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European HoF Members

1947:..... and then there was CYCLE SPEEDWAY

Since the ’70 several new bicycle disciplines have seen the day of light. Bicycle Moto-Cross (BMX Race), BMX Freestyle, Road Bicycle Down Hill racing (special prepared BMX bikes, no paddles, only brakes), Formula One road race-bikes (20” wheels and gears), Bicycle Trial riding, MTB down-hill, MTB Dual Slalom, MTB 4 cross just to mention a few disciplines.

Have you ever heard of Cycle Speedway?

As in BMX (a copy of stadion motorcycle moto-cross), cycle speedway can be seen as a copy of motorcycle speedway. Since I know just a little about this sport, I want to share this knowledge with you, because it might add a new dimension to cycling sport in general, world-wide.

2002, UCI “4X” World Championship, Kaprun - Austria.

For the first time I went to a UCI-Mountain bike World Championships in 2002, held in KAPRUN - Zell am See in Austria. My main goal was to see how this event was organized, since I heard so much about the new concept of the World Championship. Besides World Championship events in mountain bike cross-country and down hill racing, also 4 cross and bicycle trial was included in this event. In about 8 ½ hours I drove from Eindhoven to Kaprun in Austria. I did spent 5 days in Kaprun, arriving on Wednesday evening, just in time for the Opening ceremony in Zell am See, which was a kind of disappointing. I checked in my hotel, situated just across the main area were the finish was of the cross-country, down-hill and 4 X events. My former GT BMX Euro team member Daniel Herz (Austria) took care of my reservation, thanks Danny! Also the English team was staying in this hotel and that same evening I did meet with Scott Beaumont and his parents, whom I haven’t seen since 1997. I also ran into Dale Holmes, also a former team member of mine in team WEBCO and the GT Euro BMX team.

Very early in the morning the next day, Thursday 29th, I went to the so-called PERMANENCE to pick up my VIP card which I got from the UCI MTB department (Mr. Gerrit Middag; thanks Gerrit!). After that I checked the grounds, went up the hill to have a close look at the 4 X track designed by Franck Roman (former World Champ BMX and Down-hill top rider riding for Cannondale at the time). The track looked great to me, just a down hill BMX track. From the start and finish/ exhibition area, one had a great view over the to complete 4 X track. I also checked out the down hill track. That looked great too, fast, technical it had it all!  During my tour on the fields around Karpun, I did meet many, many old friends or better Old Skool BMX’ers who changed from BMX to down-hill or 4X.

The start and finish area as well as the exhibition area looked great. Big rigs were parked their of the main teams, manufacturers and sponsors, among others the Rainer-Wurz MTB team was present on the infield. Mixed in and around this area were the Bicycle Trial non-stops/trial sections. Two big screens were placed on the infield and a score-board would show the results to the spectators later on.

I was told that over 60.000 people were expected, specially during the weekend, Saturday and Sunday to come. Must be said that I was very disappointed by the number of people that actually came and watched the events. My quess is that no more then maybe 20.000 people were present: still a lot of spectators! Anyway, the combination of events made it a success. If one would organize just a 4 x event, or trial event, you would have the same situation as in BMX: only inside people would come and watch, meaning very little spectators.

The Down hill competition was very exiting. Steve Peat and Nicolas Vouilloz were far ahead of the rest of the pack. Its great to see how the technique of the bikes have been improved. The suspension is just as great as on a moto-cross motorcycle. The speed the rider go down hill, improved a lot due to better suspension. It was a good thing the big screens were there to watch the riders come down, otherwise I wouldn’t have been that great to watch just a few seconds of the race. Also the time makes it very exiting (haven’t I mentioned that before, concerning BMX too?).

The Bicycle trial guys have improved probably the most. Last time I have been to a World Championship was in Bielstein - Belgium, about 12 years ago! The skills and technique of these riders is fabulous. They deserve a lot of respect for what they are doing. Due to the whole set up of this Worlds, it was good to see these guys got a lot of attention from spectators too.

The Cross-country stuff for me is boring. I think its great to be competitor, but as a spectator sport, it isn’t that great. Again, very good that the big screens were there on the main area. One could follow the TV images of the race progressing. Without that, boring! This doesn’t say anything bad about the fantastic performance of the riders. I do have a lot of respect for them too, specially riding in these bad weather conditions.

Then on the Saturday afternoon there was the new installed World title to be one for the first time in “4Cross”. I think about 75% of the riders were BMX racers or former BMX’ers. In the semi final and final, only BMX’ers. As I said before, this just was down hill BMX on big wheel bikes with only 4 riders (pity). 4 Cross was the replacement of dual Slalom and the Boarder cross. All new names for really one and the same kind of discipline, BMX ! That’s what I think anyway. The racing was fierce, exiting, spectacular. The track was designed and built by former BMX’er Franck Roman. Franck laid down another great track a week later at the World Cup event 4 Cross in Les Gets – France. Guess who won: BAS de BEVER – Holland. The ambiance was great too. Many people (approx. 5 till 7000) surrounded the 4 Cross track and supporters all the riders, when coming down. Everybody was stoked about this event, even officials were very positive about 4 Cross now. I think it is a pity that they don’t understand that all of this came from the roots, …BMX.

My personal conclusion and opinion on “4-Cross” in relation to BMX. First there was BMX (Bicycle Moto-Cross) on 20 inch bikes and later on 24 inch bikes were added. In the early days Down hill BMX was kind of common in the USA. For whatever reason, BMX has mostly flatland tracks now a days.

In Mountain biking, down hill racing started. Former BMX’ers joined that discipline and showed special skills and technique: jumping double jumps, speed jumping, showing off and so on. Now its a common thing. The mainly BMX side of the riders wanted short tracks that could be overlooked by spectators easily. Then Dual slalom came in. Again, mostly BMX racers were the top. Bad thing about dual slalom was that coming down with only 2 riders, the race was over when one “killed” the other rider. Not good for spectators and TV. So, as an intermediate the Boarder Cross got off the ground. Riding with mountain bikes on a BMX track or something that came very close to a BMX track. This took a lot of riders away from BMX too. The older guys wanted to race bigger bikes and do something new. Now at last, within the UCI the Dual slalom was canceled and 4 Cross installed. We are back were we were: Down hill BMX racing in fact, only on big wheels and with only 4 riders in a race.

Frustration brings suggestions and proposals.
Its all great, but my frustration is that BMX doesn’t get the respect that it deserves being the foundation of all the above mentioned disciplines. Why call it “4 Cross”, while it is down hill BMX? (I know the reason of course). Why not include “real BMX” bikes 20 inch, allowing them to race with front suspension, but NO rear suspension. One could even think of starting with 6 or 8 BMX riders competing at this kind of tracks. I predict that BMX bikes will give you more spectacular racing. Including BMX also solves the problem that just that discipline within the UCI World Cup and World Championships is missing all the time. Ofcourse we talk only Junior and Elite classes here that will be allowed to race. Think about it.

Besides all of this, I think we all should rename all disciplines in BMX racing. When watching Eurosport the YOZ broadcastings, one can see a lot of bicycle free-style, tricks, ramp, flat whatever. Everybody on TV calls it BMX: this is NOT bicycle moto-cross my man! Why did they change the name in BMX for Xtreme bicycle riding? That’s the name I would give to this discipline: XTREME BICYCLE RIDING

The name Bicycle Trials for the trial disciple is just great, this is exactly what it is. BMX by the way, stand for Bicycle Moto-cross. In fact there is NO moto, however since this name is there from the start of the sport in the early ’70, it should stay like that. If you think marketing wise and then BMX in combination with the present UCI 4 CROSS discipline, I think it all should be called BMX (skip the name “4 Cross”).
Even better call it BMX Down hill Xtreme racing. Two advantages:
First, one promotes BMX in general and the youth section of BMX is still the foundation but also the melting pot of young talent to grow towards adult BMX Down hill Xtreme racing, Mountain bike Down hill enduro racing, Bicycle trail and even Mountain bike cross-country.
Second advantages: by using the above name for this discipline and separate BMX Youth sport from adult sport allowing only Junior and Elite riders to compete at these events, one builds the respect that BMX and its athletes deserve. Again, think about it.

European BMX racing in 2003 and on.
In my article Opinion on the European Championships in Esselbach in Germany I already stated that in Europe we have to make some changes. I indeed did mention down hill BMX tracks to be used in the very near future.

After being in KAPRUN and talking to many BMX’ers and former BMX’ers, I am convinced that something must happen to give a new boost to our sport and to help it grow towards an adult sport. In short, a new series of events must be created. Down hill BMX racing as in the early days of BMX in the USA. There must be locations in Europe, at least in 5 or 6 countries, were great tracks can be built.  These series counting for a European Championship must be for Junior and Elite riders as well as the 2 upcoming classes (14/15y.o). Besides 20 inch bikes, the 24 inch class will be run as well as a ATB/MTB class (just 1). We must try to get our Old Skoolers back who now run MTB Down Hill or 4 Cross.

These series should have all facilities and technical equipment as in other disciplines. Think of a large scoring board, timing and registration by transponders, qualification by time, fastest laptime, a false start system and so on. Ofcourse TV registration is a must and when we talk down hill racing, very interesting to watch on TV.  Europe shouldn’t wait another year. Act now, try to find locations a.s.a.p. I myself am looking around in our province of Limburg in the south of our country (Maastricht), were perfect locations are to built for a 8 man track down hill.  Again, its nothing new, think of the down hill track at Corona in the USA. I still got a video of a down hill track in Texas. Even with side hacks racing was great then.

Latest news: during my stay in KAPRUN I learned from several Elite riders present, that rumors were going round about a 2003 UCI BMX World Cup event organized by the UCI-NBL at the Woodward Down Hill BMX track in the USA, was a possibility. UCI qualified Junior and Elite riders would be allowed to compete there. We are talking about the same track as were the BMX X-games were organized by the ESPN and McGoo for several years now. When more news, I will tell you. I hope all of the above will start a discussion resulting in some action in the way I advice BMX to go. Concerning Kaprun, I enjoyed myself very much.


ALLIER Thomas (France)

2000 World Champion
1998 World Champion

2007 European Champion
2005 European Champion
2004 European Champion
1998 European Champion

BEMBOOM H. (Holland)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

European Challenge Cup / E.C.C. events - Slagharen , Holland

Mr. H. Bemboom (owner PP Slagharen) and Mr. G. Does (BMX organisation)

Organisation: Ponypark Slagharen with owner/director Mr. H. Bemboom taking care of all facilities and promoter/organiser Mr. Gerrit Does taking care of the sport technical part of the organisation as well as marketing, publicity, public relations (TV) and so on.

