotion:

IMG 1339IMG 1341

IMG 1342IMG 1344 

After a general Hall of Fame related introduction by Perry King, the emcee during this happening, Perry introduced the 1st. inductee of this evening, Pierre Karsmakers. An about 5 minutes during video was shown on Pierre´s career in the USA. After this video Pierre came on to the podium together with Ken Ford / AMA and Barry Higgins / AMA Hall of Fame member. Pierre was offciaily inducted into the Hall of Fame by Ken Ford, one of the AMA Board of Directors and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame ring was presented to him by Hall of Famer Barry Higgins.  Pierre's induction speech went very well, allthough emotional at the end as all other inductees were.

Seen here a few pictures from the video shown on Pierre's career:

IMG 1349IMG 1347IMG 1355

IMG 1356IMG 1361 

And some pictures on the actual installation and induction speech of Pierre Karsmakers:

IMG 1364IMG 1365IMG 0125

Following Pierre were the inductees Byron Hines, George Barber, Scott Summers, Tom White, Mike LaRocco and Rob Muzzy. Each and everyone of them had great and personal speeches and all of them were kind of emotional at the end of their speech. Last but not least, AMA Hall of Fame member, William "Willie G." Davidson, was upgraded to the level of Legend. What a great man and fantastic speech. Willie G. got a standing ovation. You can find all introduction video´s and speeches of all mentioned above on YOUTUBE. In the end, all Hall of Fame members present, including the newly inducted Hall of Fame members were asked to come up oin the podium, pictures were made and best wished exchanged. What a fantastic evening this was with a couple of hundred people present in this theater.

Seen here the new AMA Hall of Fame members, class of 2014 (not in picture the representative of mr. George Barber and Legend Willie G, Davidson). From let to right: Scott Summers, Rob Nuzzy, Tom White, Pierre Karsmakers, Mike Larocco and Byron Hines.

IMG 0170




At the end of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame induction ceremony, not only the new members were asked to come on the podium, but also the Hall of Fame members present in this theatre were asked to join the new members on the stage, so they did. Seen here a special moment were Harley Davidson's, Willie G. Davidson, now promoted to Legend, congratulated Pierre Karsmakers with his HoF membership.

IMG 1369scannen0067

Promoted from AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame member to LEGEND was "Willie G." Davidson. Congratulations to all !


Here the links to Youtube on the HoF introduction video on Pierre's career  ánd  his induction speech:

Some "ad random"pictures:
Seen here some more picturesof the Hall of Fame ceremony on October 17th. 2014, taken after the ceremony.  Personaly I was very happy to see my youngest son Pieter Does being present at this Hall of Fame event. Pieter visited the AIMExpo business wise on behalf of TWIN AIR and was also able to be present at the induction ceremony of his uncle Pierre Karsmakers.

IMG 0103IMG 01102014 fltr_Pieter_Does_Twin_Air__Gerrit_Does_and_Pierre__1454_n

IMG 1253IMG 1323IMG 1377

IMG 1375IMG 1367IMG 1370

 IMG 0159

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame member, Pierre Karsmakers, class of 2014 and his original unrestaured Yamaha.

Also interesting to know might be the fact that Pierre Karsmakers is the 11th. European rider from moto-cross, being inducted in the AMA Motorcylce Hall of Fame. Members before him are:  Roger De Coster - Torsten Hallman - Gunnar Lindstrom - Heikki Mikkola - Joël Robert - Derek & Don RickmanJeff Smith - Rolf Tibblin - Jean Michael Bayle and recently Pierre Karsmakers. Well done PK.

AIMExpo Saturday and Sunday, October 18-19th.

scannen0003scannen0005IMG 1132

The AIMExpo at the Convention Center in Orlando took place from October 16th. on and the first 2 days, only dealers and businessmen were allowed in. From Saturday till Sunday the general public was allowed inside as well. As new AMA Hall of Fame members, they all were scheduled for Autograph Sessions in the AMA booth on both days. Again during those days, Pierre ran into many people he knew or whom knew Pierre from the early days very well. All congratulated him with his AMA Hall of Fame membership. To me it was a big surprise to see the appreciation from realy everybody for what Pierre did for moto-cross in the early days.

IMG 1059IMG 1077IMG 1092

IMG 1083IMG 1085IMG 1087

IMG 1094IMG 1079IMG 1095

IMG 1097IMG 1384IMG 1103

IMG 1107IMG 1111IMG 1100

IMG 1136IMG 1141IMG 1145

IMG 1148IMG 1159IMG 1134

A selection of other friends that Pierre dit meet during this trip and at the Convention Center in Orlando along International Drive.