BEVER de Bas (Holland)

scannen00201992 World Champion
1991 World Champion
1990 World Champion

1994 European Champion
1992 European Champion
1990 European Champion
1989 European Champion
1988 European Champion

Bas de Bever switched in 1995 to MTB.

GD together with Corine Dorland and Bas de Bever

BLONDIAU Armand (Belgium)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Mr. Dekkers (R.I.P.) introduced BMX in Belgium and soon Mr. Blondiau followed.

Both men started organisations and promoted the sport of BMX in Belgium.

COMMENCAL Max (France)

1992 Max CommencalSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder and former owner of SUNN bicycles; now of Commencal Bicycles.

CORGUILLÉ Le Laëtitia (France)

2008 European Champion
2006 European Champion
2005 European Champion

2010 Supercross World Cup
2009 Supercross World Cup
2007 Supercross World Cup

COSTE D. (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Among others responsible for the organisation of:
  • Indoor BMX de Bercy - Palais Omni Sport - Paris, France

Mr. Didier Coste was responsible within the Lariviere Organisation ("Chef Redaction" of the Edition Lariviere group)


jan-dejonckheere-and-gerrit-doesSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder of PRO-WINNER bicycles and now owner of a production company making ATB/MTB frames and parts as well as BMX frames and parts.

DEKKERS Albert (Belgium)

albert-dekkersSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Mr. Dekkers (R.I.P.) introduced BMX in Belgium and soon Mr. Blondiau followed.

Both men started organisations and promoted the sport of BMX in Belgium.

DICK Scott (England)

2012-Scott-Dick-Unckle-BuckSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Pioneer non racer, promotor of BMX, official, organiser;  in short one of thé pioneer BMX fathers in England

Picture on right, courtesy of Rhodopsin Photography

First Name: Scott
Family Name: Dick
Married: YES with Margaret Dick
Date of Birth: 25/8/1956
City where you live: London

DOES Gerrit (Holland)

Gerrit-Does-left-and-Louis-Vrijdag-rightSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

As you can read from the History of BMX, Gerrit Does discovered BMX in the USA in 1974 and imported the sport in Europe, more specific Holland in the first place.

Louis Vrijdag has been instrumental getting the sport organised in Holland together with Gerrit Does in the early days.

Gerrit Does has been instrumental getting an international organisation of the the ground called the I.BMX.F. , now integrated into the UCI. Louis Vrijdag was instrumental integrating I.BMX.F. into the UCI which took about 6 years to realise all together.

DOES Nico (Holland)

Nico-DoesSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

At the age of 6 (1976) Nico was already riding BMX bikes, which his uncle Pierre Karsmakers (former MX Dutch and USA National Champion) imported from the USA in the late '70s.

Officialy Nico was the first license holder in Holland and probably in Europe with an official registrated organisation. At the time his skills were very exceptional. Even in the USA, were he competed at the JAG BMX World Championships in 1979, American riders, among them several Pro's, were astonished by his technic and skills of ND doing one-handers, no-footers and such.

Besides racing, Later on Nico started his own company building and selling BMX bikes. He started WEBCO Bicycles in 1991. Up till this day (ending 2001) Nico is involved in building these bikes and selling them.

KD Quality Products AG, owned by Albert Knill in Switzerland, works with Nico on this. (KD stands for, Knill Does).

Besides all of this Nico still is actif as a trainer/coach on local level with his club "F.C.C. Lion d'Or" in Valkenswaard - Holland, on National level with the KNWU regional training sessions and at International level, when invited to give training/seminars and so on.

More then 25 years he has been involved in the sport of BMX and still lives the sport a loves. Nico never won a European or World title, did win several Dutch national titles and 2 third places at World Championships (Indianapolis-USA and Brisbane-Australia) but for sure deserves his place in the European BMX Hall of Fame as BMX racer/promoter of the absolute "first hour of the sport".

More information on Nico can be found in his University of BMX Advisor CV.

Inducted in 2001

DOES Pieter (Holland)

Pieter-Does-August-79-BMX-track-Eindhoven-5yoSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

A pioneer rider. still active in the sport (without a break) and competing at the highest level, celebrates his 25th anniversary in the sport in July 2004, has been nominated: Pieter Does, Holland. Update: end year 2004 Pieter Does stopped racing.

For more information about Pieter Does, check out his profile.

Inducted in 2004


DORLAND Corine (Holland)

Corine Dorland at the Indoor de Dijon1994 World Champion
1993 World Champion
1991 World Champion

1995 European Champion
1993 European Champion
1992 European Champion


Corine Dorland has been crowned the QUEEN of CHAMPIONS, holding 3 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 7 titles in lower age classes, which makes 10 world titles won in total.

Corine Dorland switched in 1997 to MBT.

EKWALL Stefan (Sweden)

Stefan-Ekwall-Sweden-2004-relaxing-with-his-grandsonSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Stefan Ekwall started a motorcycle- and bicycle shop with a partner, Two WheelService in Sweden. Both men have been moto-cross riders up till that time. They started with renting BMX bikes to youngsters and they could ride these bikes on a small BMX track beside our shop. They started to imported "Kuwahara" bikes when the ET movie came to Sweden.


GROENENDAAL v.d. Christiaan (Holland)

christian-vd-groenendaalSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder and owner of GPR / ONE Bicycles. Still going (very) strong.

Concerning the motivation for this induction, please do read the article on Christian van de Groenendaal in the blog section (Opinions).

HEIDKAMP Uli (Germany)

Uli-Heidtkamp-2003-Old-Skool-Reunion-Dessel-BSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Uli was one of the first BMX racers in Germany. Started in 1979 and competed in his first international race in 1980 at the AVRO GOLD CUP TV event in Waalre-Holland. In the early days, Uli was the "face" of German BMX.

In his country he was a trend-setter at the time because he was racing in the oldest age-class at the time (16+). BMX was new and many people found it kind of strange, boys of about 16 year and older riding these small 20" BMX bikes.

Uli's dad Helmut Heidtkamp, was one of the first pioneers of BMX in Germany in the Cologne area and did a great job getting BMX off the ground as an organised sport and promoting the sport of BMX in general.

1980-Uli-Heidtkamp-Gerrit-Does-helping-out-during-the-AVRO-TVBy nominating Uli, we also honour his dad (died in the early '90 of cancer) for his pioneer work.

Inducted in 2001


Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Inducted in 2011

History of BMX (1968 - 1974)

Year 1968.

1968 - How bmx started in the USA.

The film ON ANY SUNDAY trickered off the start of BMX racing. Demo's in that motorcycle film on a BMX bike by Bob Hannah. Bob Hannah became America's most famous moto-cross star in the 250 cc Class in the '70s and was team-member of Pierre Karsmakers (GD: my brother in law) in the USA Yamaha motocross team. Pierre started to import BMX bikes and parts early 1976 and was the first official importer in Holland of special BMX stuff.


History of BMX (1975 - 1977)

Year 1975.

1975 - The NBL - National Bicycle League (USA) of George Esser, now holding around 284 members, separated from the NML and went its own way!

As motorcycle enthusiast, I had a subscription on an English newspaper called MOTOR CYCLE NEWS. In its July 16th. issue I found an article on (as they called it at that time) MOTO BIKING.

Mitsui's bicycle division of England, were busy importing a so-called YAMAHA MotoBike (BMX). Mr. Mick Robbinsof Mitsui stated that "the machine" would be definitely for sale before Christmas that year. Retail price for this complete bike..... 100 pounds Sterling!!!!

Mr. Robbins stated that in the USA this new sport was really catching on and could have a good future in England and Europe as well. Bikes would become available anyway ending 1975.


History of BMX (1978 - 1979)

Year 1978.

1978 - Europeans discover BMX in the USA.

The ABA makes the decision to expand nationally. First ABA national race held in Azusa, California. First large pro purse ($1,000.00) offered at a major race by the ABA.

Kyle Flemmingbecame ABA's first number 1 Amature. Kyle was riding for DG at the time. A couple of years later, Kyle was killed in a car-train accident going with 3 others to a BMX race. I will come back to this tragic event later on.

Again, this was the year I got involved in BMX seriously. I organized the official introduction of the sport of BMX during the international moto-cross event at Valkenswaard in March 1978. A group of about 10 riders did give a demonstration of BMX racing. An unofficial BMX organization was founded (not registered/recognized by the official authorities) on May 16th. 1978 by yours truly, called: "Eerste Nationale Fietscross Organisatie" (1st National BMX Organization).

Around this time, I contacted the municipality of Eindhoven with the request to put at our disposal a piece of land on which a track could be build. In the meantime, I got in contact with Louis Vrijdag (whom I knew from the moto-cross sport), at the time he was working for the municipality of Eindhoven, who also learned about this BMX activity because of his job. Louis and I found eachother and understood each other well and this cooperation led to the foundation of the S.F.N. "Stichting Fietscross Nederland" later on this year. 

History of BMX (1980)

Although I am writing about the History of European BMX as I know it, you will find that a lot of the information comes from Holland and from other countries outside Europe.

I think one can say that the developments in Holland, almost reflects the developments as they happened in most of the other countries, not only in Europe but even worldwide. There are many of comparisons. It might give a good idea how BMX progressed in general in the early days in any country.

Since most information on BMX developments outside Europe aren't known to a lot of people, I do mention in my stories the dates and facts of which I am certain they are correct. I also state situations and happenings that are interesting enough to be mentioned. Most of the facts can be confirmed by documents in my BMX archief.

At first as Gerrit Doesand later on as General Secretary of I.BMX.F., I had almost all international contacts up and till 1985/86 with individuals world-wide, with countries/ organizations asking for an I.BMX.F. affiliation. Over the same period I also can report on what I know on outside Europe developments in BMX.

History of BMX (1981)

ABA - USA, starts Leukemia " Race for Life" and raises over $ 223,000 in the fight against Leukemia. This program still runs today! ABA number one pro, Kevin McNeal, receives 1982 TransAM. Membership in March 1981 over 62,000 nationwide with 350 track facilities.

Switzerland. Early this year I did have my first contact on BMX with the importer of Murray bicycles in Switzerland, Mr. R.A. Huber. Only in 1982 serious action in Switzerland getting BMX off the ground by Mr. Franz Hattan.

The F.F.B. (Federation Francaise de Bicrossing) in France ceased to exist. Early 1981 at first two clubs, the BMX club of Beaune and Altkirch and later on Delle, formed a new organization called the A.F.B. - Association Francaise de Bicrossing. Very soon more bmx clubs would join the A.F.B. Its first president became Mr. Raymond Imbert (1981 - 1983). Ending 1981 the F.F.B. did have approx. 100 license holders.

BMX in Venezuela started in Caracas. Mr. Alfredo Matheus was the first president of the Venezuelan BMX Federation, the A.V.B. - Asociacion Venezolana de Bicicross. Mr. Matheus also is one of the founder members of  the I.BMX.F. later on in 1981. At the end of 1981 there were about 600 license holders and riders did compete in events in the USA (specially Florida) and Colombia. Also USA riders took part in events organized in Venezuela. Pioneers in developing BMX were Mr. Ruben GarcilasoMr. Alfredo Matheus and Mr. Solari. They were also the men that helped design most of the Venezuelan BMX tracks (early 1983 there were about 15 permanent tracks in Venezuela) and advised local clubs and associations to get organized.

History of BMX (1982)

This is the year BMX in Switzerland (German speaking part of the country) got organized as a competition sport by Mr. Franz Hattan. Franz owned a bicycle store in Malters (Lucerne). He discovered BMX about 4 years earlier in Great Britain. He "imported" BMX in Switzerland and started to promote BMX during markets and such. The unofficial organization did holt around 40 license holders in its starting year 1982.

South American BMX developments and specially in the leading country Chile, was very strong. The existing C.B.X. was transformed into the F.CBX. - Federacion Chilena de Bicicross and this organization was officialy recognized by the Chilian government in 1983. The Executive President at the time was the excellent Mr. Ruy Barbosa, one of the first directors of the sport in Chile (at present-2001, president of the UCI-BMX Committee). Later this year, Chilian riders did win four world-championship titles during the first I.BMX.F. World Championship at Dayton - Ohio in August 1982. These titles helped a lot promoting the sport in Chile. Getting organized in Chile is very hard, due to the fact this country is stretched out along a 4000 km long coastline.

During 1982, the New Zealand Government allowed CroMo tubing into the country and Pantha (factory) put out a truly NZ designed and made CroMO frames.

History of BMX (1983)

January 1983, the NBL - USA issued their new rulebook.

1983 NB_Rulebook_scannen0048

January 1983. The I.BMX.F. race calender 1983 was issued and distributed.

In 1983 a series of International events were named, the "STARTRACK 1" series.
March 19th. - International BMX race in Valencia - Spain.
March 27th. - Can-Am International Canada

History of BMX (1984)

General developments in 1984.
Developments and contacts January 1984 within I.BMX.F. Affiliations in progress:

Swedish BMX Association, New-Zealand BMX Association. Contacts made in 1983 up and till early 1984 with: Saudi - Arabia, Puerto-Rico, Malaysia, South - Africa (at the time problem with "Apartheid"), Cyprus, Argentina, Brazil and Greece.

In Switzerland the F.BMX.S of Mr. Franz Hattandid have about 250 riders of which 100 did have an official competition license. About 12 selected riders took part in the European Championships in Birmingham - England the same year. Besides the BMX clubs "Speed Power Malters" and the "Bicross Club Echichens", early this year the "Geneva BMX Club" was founded.

In France the organization started with 176 BMX clubs and 2669 license holders (excl. regional licenses ). Scheduled 180 BMX event for 1984. In their Factory Team competition 12 teams were represented.

In Germany B.D.R.'s (Bund Deitscher Radfahrer) issued their official Rule Book as shown here.

1984 BDR_BMX_rulebook_scannen00301984 advert._in_BDR_rule_book_Hajos_scannen0031

History of BMX (1985)

General developments in 1985.

An application letter (recognition of BMX as Olympic sport) was sent to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) in Switzerland September 1984. Here an article in BMX Plus on that and an update on the present situation within I.BMX.F. by General Secretary Gerrit Does.


In Holland, the board of the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation (K.N.W.U.) had appointed a new BMX Committee. Its members were: Mr. B. Leurs(chairman) - Mr. L. Vrijdag (secretary) - Mr. R. Bloemendaal, Mr. G. Rooijakkers and Mr. F. Verspaandonk as members.

Furthermore Holland did have eight (8) districts at the time and each district did have a coordinator called “AFL”. The were: Mr. A. Steenbergen (district I) - Mr. H. Nunes Vas (district II) -  Mr. R. van ter Beek (district III) - Mr. H. Van Wiltenburg (district IV) - Mr. H. Schuiling (district V) - Mr. B. de Weijer (district VI) - Mr. Th. Slaats (district VII) and Mr. F. van Leeuwen (district VIII).

History of BMX (1986 - 1987)

YEAR 1986.

1986 - January. It was in this year that another bicycle sport called Bicycle-trial or Trialsin, was officially enclosed in the U.C.I. - FIAC.

For the first time a World-Championship would be organized later on this year. Main-man concerning Trialsin development was Mr. Pedro PI, a former motorcycle-trial rider and champion. Germany and Spain were the countries were the concentration of riders was. Also France, Switzerland and Italy were involved.

January.  I received a report concerning the International Bicicross Congress held January 13th. at Long Beach California.

Very disappointing was the fact that without democratic decision making the I.BMX.F. decided to cancel the scheduled World Championship1986 to be held in Venezuela and they allocated this event now to England!!! Motivation was poor: Mr. Hoar stated as a reason for moving the Worlds that, Venezuela did not have either the personal or human resources to organize the Worlds. Mr. Matheus repeatedly refuted this, however without any result. The decision was made and nothing good be done now. Politics seemed to be the real reason to change the location. I wasn't happy with this procedure at all, but couldn't do anything not being involved in the I.BMX.F. anymore. Venezuela deserved better!

History of BMX (1988 - 1989)

YEAR 1988.

1988 - General developments:

Belgium: In 1987 and 1988 a working together relationship was established between the Belgium leading BMX organization, B.C.B. (Belgium Cyclo Federation) and Belgium FIAC/UCI affiliated organization K.B.W.B. (Royal Belgium Cycling Federation). However this cooperation never came really true this time. Both federations went their own way during 1988.

In Belgium the other existing BMX organizations. B.L.F. and V.B.F. seized to exist. The BMX organization active in the French speaking part of Belgium called F.BMX.B. also disappeared from the BMX scene.

Trialsin has developed more in the past 2 years. Two World Championships have been organized and besides Spain and Germany, also France, Italy and Switzerland were very active now. Trialsin was developing in Canada and in the USA. Trialsin is promoted heavily at this very moment. Ot PI, the Overall 1987 World Champion Trialsin, is going to the USA for 3 months later on this year to perform and run schools/trialsin clinics together with National U.S.A. Champion Kevin Norton. The III UCI Trialsin World Championship will be a four round series in 1988: Round 1 in Spain on July 17th., Round 2 in France on July 24th., Round 4 in Germany on July 31st. and Round 4 in Belgium on August 7th.

Just to know how such an event was organized, I did go to the one in Belgium at Bilstain, which was very interesting. I also did meet for the first time with GT sponsored Hans Jorg REY (at the time Swiss Trialsin Champion). At the event there were riders present from the following countries: Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Tjechoslowakia, USA, Andorra, Italy and Germany, overall around 170 participants.

History of BMX (1990 - 1991)

YEAR 1990.

1990 - Developments in the sport of BMX.

Up and till 1989 I have been kind of well informed about what was going in within I.BMX.F. even though I did not hold an official position in that organization anymore. However since I.BMX.F. got involved with F.I.A.C. / UCI more and more, information and communication became rare and you will find from here on less inside information and more info about racing activities within Europe.

More and more I was forced in a kind of opposition situation by the development in our sport, specially in Europe. Political aspects came into our sportsorganizations which I didn't like at all.

January 13th - 14th., the I.BMX.F. Board of Directors meeting took place in Huntington Beach - USA.

Among other things it was decided that in 1990 there would be an OPEN European Championship in Superclass 20 and 24 inch. This did mean that also Superclass riders from outside Europe were allowed to compete, which was good for competition and promotion of BMX.

I.BMX.F / FIAC. The board discussed the proposal, made by the "Commission of equal representatives I.BMX.F. / FIAC" in London on September 16th/17th, 1989.
In a nutshell, the outcome of this discussion was that:

The I.BMX.F. agrees with a unified World Championship a.s.a.p. A unified World Championship in 1991 is not considered to be realistic since both UCI/FIAC and I.BMX.F. already have allocated their respective World Championships in that year. The I.BMX.F. agrees with an exchange of riders at I.BMX.F. and FIAC races worldwide in 1990, except for those races that will be run for a Continental or World Championship.


February. International BMX race at Houthalen Belgium, I.BMX.F. sanctioned event.

Will be updated later.

February 24th. The 6th. International Indoor de Tours - France took place at the Palais des Expositions, sanctioned by the I.BMX.F.

This event also did count for the European Championship Superclass and was round 1 of this years series. In total 1300 entries and on Sunday over 7000 spectators. Superclass 20" final participants were: Rob Bulten, Yannick Delporte, Phil Hoogendoorn, Nico Does, Bas de Bever, Eric Minozzi, Dale Holmes, J.P. Laurent. Final result top three: 1st. Bas de Bever (NL), 2nd. Eric Minozzi (F) and 3rd. place Yannick Delporte (F). Freestyle demo's were presented by the French MAD DOGS.

March 15th. I received a letter dated March 8th, written by Christophe Leveque applying for a team membership within the MCS Europe BMX race Team.

Here the text in French: "A l'intention de Monsieur Gerrit Does. Suite a notre entretien a l'indoor de Tours et a la lettre que vous m'envoy fait parvenu, un accord entre Velo 2000 et moi a ete conclu au sujet de votre proposition de roule sur MCS. Donc pour le saison 1990 je roulerai sur MCS avec te tenue et les velos et, V2000 me paiera les deplacements. Je suis heureuse de me joindre a cette equipe et j'esperai depuis longtemps une proposition d'une telle marque Americaine. Cette annee 1990 a bien commencer pour moi et j'espere que ca continuera. En ce qui concerne le materiel, je voudrais un cadre et fourche MCS 20" XL au lieu d'un XLX. Rendez-vous a l'indoor de Bercy le 17 mars, salutations sportives, Christophe Leveque


March 18th., the 6th. International Indoor de Bercy - Paris, France took place, I.BMX.F sanctioned.

No event was run in 1989 and this one would be the last Bercy indoor race up untill the time I did publish this info (January 2002).

The King of Bercy competition has been won by the following riders during the year the Bercy race was run:
1984 - Bercy I:    Stu Thomsen (USA)
1985 - Bercy II:   Tommy Brackens (USA)
1986 - Bercy III:  Pete Lancarevitch (USA)
1987 - Bercy IV:  Eric Minozzi (France)
1988 - Bercy V:   Rick Palmer (USA) and
1990 - Bercy VI:  Mike King (USA).

This one day event was open to the public from 13.30 on till about 18.00 hours. A spectacular opening, interviews and great competition made this event very special. Included in the program besides racing were Freestyle demo's. US top Pro Matt Hoffman and teamrider Kevin Jones made the crowd go wild! Only 592 invited riders were present of which several foreign riders. In entries there were 470 expert and girl class riders, 64 Superclass entries, 32 Supergirls and 26 Pro-Am riders entered in the King of Bercy competition.