IMG 1301IMG 13010IMG 1374

IMG 1386IMG 1438

The BMX connections.
Personaly I ran into several old friends from the BMX scene as well, among them Tod Huffman (former GT Bicycles), "Big E" - Eric BartoldusTony Szynaka and his 2 daughters, Dave and Erma Miller and husband, McGoo and ofcourse we made arrangements before coming over to meet my best friend Greg Esser and family (Melanie and Alex). Also did ran into Jody Weisel (Moto-Cross Action Magazine), whom I did meet at Saddleback Park several times, when I was staying at Pierre's in the mid '70 s.

IMG 1118IMG 1390IMG 1394

x on_our_way_to_lunch_Melanie_Greg_and_Alex_ESSER_Pierre_Karsmakers_and_Gerrit_Does___IMG_1399IMG 1395IMG 1406

IMG 1424IMG 1426IMG 1433

IMG 1434IMG 1435x the_Miller_family_and_Greg_Esser___IMG_1410 

The PENTON history film.
It was very interesting being at the presentation of the PENTON History film, in the "Motorcycle Filmfestival theater" at the AIMExpo, made by again an old friend from BMX, Todd Huffman. Todd has been working on this 2 hour film for about 3 years and tells the story of the Penton family. Penton did business with KTM in Austria many years ago and was the first to bring in KTM motorcycles, which he sold under the PENTON name in the USA. Fantastic story, very interesting.  At another podium, Don Emde told the story and showed slides of the yearly CANNONBALL RUN he organizes for around 30 participants, riding the oldest possible route of this unique event. Saw interviews with Kevin Schwantz and others.

IMG 1112IMG 1114IMG 1121

IMG 1123IMG 1124IMG 1125

IMG 1127IMG 1129

IMG 1443IMG 1444

On Monday October 20th. we left Orlando for Holland, were we arrived on Tuesday October 21st. Conclusion of the two of us was: what a great 6 days, fantastic experience, a very proud PK, did meet many supporters, fans and old friends. We had some great weather in Orlando, sunny and hot. Arriving early Tuesday morning at Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam, the weather was cold and wet as you can see on this pictures.

IMG 1447   

Personal note from my side: The USA BMX Hall of Fame diner and induction ceremony at Chula Vista, Ca., has been a very well organized event. I was present there on several occasions. However, the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame is a more professional and Hollywood style event. It was great to have been a part of that event this year, learned a lot again!  On my "THINGS TO DO" list is still the wish to organize a European BMX Hall of Fame diner and induction event, sometime November of any year soon, according to the AMA HoF concept.  I am looking for some realy serious sponsors to help me out here and I want to make such an event look like a mix between the USA BMX and AMA Hall of Fame event. Anybody interested in helping me out?
Get in touch!

Last but not least. I did realize myself just recently how special it is to have two family members in an American Hall of Fame.  Gerrit Does being a  USA BMX Hall of Fame member, class of 1998 and brother in law Pierre Karsmakers being a AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame member, class of 2014. 

IMG 11344scannen0028

AMA Hall of Famer, Pierre Karsmakers, class of 2014.

2011 GD_at_the_ABA_HoF_DSC00125

USA BMX Hall of Famer, Gerrit Does, class of 1998.

End of report.  

BEMBOOM H. (Holland)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

European Challenge Cup / E.C.C. events - Slagharen , Holland

Mr. H. Bemboom (owner PP Slagharen) and Mr. G. Does (BMX organisation)

Organisation: Ponypark Slagharen with owner/director Mr. H. Bemboom taking care of all facilities and promoter/organiser Mr. Gerrit Does taking care of the sport technical part of the organisation as well as marketing, publicity, public relations (TV) and so on.

BLONDIAU Armand (Belgium)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Mr. Dekkers (R.I.P.) introduced BMX in Belgium and soon Mr. Blondiau followed.

Both men started organisations and promoted the sport of BMX in Belgium.

COMMENCAL Max (France)

1992 Max CommencalSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder and former owner of SUNN bicycles; now of Commencal Bicycles.

COSTE D. (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Among others responsible for the organisation of:
  • Indoor BMX de Bercy - Palais Omni Sport - Paris, France

Mr. Didier Coste was responsible within the Lariviere Organisation ("Chef Redaction" of the Edition Lariviere group)


jan-dejonckheere-and-gerrit-doesSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder of PRO-WINNER bicycles and now owner of a production company making ATB/MTB frames and parts as well as BMX frames and parts.

DEKKERS Albert (Belgium)

albert-dekkersSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Mr. Dekkers (R.I.P.) introduced BMX in Belgium and soon Mr. Blondiau followed.

Both men started organisations and promoted the sport of BMX in Belgium.

DICK Scott (England)

2012-Scott-Dick-Unckle-BuckSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Pioneer non racer, promotor of BMX, official, organiser;  in short one of thé pioneer BMX fathers in England

Picture on right, courtesy of Rhodopsin Photography

First Name: Scott
Family Name: Dick
Married: YES with Margaret Dick
Date of Birth: 25/8/1956
City where you live: London

DOES Gerrit (Holland)

Gerrit-Does-left-and-Louis-Vrijdag-rightSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

As you can read from the History of BMX, Gerrit Does discovered BMX in the USA in 1974 and imported the sport in Europe, more specific Holland in the first place.

Louis Vrijdag has been instrumental getting the sport organised in Holland together with Gerrit Does in the early days.

Gerrit Does has been instrumental getting an international organisation of the the ground called the I.BMX.F. , now integrated into the UCI. Louis Vrijdag was instrumental integrating I.BMX.F. into the UCI which took about 6 years to realise all together.

DOES Nico (Holland)

Nico-DoesSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

At the age of 6 (1976) Nico was already riding BMX bikes, which his uncle Pierre Karsmakers (former MX Dutch and USA National Champion) imported from the USA in the late '70s.

Officialy Nico was the first license holder in Holland and probably in Europe with an official registrated organisation. At the time his skills were very exceptional. Even in the USA, were he competed at the JAG BMX World Championships in 1979, American riders, among them several Pro's, were astonished by his technic and skills of ND doing one-handers, no-footers and such.

Besides racing, Later on Nico started his own company building and selling BMX bikes. He started WEBCO Bicycles in 1991. Up till this day (ending 2001) Nico is involved in building these bikes and selling them.

KD Quality Products AG, owned by Albert Knill in Switzerland, works with Nico on this. (KD stands for, Knill Does).

Besides all of this Nico still is actif as a trainer/coach on local level with his club "F.C.C. Lion d'Or" in Valkenswaard - Holland, on National level with the KNWU regional training sessions and at International level, when invited to give training/seminars and so on.

More then 25 years he has been involved in the sport of BMX and still lives the sport a loves. Nico never won a European or World title, did win several Dutch national titles and 2 third places at World Championships (Indianapolis-USA and Brisbane-Australia) but for sure deserves his place in the European BMX Hall of Fame as BMX racer/promoter of the absolute "first hour of the sport".

More information on Nico can be found in his University of BMX Advisor CV.

Inducted in 2001

DOES Pieter (Holland)

Pieter-Does-August-79-BMX-track-Eindhoven-5yoSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

A pioneer rider. still active in the sport (without a break) and competing at the highest level, celebrates his 25th anniversary in the sport in July 2004, has been nominated: Pieter Does, Holland. Update: end year 2004 Pieter Does stopped racing.

For more information about Pieter Does, check out his profile.

Inducted in 2004


DORLAND Corine (Holland)

Corine Dorland at the Indoor de Dijon1994 World Champion
1993 World Champion
1991 World Champion

1995 European Champion
1993 European Champion
1992 European Champion


Corine Dorland has been crowned the QUEEN of CHAMPIONS, holding 3 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 7 titles in lower age classes, which makes 10 world titles won in total.

Corine Dorland switched in 1997 to MBT.

EKWALL Stefan (Sweden)

Stefan-Ekwall-Sweden-2004-relaxing-with-his-grandsonSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Stefan Ekwall started a motorcycle- and bicycle shop with a partner, Two WheelService in Sweden. Both men have been moto-cross riders up till that time. They started with renting BMX bikes to youngsters and they could ride these bikes on a small BMX track beside our shop. They started to imported "Kuwahara" bikes when the ET movie came to Sweden.


GROENENDAAL v.d. Christiaan (Holland)

christian-vd-groenendaalSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder and owner of GPR / ONE Bicycles. Still going (very) strong.

Concerning the motivation for this induction, please do read the article on Christian van de Groenendaal in the blog section (Opinions).

HEIDKAMP Uli (Germany)

Uli-Heidtkamp-2003-Old-Skool-Reunion-Dessel-BSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Uli was one of the first BMX racers in Germany. Started in 1979 and competed in his first international race in 1980 at the AVRO GOLD CUP TV event in Waalre-Holland. In the early days, Uli was the "face" of German BMX.

In his country he was a trend-setter at the time because he was racing in the oldest age-class at the time (16+). BMX was new and many people found it kind of strange, boys of about 16 year and older riding these small 20" BMX bikes.

Uli's dad Helmut Heidtkamp, was one of the first pioneers of BMX in Germany in the Cologne area and did a great job getting BMX off the ground as an organised sport and promoting the sport of BMX in general.

1980-Uli-Heidtkamp-Gerrit-Does-helping-out-during-the-AVRO-TVBy nominating Uli, we also honour his dad (died in the early '90 of cancer) for his pioneer work.

Inducted in 2001


Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Inducted in 2011