In Expert class there were 247 French riders, 26 Dutch, 20 Belgium, 19 Swiss, 17 English, 13 German, 6 Spanish, 4 Italian, 4 Norwegian, 3 Danish and 1 riders from Sweden present. Around 9.000 spectators watched this event and saw the following riders win.

Pro Am (King of Bercy):
1. Mike King(USA)
2. Todd Blazer (USA)
3. Geth Shooter (GB)
4. Bas de Bever (NL)
5. Todd Corbit (USA)
6. Tom Lynch (GB)
7. David Kastler (F)
8. Charles Townsend (USA)

Superclass 20":
1. Jorg de Louw(NL)
2. Laurent Rougemont (F)
3. Francky van Roy (B)
4. Arjan v.d. Groenendaal (NL)
5. Neiko Hirzburch (G)
6. Fabrice Vettoretti (F)
7. Vincent Claessens (CH)
8. Pierre Henri Sauze (F)

1. Melanie van Deene(NL)
2. Luci Adeyemo (GB)
3. Corine Dorland (NL)
4. Christelle Le Saout (F)
5. Isabelle Chaplain (F)
6. Sandrine Macrez (F)
7. Wendy Dekker (NL)
8. Tina Madsen (DK)

Experts 7:       1st. Gabriel Martin (F)
Experts 8/9:    1st. Cedric Satelma (F)
Experts 10/11: 1st. Carmine Falco (F)
Experts 12/13: 1st. Jean-C. Tricard (F)
Experts 14/15: 1st. Renaud Trottain (F)
Experts 16/17: 1st. Jurgen v. Melis (NL)

Experts 18 +:
1st.  Michel Lavandet (F)
2nd. Imko M.Gerrits (NL)
3rd.  John Wermink (NL)

Girls 7 & under: 1st. Susan Kutjet (NL)
Girls 8/9:           1st. Sabrine Jonnier (F)
Girls 10/11:       1st. Danielle Klijnstra (NL)

Girls 12/13:
1st.  Aline Rode (F)
2nd. Anne-Caroline Chausson(F)
(note: Anne-Caro became the first ever Elite women years later, in 2008, to win the Olympic title in Elite women, Beijing - China)

Girls 14/15:
1st.  Arieta Minnema (NL)
2nd. Valerie Lassauce (F)
3rd.  Cecile Frayssinet (F)

Last but not least, the guys that made the audience "crazy" were announcers/speakers Michel Lemal(B) and a young French guy called "Amadeus".


April 29th., was a tragic day for German BMX.
Chairman of the BMX Department of the B.D.R. (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer) Mr.Harry Blau, died from a heart attack

May 19 - 21st. The I.BMX.F. European Challenge Cup VII, Ponypark Slagharen in Holland.


A double European Championship round for Superclass round 2. Special guest of honor during this ECC event was Mr. Tadashi Inoue - Japan, who together with organizer of this E.C.C. Gerrit Does, is one of the original founders of the I.BMX.F. Special prize for fastest laptime in Superclass. Co-sponsor of this event was MCS Bicycles Inc.- USA. Here again some facts and figures.


Pre-entries for this event were 1643. The actual number of riders present during this event was 1533 (5.9% did not show up). Expert class had 846 entries, Girls class had 237 entries, Cruiser class 321 entries, Superclass 20" had 61 entries, Superclass 24" had 46 entries and Superclass Trophy did have 22 entries. In total 25 factory teams entered the Factory Team Trophy competition. 15 countries were represented. They were: Latvia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Spain, Scotland and Holland.

Out of the 32 classes and in total 256 trophies, Holland had 116 trophies (45,3% of total), France had 65 trophies (25,4%), England had 28 trophies (10,9%), Germany had 14 trophies (5,5%), Denmark won 8 trophies (3,1%) Switzerland won 8 trophies (3,1%), Belgium won 7 trophies (2,7%), Norway won 3 trophies (1,2%), Sweden-Austria and Italy won 2 trophies (0,8%) and Czechoslovakia won 1 trophy (0,4%).

211 moto's x 3 gives 633 moto's were run, 60 - 1/8 finals, 65 - ¼ finals, 62 - semi finals and 34 finals. In total 854 races (equal amount of gate drops, practice not included!)

Announcers during this event were Hans de Vries (NL), Paul Roberts (GB) and Michel Lemal (B). Spectators were informed in Dutch, English, French and German. The official opening of the event was done by the 3 riders finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. at the 1989 Worlds in Brisbane - Australia, Eric Minozzi (France), Bas de Bever and Nico Does (both from Holland).

1990 ecc scannen001291

As during all E.C.C. event 2 doctors were present, Md. Jan Rijntjens and local Md. Tinselboer. Both doctors were leading the 12 people from the local Red Cross organization, who were located on and around the track.

Present during the official opening were Mr. Gerrit Does (organizer), Mr. Frans du Maine (chairman KNWU - BMX committee), Mr. Tadashi Inoue (Japan, friend of GD and one of the original founders of the I.BMX.F) and the president of the KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) Mr. Pieter Zevenbergen.

1990 slagharen had a unique starting gate that never failed 1990 ecc slagharen holland. nd doing a one hander1990 ecc slagharen gerrit mieke does did meet with tadashi

*** foto Yannick Delporte 129, Sebastien Fer 137 and Fred Legall MCS

Results of the Superclass Throphy race:
1. Winnie Wright (GB), 2. Geth Shooter (GB), 3. Eddy Sweers (NL).

Results Superclass 20 inch:
1. Rob Bulten (NL), 2. Phil Hoogendoorn (NL), 3. Franck Chevreton (F),

European Committee meeting.
During the E.C.C. (European Challenge Cup) at Slagharen, a European Committee meeting was held. To give you an idea who was involved at the time, here the names of the European representatives:

Michel Lemal and Anita van Engeland  - Belgium
Gisela Bidlingmaier and Andreas Jung  - Germany
Eric Gentizon  - Switzerland
Aldons Vrublevskis  - Latvia
Thorbjorn D. Dybdahl and Arvid Meland  - Norway
Bjorn Madsen  - Denmark
Nils Grotnes  - Sweden
Terry Beasley, Paul Spurr and Carole Gosling  - England
Frans du Maine  - Holland

Frans Hattan (Swiss) as EC. Treasurer and Louis Vrijdag (Holland) as EC Chairman
Absent: Mr. and Mrs. Ferrier  - Scotland

During this meeting Gerrit Does was recommended to take the position of industry representative in the board. GD did not want to take this position due to possible conflict of interest (being teammanager/organizer).

Gerrit Doeshad to cancel the promotional indoor event at the MECC at Maastricht, which he was preparing for November 17-18th., right after the international indoor Moto-cross that would be organized there the week before. GD also asked for the title "Open European Championship Indoor" for this event which was denied. Motivation by the EC: There were too many titles / championships already; we will loose our credibility the EC meeting said!!!


Also the Scotland and Ireland situation was discussed. E.B.A. indicated that in the past they have supported separate different affiliations and now they feel they should have only one affiliation for the United Kingdom.

Norway asked for the possibility to have a booth in Luzern - Switzerland to promote the 1991 FIAC World Championship. Switzerland was opposed to this due to the national situation. The majority of E.C. members were not in favor either.

During the first half of this EC meeting, delegates from Czechoslovakia and Hungary were present. They applied for an I.BMX.F. affiliation. They became members of the I.BMX.F.

The total number of European countries affiliated to I.BMX.F. was then 14:
Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland.

May 21st. Just to give you all an idea on developments, here an evaluation on the present FIAC/I.BMX.F. situation.

In September 1989 a meeting took place in London-England. Both organizations agreed to proposals made then. Suggestions were made in February 1990 to have a next meeting in May. FIAC suggested to set a date and offered to give I.BMX.F. the opportunity to send 2 observers to the meeting of their technical group (FIAC).

The meeting of this technical group was held on May 5/6th. in Paris. Louis Vrijdag and Franz Hattan would attend this meeting. Louis was present, Franz could not make it to the meeting. It was reported that this meeting was very funny !!! The meeting was scheduled to start at 9 am at the FCC office in Paris. No one was there on time (except Louis Vrijdag). Finally 3 members of the technical committee arrived:
Mr. Abbas from France
Mrs. Lawrie Burnett from the USA and
Mr. Jean Claude Fortin from Canada

Mr. Abbas was very surprised to see LV. He did not know anything about the invitation to LV from FIAC. They had a problem as the President Mr. Rosati (Italy) and the secretary Mr. Bollen (Belgium) of the technical committee were not present. Mr. Abbas did not want LV to attend the meeting as they had internal problems to solve first. Finally LV could attend. The internal problem was that of 7 members of the committee only 3 were present at the time. Mr. Rosati and Bollen had excuses: the were ill ! Finally at 11 am Mr. Bill Backs from England came in.

The agenda for that meeting was: discussion on the scheduled World Championship in Spain. Mr. Abbasreported: Track and surrounding were very poor. Ability of officials unknown. One had to expect a difficult W.C. organization. To study the possibility to have a combination between ATB/MTB and BMX. The technical group of FIAC did feel to be on the sideline in FIAC. They would like to have their own position for BMX to make decisions without the CIVTT or abandon the CIVTT: a proposal would be made to the FIAC about this.
Comment GD:
It is a pity to find out that it took this many years (1982) when Gerrit Does introduced BMX within FIAC during the Leicester FIAC Congress in England) before anything serious happened between I.BMX.F. and FIAC.

May 26 - 27th. I.BMX.F. European Championship Superclass Ipswich - England.

More info will follow later on.

June 30th. I.BMX.F. European Championship Superclass Habay la Neuve - Belgium.

More info will follow later on.

July 13 -15th., the I.BMX.F. European Championship Littau - Switzerland.

14 countries participated. In Superclass a serie of 5 races were run of which this event was the 5th. and final round. The official results of the 1990 European Championship Superclass.

Superclass 20 inch: 
1. Bas de Bever(NL),   European Champion.
2. Eric Minozzi (F)
3. Dale Holmes (GB)
4. Rob Bulten (NL)
5. Phil Hoogendoorn (NL)
6. Nico Does (NL)
7. Claude Vuillemot (F)
8. Yannick Delporte (F)

9. Jorg de Louw (NL)
10. Arjan v.d. Groenendaal (NL)
11. Franck Chevreton (F)
12. Gerben Dorland (NL)
13. Xavier Redois (F)
14. Tom Lynch (GB)
15. Markus Rutz (CH)
16. Frederic Scalvinoni (F)
17. Vincent Claessens (CH)
18. Franck Roman (F)
19. Jean-Pierre Laurent (F)
20. Kris Wouters (B)
21. Anthony Revell (GB)
22. Uwe Sturm (D)
23. Franky Van Roy (B)
24. Patje Hooybergs (B)

Superclass 24 inch:
1. Eric Minozzi(F),         European Champion.
2. Bas de Bever (NL)
3. Dale Holmes (GB)
4. Claude Vuillemot (F)
5. Rob Bulten (NL)
6. Arjan v.d. Groenendaal (NL)
7. Neil Wood (GB)
8. Jorg de Louw (NL)

9. Gerben Dorland (NL)
10. Xavier Redois (F)
11. Frederic Sclavinoni (F)
12. Markus Rutz (CH)
13. Franck Chevreton (F)
14. Uwe Sturm (D)
15. Beat Imbach (CH)
16. Vincent Claessens (CH) 

July 27 - 28 - 29th.,  the 6th. FIAC BMX World Championships took place in Aranda del Duero, Madrid - Spain.

Here the final results of the FIAC BMX World Championships at Aranda del Duero / Madrid, which took place the weekend before the I.BMX.F Worlds and in which already FIAC affiliated bicycle organisations, within the I.BMX.F. were allowed to sent riders too. So that ment that several riders were able to race in two different World Championship events, not an ideal situation at all. The I.BMX.F. World Championships in France however, were considered THE BMX World Championships. Seen here some picture, courtesy of BMX PLUS Mag.


The FIAC racing system was different from the I.BMX.F. system. On Friday all of the motos ran. The FIAC system was totally fair, but impossible to run at I.BMX.F. events due to the high number of entries. In Spain only around 250 entries. Three motos were run, three quarter-semis, three semis and five mains !!! For outside BMX people but also inside BMX people, it was almost impossible to understand what was going on. On the other hand, if you won in Spain it was undisputed. This kind of racing took away the intensity of the mains because you could not keep track of who had what as far as points, but the end result was that the most consistent racer won. No luck here and also FIAC kind of overdid it with some of the rules. It allowed no contact whatsoever and it made protests common. From gate jumping to the slighest bit of bumping in a turn, hardly a moto went by where someone didn't protest.


On Saterday morning all of the quarter-mains and semis ran. After that everybody went back to their hotels and later on returned for the official opening ceremonies. There was a parade of teams, skydivers parachuted down and landed on the infield. There was traditional Spanish dancing.

On Sunday the main events took place. It all started at 9.00 hours with warming up laps and at 10.00 hours the five mains started to run.

Here the final results in the 11 Girls classes, 11 Boys classes, 3 Cruiser classes and Superclass 20 inch, 26 classes in total (I.BMX.F. holts 34 classes at this time). Results copied from a newspaper.

Superclass 20 inch:                           Girls 17 and over:             
1. Eric Minozzi             France             1. Chrystelle Lesaout  France
2. Frank Chevreton      France             2. Christy Homa         USA
4. Claude Vuillemot      France             3. Susanne Kron        GER
5. Bernard Gant           USA                      
6. Xavier Redois          France                   
7. Stefano Miglioni       Italy
8. Franck Roman         France
9. Frederic Scalvinoni  France
10.Ton Szynaka           USA
11. Billy Au                   USA

Cruiser class 15-17 years:                 Cruiser class 18-24 years:
1. Gary Debacker         USA                 1. Claude Vuillemot      F
2. Eandro Schwindt      BRA                 2. Simon Siminsen       NOR
3. Flavio Raymondo     ARG                3. Jorge Pinero             ES
4. Glenn Myklebust      NOR                4. Sebastien Nistico      ARG

Cruiser class 25 & over:
1. David F. Bernard      F
2. Michael Long           USA
3. Juan Carbo              COL
4. Carlos J. Pedrero     ES  

Boys 7 year:                                       Girls 7 year:
1. Andrés Uribe            COL                1. Virginia Glemarec     F
2. Santiago Duque       COL                2. Marie Dusart             F
3. Gonzalo Marino       ARG                3. Begona Giménez      F

Boys 8 year:                                      Girls 8 year:
1. Santiago Silva         COL                1. Nadege Parraceo      F
2. Warren Veasey       ZIM                  2. Manon Sube              F
3. Rodrigo Reuter       BRA                 3. Anna Torras               E

Boys 9 year:                                      Girls 9 year:
1. Pablo Lemarchand   ARG              1. Sabrina Jonnier          F
2. Valdës Lino              ARG               2. Anne Marie Rossi      CAN
3. Mickael Prokop        CZ                  3. Barbara Gugerel        AUT

Boys 10 year:                                    Girls 10 year:
1. Julien Hervic            F                     1. Eugenia Durf             ARG
2. Mike Pickert             USA                2. Venessa Mas            E
3. Julien Drouin           F                     3. Amelie Desrettes       F

Boys 11 year:                                    Girls 11 year:   
1. Pipo Merroke           ARG               1. Pamela Schäfer        GER
2. Frank Maillander     GER                2. Magali Muyle            F
3. Lorenzo Amaducci  I                       3. Anne Faure              F

Boys 12 year:                                    Girls 12 year:
1. Frederic King          F                      1. Ute Schaper            GER
2. Luca Ardioli             I                       2. Monica Kelly            USA
3. Damien Croce        F                      3. Melinda Harnois       F

Boys 13 year:                                    Girls 13 year:
1. Nicolas Grevet       F                       1. M. Eugenia Maronna  ARG
2. Eric Cunningham   USA                  2. Anne Caro Chausson F
3. Mauro Panzarola    I                       3. Tanja Pusemann         AUT

Boys 14 year                                      Girls 14 year
1. Rodrigo Pacheco   ARG                  1. Michelle Cairns         USA
2. Daniel Strague       AUS                  2. Aline Rode                F
3. Richard Maupas     F                       3. Sabine Caballe         F 

Boys 15 year                                      Girls 15 year
1. Ryan Scott            AUS                   1. Melanie Cline            USA
2. Timo Sobeck        GER                   2. Estelle Bigot              F
3. Renaud Trottain    F                        3. Claire Lecossois       F

Boys 16 year                                      Girls 16 year
1. Gary Debacker     USA                   1. Valerie Lassauce       F
2. Antoine Tinlot       F                         2. Christele Janssens    F
3. Percy Owens       USA                    3. Patty Rice                  USA

Boys 17 year                                      Girls 17 year
1. Claude Neau              F                   1. Chrystelle Lesaout     F
2. Christophe Leveque   F                   2. Christy Homa            USA
3. Shan Hatfield             USA              3. Susanne Kron           GER

Here a second set of result from that same event !!!!!   

Amature GIRLS:                                     Amateur Cruiser 24 inch:
7:    Nadega Parracho            FRA          1. Mark Sterious                    USA
9:    Maria Eugenia Dure        ARG          2. Frank Chevreton               FRA
11:  Pamela Schafer              GER           3. Francois David Bernard    FRA
12:  Monica Kelly                   USA
13:  Maria Eugenia Maronna   ARG
14:  Michelle Cairns               USA          
15:  Melanie Cline                  USA           
16:  Valerie Lassauce            FRA
17:  Chrystelle Lesaout          FRA

Amateur winners BOYS:
7:    Jeroma Gonzales           FRA
8:    Santiago Silva                COL
9:    Frank Parolin                  FRA
10:  Julien Hervio                   FRA  
11:  Diego Perrone                 ARG
12:  Cedric Garcia                 FRA
13:  Eric Cunningham           USA
14:  Timothy Strelecki           USA
15:  Ryan Scott                     USA
16:  Gary Debacker              USA
17:  Frederic Hetmanczyck   FRA

August 3rd - 5th., the 9th.  I.BMX.F. World Championship, Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet - France took place.


Lariviere organisation together with Association Le Cadre Vert International were happy to invite celebrities to attend the 9th. I.BMX.F. World Championship to be held on the famous Formula One Track "Paul Ricard in Le Castellet", situated between Marseille and Toulon. A total of 1864 entries from 24 countries world wide. Biggest Worlds ever up and till this year (1990).


Medal count of the 1990 I.BMX.F. World Championship:
                            Gold     Silver    Bronze    4th    5th    6th    7th    8th   Total
Australia                   9          5          4           3       4       -        2       2      29  
France                      8          9          8           9       9       9       5       9      63
U.S.A.                       7          5          6           1       1       1       2       5      32
Holland                     5          7        11         12       9       8       8       8      68
England                    2          2          3           1       2       5       5       5      25
Chili                          2          1          1           1       -        2       1       8         
Colombia                  1          -           -           1        -        -       1       -         
Switzerland               -          2          -            2       1       1       3       2       
Argentina                  -          2          -            -        1        -       1       5          
Czechoslovakia        1          -           -           -         -        -        -       1
Denmark                  -          -           1          1         -        2       -        -
Brazil                        -          -           -           2        1        -       1      
Germany                  -          -           -           1         -       3       2       1
Belgium                    -          -           -           -         2       1       2       -
Austria                      -          -           -          -         1        2       1       -
Scotland                   -          -           -          -         -         1        -       -

During the Opening ceremony at I.BMX.F. World events, always a Parade of Countries was executed. Here some pictures to give you an impression on those Parades:


World Championship Factory Teams results:
1.  MCS Team Europe      (Holland) - World Champion Manufacturer Teams
2.  Sunn-Chipie 1             (France)
3.  Hot Shot / Links          (England)
4.  Cycle Craft                  (USA)
5.  Vision / Free Agent      (USA)
6.  Sunn Chipie 4             (France)
7.  Sunn Chipie 2             (France)
8.  Titan Factory               (England)
9.  Poivre Blanc               (Switzerland)
10. Vans                           (USA)
11. Mc Donalds 1             (France)
12. Mc Donalds 2            (France)
13. Wulfsport                   (England)
14. Sunn Chipie 3            (France)
15. Good Times              (USA)


World Championship National Team results:
1. Australia (team number 1)
2. Chile (team number 1)
3. Holland
4. USA
5. USA
6. Australia 3
7. Australia 2
8. Chile
9. Canada

Results I.BMX.F. World Championship 1990:

Pro class 20 inch:                                       Superclass 20 inch:
1. Pete Loncarevich       USA                       1. Wilco Groenendaal       NED
2. Eric Minozzi               FRA                        2. Rob Bulten                    NED
3. Matt Hadan                USA                        3. Yannick Delporte           FRA
4. Xavier Redois             FRA                       4. Bas de Bever                NED
5. Eric Carter                  USA                       5. Gerben Dorland            NED
6. Claude Vuillemot        FRA                        6. B.J. Gant                      USA
7. Brent Shoup               USA                        7. Franck Chevreton         FRA
8. Richard Bartlett          USA                        8. Frédérick Scalvinoni      FRA

Super Cruiser 24 inch:                               40 & Over Cruiser
1. Bas de Bever            NED                        1. Everett Rosecrans      USA
2. Franck Chevreton      FRA                        2. Jackie Caugant            FRA
3. B.J. Gant                   USA                        3. Jan Willemsen              NED
4. Gerben Dorland         NED                       4. Ray Gagnon                 USA
5. Kris Wouters              BEL                        5. Floor Rikkaart               NED
6. Jorg de Louw             NED                       6. Rob Geluk                    NED
7. Nico Does                  NED                       7. Yves Levillain               FRA
8. Frederic Scalvinoni    FRA                        8. Pete Dymott                GBR

25-39 Cruiser:                                             18-24 Cruiser:
1. Michael Long             USA                       1. Daniel Rojas               CHI
2. Jose Jaquez               MEX                       2. Jurgen van Melis        NED
3. Theo Peters                NED                       3. Barry McManus          USA
4. Eric Menard                FRA                        4. Rodric Neri                 SUI
5. Frank Smets               BEL                        5. Ronnie McDonald       AUS
6. Gerard Soucaze         FRA                        6. Marc Etienne Dalga    FRA
7. Bernard Cloessens     SUI                         7. Brian Gagnon             USA
8. Americo de Matos       FRA                        8. Steffen Lehmann       GER

16-17 Cruiser:                                              14-15 Cruiser:
1. Christophe Leveque    FRA                       1. Mark Sterious             USA
2. David Milham              USA                       2. Percy Owens              USA
3. Dean Patch                 AUS                       3. Ryan Scott                  USA
4. Leon Eggens              NED                        4. Daniel Levy                NED
5. Grant White                AUS                        5. Daniel Sprague           AUS
6. Swann Delmas           FRA                        6. Patrcik Chen               NED
7. Patrick Schoeters       BEL                        7. Yannick Rosset           SUI
8. Michael Bont              SUI                         8. Darryn Hill                   AUS

13 & Under Cruiser:  
1. In Hee Lee                 USA
2. Gary Olsen                 USA
3. Dan Jensen                DEN
4. Nicolas Grevet           FRA
5. Matt Boyle                  GBR
6.Lee Bertram                GBR
7. Florent Poussin          FRA
8. Joaquim Ramolfo       CHI                                          

Experts 17:                                                   Experts 18 & over:
1. Sam Arellano             USA                         1. Christophe Leveque     FRA                       
2. Stephen Lumen         FRA                         2. David Milham                USA
3. Robbie Morales         USA                         3. Jamie Staff                    GBR
4. Steffen Lehman         GER                        4. Grant White                   AUS
5. Barry McManus         USA                         5. Richard van Zomeren   NED
6. Jurgen van Melis       NED                         6. Roy van Leur                NED
7. Daniel Rojas              CHI                          7. Dean Patch                   AUS
8. Rourent Tieche          SUI                          8. Denis Casamata           FRA




Experts 16:                                                   Experts 15:
1. Nick Lacey                GBR                         1. Darryn Hill                  AUS
2. Michael Bont             SUI                           2. Ryan Scott                 AUS
3. Jason Maxwell          AUS                          3. Daniel Levy                NED
4. Vincent Allie              FRA                         4. Thomas Foreman       AUS
5. Mickael Clerté           FRA                         5. Percy Owens              USA
6. Jan Baltzersen          DEN                         6. Timo Sobeck              GER
7. Lee Ives                    GBR                         7. Joachim Ruckgaber   GER
8. Norbert Groeger       GER                         8. Onno Sturme              NED

Experts 14:                                                   Experts 13:    
1. Timothy Strelecki      USA                         1. Jaquin Ramolfo          CHI
2. Chris Eudaley           USA                         2. Florent Poussin          FRA
3. Jean C. Tricard         FRA                          3. In Hee Lee                USA
4. Daniel Sprague         AUS                         4. Gerson Kridges         BRA
5. Nick Libratore           USA                          5. Nicolas Grevet          FRA
6. Simon Kelman          SCO                         6. Dan Jensen               DEN
7. Mark Sterious           USA                          7. Rick v.d. Waard         NED
8. Mark van Leur          NED                          8. Martijn Sietsma         NED 

Experts 12:                                                   Experts 11:
1. Chris Hyde               GBR                         1. Croce Damien            FRA
2. Cédric Garcia           FRA                          2. Graeme Brown          AUS
3. Carmine Falco          FRA                          3. Michel Wientjes         NED
4. Michael Weider         BRA                         4. Robert Solka              USA
5. Scott Beaumont        GBR                         5. Patrick Kesic             SUI
6. Damien Rousset       FRA                          6. Matias Siosa             ARG
7. Christopher Stanforth GBR                       7. Paul King                   AUS
8. Reinaldo Cortez        BRA                         8. Marrona Maximilliano ARG       



The I.BMX.F. Congresstook part on August 2nd. at the Salon Paul Ricard in the main building on the race track. Recognition of the Board, the President Mr. Ross Fisher introducing:
Bob Tedesco: Director of North American Affairs
Abe Schneider: Director of Pacific Affairs
Ruy Barbosa: Director of South American Affairs
Louis Vrijdag: Vice-President & Director of European Affairs
Franz Hattan: Treasurer
Ross Fisher: President
Vacancy:  Director of Asian Affairs
Specially for this meeting, Gerrit Does (initial founder/life member of I.BMX.F.) acted as secretary during this Congress.

Countries represented were:
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, West Germany, Holland, Latvia/USSR, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA (20 countries).

Members not present with representatives from:
Aruba, Austria, Bolivia, Equador, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Panama, New Genue, Peru, Taiwan, Venezuela and Uruqua (16 countries). Two new members were excepted in 1990: Hungary and Czechoslovakia. From Belgium representatives from the B.BMX.F. (a new organization) were present and excepted.

Among other things, drug testing was discussed. Life founder member Gerrit Does requested a Life founder membership for another initial founder of the I.BMX.F., Mr. George E. Esser. Request was granted! The South African BMX organization applied again for a full I.BMX.F. membership. Due to the political situation (Apartheid) at the time a full membership was denied. Soon the situation might change due to the positive changes in South Africa going on. Report on expenditure on Special Grounds to the European Committee for promotion. A Euro committee has been formed to investigate and present a plan. Committee members appointed were: Nils Grotnes (Sweden), Gerrit Does (Holland) and David Please (England).

Also the I.BMX.F./ FIAC situation was discussed.
It was in August of 1982 that I (Gerrit Does) introduced the sport of BMX within the F.I.A.C. organization during their Congress in Leicester - England. From that time on contact has been going back and forward. I event when to Italy to talk to the FIAC committee. If you look back in the History of BMX, you will find all the details up and till 1988.

I.BMX.F. was in serious negotiations with F.I.A.C. at the time.  Even a Committee of Equal Representatives met on September 16/17th.-1989 in London, England. The proposal there was, lets have one joint World Championship, for the first time in 1992 and start from now on exchanging riders. In October 1989 an answer came from F.I.A.C. that they were o.k. with that proposal. At the I.BMX.F. B. of D. meeting in January 1990, this was discussed and the final decision of the I.BMX.F. was sent to the F.I.A.C.: A joint W.C. in 1991 was not possible at the time. The Mexico Race (W.C.) was at that moment already allocated by the I.BMX.F. to them.

F.I.A.C. did sent an invitation to the I.BMX.F. asking them to be present at a meeting on May 5-6th. Two representatives/ observers were invited. Louis Vrijdag did attend this meeting. The first and original idea presented by the I.BMX.F. in 1984 (by GD) to F.I..A.C. concerning an organization structure was now in discussion by F.I.A.C. (proposal was to have a separate BMX Division, office and so on). After the above meeting, proposals concerned had to go through all the F.I.A.C. channels. The intention was to meet a.s.a.p. but for sure, before the 1990 F.I.A.C. Worlds to be held in Spain. Up till now (August 1990) no answer or any other information has been received from F.I.A.C. End of June, Louis Vrijdag called the F.I.A.C. BMX secretary, she did not know anything about matters mentioned !!! She stated that there has been no meetings on this subject since May 1990. The only meeting held was a Technical Committee Meeting in Spain, before the F.I.A.C. World Championship.
Comment GD: All the above, just to let you know what went wrong (this is just another example) and probably why it all indeed took about 15 years to realize a simple organization form as it exists now. Within FIAC communication did not seem to be in good order then. A lot of miscommunication was going on.

Continental reports during the I.BMX.F. congress.
North American situation:
Canada: Many changes have taken place in the past 9 months. A merger of 2 BMX organizations, a track manual, a national series, newspaper, computer points program and an agreement with the Canadian Cycling Federation has been realized. It was encouraging to see the growth in organizational skills and one is working to unite Quebec with CBA. Mexico: The Mexican Government has received the papers requesting recognition of BMX. They are in the early stages of forming their National organization. USA: NBL's computer program has been changed to allow seeding by country. The program has been shared with France and Holland and with the FIAC (CIUTT BMX technical committee). The NBL is working with a marketing firm to promote the sport through Television. NBL has included the Superclass category in their 1990 National series. It has been most successful. The ABA has not responded to the NBL's request for information.

South American situation:
The past year has been a very hard period for most of the South American countries. The reasons are mainly the bad economical situation of nearly all the countries concerned and in some countries the influence of the FIAC organizations that have created a very bad atmosphere around the organizations that belong to the I.BMX.F. In Argentina, Peru and Ecuador the ten speed associations have tried to dissolve our organizations and only Argentina has been able to reorganize their riders again, after a very sad situation created during a meeting in Mendoza, where the Chilean riders were present. In this meeting, the people in charge of the organization tried to change the rules into the FIAC system. The riders from Chile and Uraquay refused to race under that system and they returned to their countries. After this affair Argentina has practically regrouped all their riders and were working in good order again. Brazil is working hard for the organization of the 1992 World Championships and the new sport authorities are supporting them fully for this event. Mr. Saito will give more details during his presentation today.

Mr. Ruy Barbosa traveled to Venezuela late May of this year and was surprised how BMX has grown in the past year. They have a very good organization and very good sponsors. They would like to be an alternative for the 1992 Worlds in case Brazil would run into problems organizing that I.BMX.F Worlds event. Developments in Chile are very positive. At this moment a large increase of novice riders as a result of a school promotional program they have developed in the past two years. Expert classes have grown in a minor scale. Peru informed us that they are depending on the ten speed organization. No further information and communications at this time.

A report came in from Mr. B.W. Reader on the New Zealand situation. As director of the NZ.BMX.A. he informed us that there were 48 clubs at this time in New Zealand and about 2041 riders (dropped from last year slightly). Only about 3 riders would participate at these I.BMX.F World Championships in France. The North Island titles were held in Taupo on Labor weekend October 20-20th. This event is New Zealand's major international event. Invited were 2 USA Pro's as well as 2 Aussie Pro's. At this meeting around 600 entries. BMX is in good heart in New Zealand at the moment. Their Nationals will be held in Auckland at Henderson Lincoln in March 30-31st., 1991. Not many riders present in France as was stated, due to the fact that many NZ riders went to Australia last year and spent lots of money. They weren't able to pay for the expensive long way to Europe. The growth area seems to be in the real young classes 5 - 12 years. Then trouble spot seems to be the 13 - 16 year old classes, whether it is puberty or the other interests or trying to find their goal in life or all of the above.

David Paton, the national secretary of the Australia BMX Association reported the following on the Australian scene. The 1989 I.BMX.F. Worlds at Brisbane had a good feedback from the riders and has been very positive in relation to the tracks both for the pre titles meeting and the actual Worlds. Since the Worlds there has been a little bit of a wind down (as with all previous Worlds, that is the experience we have now). A very successful National titles event has been conducted in Victoria during the Eater weekend. There were over 1200 entries, a little down from on the 1800 entries at the pre World National titles last year. The Association, in an attempt to become more professional in its approach, has adopted a new Constitution.

The European situation:
A growing interest in BMX was reported in eastern Europe. Communications with the eastern European countries improved a lot after the political change during the last year (Berlin wall came down ending 1989). In the meantime Latvia (one of the Baltic republics), Czechoslovakia and Hungaryhave been affiliated to the I.BMX.F.  The total number of European countries, affiliated to I.BMX.F. is now 14: Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland.

European Committee meetings were held on November 18, 1989 in Luzerne (Switzerland), on May 18th., 1990 in Slagharen (Holland) and on July 13, 1990 in Littau (Switzerland). At these meetings the I.BMX.F. affiliated European countries come together to discuss European BMX policy. At the 1989 Congress in Australia a budget of CHF 6.000 was allocated to the European Committee to promote European activities.
This money was ment to be used for: Issue of a booklet to present to every European international rider. Prodution of a videotape for promotion purposes. Funding of a team of international officials and referees. Due to several circumstances the issue of a booklet has not been realised. The production of a professional videotape would take a lot more money than the budget that had been allocated. This project has been cancelled for the time being. Regarding the funding of a team of international officials and referees: They groups concerned were operating already at major European events. Funding of these officials has been done untill then by the individual host country. This ment, all together, that no money from the I.BMX.F. has been used in the past year! (Also meaning nothing new happened......).

Mr. Ross Fisher (Australia) president of the I.BMX.F. was not available for re-election. Mr. Louis Vrijdag (Holland) became the newly elected president of the I.B.M.X.F. The Board of Directors proposed a Life Membership for Mr. Fisher and the Congress approved this proposal.

Early August a proposal by Chuck Robinsonwas sent to the I.BMX.F. member countries with the following text:

" Dear Member,
In conversation with leading executives in the BMX Industry in the U.S.A., it was the unanimous opinion that the I.BMX.F should be the umbrella organization for the entire sport of BMX. In my opinion the actions of FIAC to date have the appearance of those of a corporate raider attempting to take over the sport without any apparent motive except monetary. In the light of these discussions and opinions, I propose that the I.BMX.F. open their membership to all sanctions and National organizations without the restriction of only one Association per country. By taking this step we stand to gain the following benefits:

-Consistent rules world wide.
-Where there is more than one sanction per country, I.BMX.F. would act as a unifying influence.
-BMX as a sport would have greater recognition and profile under one Governing body.
-There would be more impute to Congress and more riders in the World Championships.
-Greater sharing of costs and expenses.
-Greater bargaining power when seeking endorsements.
-By requiring any additional association to be established for at least two years and to have a Certified Membership of at least 500, will have the effect of stopping splinter' groups forming.
-On a National level, open membership should not make a great deal of difference to organizations that have a strong Administration. Allowing other Associations access to the I.BMX.F., will only assist in keeping the competition at the racing level.

Yours sincerely,
Chuck Robinson

End of Proposal!


September 22nd-23rd. The Latvian BMX Federation Cup '90, an international event took place in Latvia, I.BMX.F. sanctioned.

October 16th. I (Gerrit Does) did sent a letter to all I.BMX.F. affiliates and others concerned (industry, press and so on) on the FIAC / I.BMX.F. situation.

Specially criticizing the fact that it took I.BMX.F. more then 8 years up till now to realize and finalize a merge with FIAC/UCI. Too much attention was given during those years on a merge and too less attention on the development and marketing of the sport of BMX. Politics were introduced!  It would take another 6 till 7 year before I.BMX.F. was integrated into the FIAC/UCI organization. Main reason for writing this letter was the fact that people not directly involved in the contacts and communication on this working together relationship, were left alone, badly informed and saw their sport desolve in a way.

As I said, communication from I.BMX.F level towards the National organizations was poor and from National organizations towards the clubs, license holders and sponsors almost zero. This all de-motivated a lot of people, who for that reason dropped out of the sport during the process.

BMX a real sport? Back then attention was asked for the marketing side of the sport of promoting BMX  as a real sport, by setting up top events, including TV exposure with professional athletes and all kinds of technical equipment to make BMX interesting and spectacular enough for "outside" BMX people.

I also suggested to reform the existing European Competition Committee into an official European BMX Federation (E.B.F.). The E.B.F. should coordinate international European BMX competition, more specific the European Championship series in Superclass. They should set up, like NBL and ABA in the USA, a European officials team to be present and running the international events (technically).

December of this year, during a special presentation, Phil Hoogendoorn Hollands most successful BMX racer ever,

was presented the highest medal of honor for his extraordinary career in BMX: "Lid van verdienste van de KNWU". Phil Hoogendoorn owned at the time 6 National titles, 1 European title and 4 World titles. Considered was also the fact that Phil had been able to train and coach younger riders Nation wide and inspire them the become real sportsmen and women.

November 1990, first issue of BMX World Magazine came out.


December 10th - 31st. Gerrit Does organized the 1st. UNIVERSITY of BMX trainingcamp in Orlando-Florida and his riders participated in the NBL Christmas Classic - Columbus, Ohio - USA.

GD introducing European top BMX riders to the USA and showing those riders the way around in the USA. In total 24 persons from 6 countries among which Bas de Bever, Dale Holmes and Christophe Leveque. For more details read the following reportwritten by Rich Bartlett for BMX PLUS:
"The Europeans had come to Orlando, Florida, to train and get used to the American-style BMX. It was December 10th. when the phone rang. It was Michelle Cairns' mom telling me of the arrival of the Europeans and their training schedule. She offered to put me up if I wanted to come down. The rest of the story will be updated later on. It sounded great so I left on December 17th., picked up my friend Steve Norton in Altanta and headed south. They couldn't have picked a better place in the U.S. to come. Orlando's track was in perfect shape, weather was in the upper 80s and sunny. It was a very pleasant week.


When I got there I didn't really know too many of the European kids. I knew that Bas de Bever and World Champion Christophe Leveque were going to be there, but that was about it. The first person I saw and met when we pulled in was Gerrit Does, the trainer/intructor of the European Team. I was really impressed with the way he ran his program. He had broken down BMX into a science but to where you can totally understand it. He taught me a ton of new methods for BMX. The Europeans' program consisted of training two sessions a day from the 17th. until 21st. with a local Orlando race on the 20th. and a free clinic open to the public on Saturday the 22nd.

The second person I met turned out to be one of the coolest kids that I have ever known in my life: his name's Paul Roberts. He's from England and he's funny. He had a ton of bike problems that lasted from the time he arrived in the States, until the day he left. He rides with Dale Holmes a Superclass rider who you will hear more about later. Paul, or "P" as we called him, got more out of this trip to the U.S. than anyone else. He did decent racing but he was more known for his announcing. He announced the Thursday local race in Orlando and had everyone in the place dying laughing. He was by far the best announcer U have ever heard in BMX. "P" also got to announce a few of the Pro motos in Columbus and was totally stoked, thanks to "Big Nard" and Linda Dorsey. From Holland came Bas de Bever, a huge guy who looks like he should play hockey rather than race BMX. He's totally cool and really a nice guy, not to mention how fast he is. Till this far Richards' report.


Groupmembers were: Andreas Höpping - Kai Lehman  - Norbert Groeger from Germany, Glen Myklebust - Thor Arne Dybdahl - Johan Fjotland from Norway, Sillard Sudock - Yannick Rosset - Patrick Gentizon from Switzerland, Bas de Bever - Nico Does - Arjan v.d. Groenendaal - Christian v.d. Groenendaal - Jorg de Louw - Stefan Disbeschl - Gerrit Does - Arnold v. Eeuwijk from Holland, Dale Holmes - Paul Roberts from England, Jens Bondeson -Neiger Einarsson from Sweden, Olivier Prosper - A. Ulrich - J. Bouley - Christophe Leveque from France.

During our stay in Orlando an unofficial meeting took place between George E. Esser, Don Hutelin, Clayton John (ABA) and Gerrit Does. We discussed a possible start of a new world-wide BMX organization called W.B.L. - World Bicycle Moto-Cross Federation.

For more info and pictures on the 1990 University of BMX Training Camp and Xmas Classic, check CONSULTING and then klick on TRAINING CAMPS. Over 40 pictures will tell you the story on this frist trip.

December 1990. KNWU l
icense holders in Holland down from 1497 in 1989 till 1288 in 1990.

December 1990

Some historic old school stuff:


YEAR 1991.

February, the 1991 KNWU National Selection of BMX was introduced.

The KNWU, Dutch National Selection of BMX, sponsored by Metaalbedrijf Busschers- Haaksbergen, Holland presented their 1991 BMX team. Seen in de picture here are, fltr: Corine Dorland, Rob Bulten, Leon Eggens, Wilco Groenendaaland sitting Daniël Levy.


This team was co-sponsored by: Sunn Bicycles - France; Raymakers International (Premier) - Holland; Cycle Center Jos van Gent - Holland.

February 1991, team equipment arrived from the USA in Waalre-Holland for the 1991 MCS Team EUROPE.


For more details on the MCS team, names of riders and so on, go to section "OLD & NEW" on this website and select "Does factory teams".

March 5th-7th. a classic event took place, the 7th. I.BMX.F. International Indoor de TOURS - France.

1241 entries! Organized for the 7th. time. More information will be added later on.

June 7th-9th. Another classic event was the I.BMX.F. Supercross of BMX, the TJOLK - European Challenge Cup VIII- Slagharen, Holland.

1991 tjolk ecc scannen00741991 tjolk ecc scannen00731991 tjolk ecc scannen0072

Total number of entries 1234 of which 106 Superclass entries. Also 8 USA pro's were invited, they were: Gary Ellis, Charles Townsend, Kenny May, Mike King, Todd Corbit, B.J. Gant, Todd Lyons and Richard Bartlett. 20 factory teams entered in the Factory Team Trophy competition. Here 2 pictures of team USA at this E.C.C. event in front of the bus that brought them from Schiphol to Slagharen and back.

x 1991 charles gary rich b.j. tl and tc scannen0004x 1991 tc tl gary kenny mike scannen0005

picture 1 before racing (no trophies)       -  picture 2 after racing (with some trophies)

Different figures and facts of this event:
In total 55 officials helped organize this event of which 12 registration/ Jury, in Administration 12 officials, race-officials 20 in total , 3 announcers, 1 coordinator special events, 1 official "repair corner" on the track, 2 persons in catering, 2 doctors present as well as 2 officials assisting in the first Aid. Furthermore a special team of Red Cross personal was recruited, normally active during the TT of Assen (motorcycle road-racing).

All officials had free accommodation for the weekend (cottage in the so-called officials corner on Ponypark Slagharen or on the camping site) and also received a small amount for travel expenses to come to this event. Our head-officials were paid for their help as well. During the day the officials got free drinks and food through the catering service on the track (yellow container).

Here the names of Superclass riders competing in the European Superclass 20" Championship 1991:
Wilco Groenendaal (NL), Christophe Leveque (F), Bas de Bever (NL), Rob Bulten (NL), Dale Holmes (GB), Jorg de Louw (NL), Markus Rutz (CH), Arjan v.d. Groenendaal (NL), Claude Vuillemot (F), Johnny v.d. Haterd (NL), Rodric Neri (CH), Anthony Revell (GB), Frederic Scalvinoni (F), Gerben Dorland (NL), Uwe Sturm (G), Vincent Claessens (CH), Jean Rene Garnier (F), Neal Wood (GB), James Gandin (GB), Xavier Redois (F), Christophe Boul (F), Franck Chevreton (F), Niki Gaudillere (F), Laurent Rougemont (F), Yannick Delporte (F), Laurent Tieche (CH), Oliver Fuhrmann (G), Dieter Hermannstaedler (G), Fabrice Denis (F), Timo Meeus, Thomas Falter (G), Rainer Schadowski (G), Szilard Szurdock (CH), Lothar Beinke (G), Darren O'Neill (GB), Geth Shooter (GB), Ivi Vodacovic (G), Pieter v.d. Ven (NL) and Jamie Staff (GB).

Most of the above riders participated in the 24 inch class Superclass including Fabrice Vettoretti (F), Christophe Poyet (F), Jean Marc Durviaux (F), Tom Lynch (GB), Wolfgang Meyer (G), Holger Godau (G), Olivier Haas (G), Franky VanRoy (B), Phil Charnley (GB), Arnold van Eeuwijk (NL), Bruno Pfister (G).

Results Pro/Am 20":              
1. Bas de Bever            (NL)
2. Gary Ellis                  (USA)
3. Xavier Redois           (F)
4. Todd Corbitt              (USA)
5. Dale Holmes             (GB)
6. Todd Lyons                (USA)
7. Wilco Groenendaal   (NL)
8. Kenny May                (USA)

1991 tjolk ecc scannen0015

Results Superclass Trophy 20":
1. Gary Ellis                (USA)
2. Kenny May              (USA)
3. Todd Lyons              (USA)
4. Todd Corbitt             (USA)
5. Bernard Gant           (USA)
6. Richard Bartlett        (USA)
7. Charles Townsend   (USA)
8. Christphe Leveque   (F) 

Results Superclass 20":            
1. Wilco Groenendaal  (NL)
2. Jorg de Louw           (NL)
3. Rodric Neri               (CH)
4. Rob Bulten               (NL)
5. J.M. Durviaux           (B)
6. Xavier Redois          (F)
7. Dale Holmes            (GB)
8. ?

1991 wilco foto tjallinks scannen0004


Results Superclass
1. Christophe Leveque(F)
2. Bas de Bever            (NL)
3. Xavier Redois           (F)
4. Dale Holmes             (GB)
5. Anthony Revell         (GB)
6. F. Sclavioni               (F)
7. Jorg de Louw            (NL)
8. Sillard Szurdock       (CH)

This event was broadcasted by the TROS TV organization at a nation wide level. Pre publicity in 7 National TV program magazines with in total 5 ½ million readers. This event was broadcasted June 19th. 1991 and had 6 % viewers meaning almost 900.000 tv spectators. Later on the same TV show was broadcasted by another TV station called SPORTNET. An South-African TV crew also used recorded material from this event. In order to promote the upcoming World Championships in Norway, a Norwegian TV station was interested in buying this program.

1991 ecc tros gegevens e.d. scannen00011991 ecc ellis may and townsend scannen00031991 jolk ecc scannen0077

Just to give you all an impression of the event, here some pictures at redom selected.

1991 tjolk eccc scannen00691991 tjolk ecc scannen00711991 tjolk ecc scannen0061

1991 tjolk ecc 94626524 o1991 tjolk ecc scannen0080 

 1991 tjolk ecc 26975971 n


July 12th - 14th., the I.BMX.F European Championship took place at Slough - England.

In total there were 1056 entries from 16 participating countries. Final standings of the 1991 European Superclass Championship in 20" and 24" class.

Superclass 20"
1. Wilco Groenendaal - Holland
2. Christophe Leveque - France
3. Bas de Bever - Holland
4. Jorg de Louw - Holland
5. Rob Bulten - Holland
6. Dale Holmes - England
7. Markus Rutz - Switzerland
8. Claude Vuillemot - France

Superclass 24"
1. Christophe Leveque - France
2. Bas de Bever - Holland
3. Rob Bulten - Holland
4. Xavier Redois - France
5. Rodric Neri - Switzerland
6. Dale Holmes - England
7. Jorg de Louw - Holland
8. Gerben Dorland - Holland

Other champions were:
Experts 12 -  Marc de Bruin, Holland
Experts 13 -  Florent Poussin, France
Experts 14 -  Mark van Leur, Holland
Experts 15 -  Glenn Myklebust, Norway
Experts 16 -  Dylan Clayton, England
Experts 17 -  Jurgen Schelling. Austria
Experts 18+  Steffen Lehmann, Germany
Girls 16 -   Arieta Minnema, Holland
Girls 17 -   Corine Dorland, Holland
Girls 18+   Wendy Dekker, Holland
Cruiser 13 & unde   - Florent Poussin, France
Cruiser 14/15  - Danier Levy, Holland
Cruiser 16/17  - Denis Casamata, France
Cruiser 18/24  - Frank Brix, Germany

July 17th, the S.F.N. (Stichting Fietscross Promotie Nederland) and Ponypark Slagharen (both forming the ECC organization) did inform the K.N.W.U.,

the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) about the fact that they withdraw their application to organize the 1993 I.BMX.F./ FIAC World Championship.After several meetings with the KNWU-BMX committee, the Ponypark Slagharen organizing committee came to the conclusion that the K.N.W.U. was trying to make it a financial benefit for their organization in the first place. The KNWU asked for an organization fee of H.fl. 60.000,= and that was according to the Ponypark organizing committee not very realistic in comparison with the total cost/benefits at the time to organize such an event.

Just to give you an idea:
In 1983 (the 2nd. I.BMX.F. World Championship for the first time a W.C. was helt outside the USA) the Ponypark organization represented by Gerrit Does, paid an I.BMX.F. sanction fee of US $1.000,=. The entree fees were just US $3,= per class and the KNWU (Royal Dutch cycling Federation) asked a sanctionfee of H.fl. 10.000,= at the time. Ponypark took care of National TV (they had the contacts in the AVRO organization) which resulted in a 1 hour live TV show of the main events. In 1988 the European Championship was organized at Ponypark-Slagharen. Entree-fees were then up till 17 ½ Swiss francs (about US $ 10,=) and the sanctionfee went up till H.fl. 25.000,=.

All of the above was kind of acceptable. However, at the 1993 I.BMX.F.-FIAC World Championships (so only 10 years after the 1st. Worlds in Holland) an entree fee was asked per class per rider of H.fl.65,= (about US $30,=) and a sanctionfee of H.fl. 60.000,= to be paid by the organizer to the K.N.W.U. (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation). Around 1987/1988 the BMX developments were at its top, talking number of license-holders, number of clubs and tracks. Also the interest of the media was at its high and therefore kind of easy to find sponsors. In 1993 this was not the case anymore: media interest was very low, sponsors dropped out and number of licenses were down, the total budget to organize a Worlds were very high (among others, due to FIAC/UCI rules and such). Asking a sanctionfee 2.4 times the fee of 1988 was crazy and not in relation with costs and benefits of the overall organization. It was not possible to negotiate with the K.N.W.U. BMX Committee at the time and no agreement was reached. Later on we learned that due to the BMX department internal financial problems, one needed this sanction fee to solve some problems there. Now you can understand why the decision was made not to organize the 1993 Worlds at Ponypark Slagharen.

Later on the organization was given to the Schijndel BMX club, some of you will remember the Schijndel 1993 Worlds in Holland. The results of that decision were bad for the BMC club Schijndel. The final result was that the Club in Schijndel could not pay their fees in the end and the were left with a large deficit.

July 21st. a letter from the K.N.W.U. came in about changing a part of the E.C.C. track at Slagharen.

The Royal Dutch Cycling Federation did sent a letter to the organizer of the European Challenge Cup praizing their organization for a well organized top International BMX event last month. At the same time they stated that a certain part of this new built track had to be changed. Eddy Posthuma, normaly the track referee during the ECC events, would advice the ECC organization what changes to make. Changes were made.

1991 scannen0005

July 26th - 28th., the 1st. I.BMX.F./FIAC World Championship in Sandnes, Norway took place.


This was the first ever I.BMX.F/FIAC combined Worlds and the 10th  I.BMX.F.  W.C. since 1982. The event took place at the Kval track in Sandnes, were riders from 26 countries participated. They were: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Venezuela. The total number of final entries was 994. The largest contingency was by France, 214 entries and the smallest by Peru, 2 entries.


This Worlds was one of the best, probably thé best organized event up and till that moment. In all aspects, the Norwegian organizing committee scored high. Also the general atmosphere was very positif and even today many then present, talk with respect about this event. One could call this first combined I.BMX.F. / FIAC event a great succes for sure, mainly thanks to the I.BMX.F. organizer and officials. Seen on the pictures below the "Viking Ship" BMX tack in Sandnes. The first ever track on this location was built in the early 80's around a hill where a viking ship was barried in the past, so a very special location indeed.



Results Superclass 20":                       Results Superclass 24":
1. Christophe Leveque - France            1. Bas de Bever             - Holland           
2. Bas de Bever            - Holland            2. Rob Bulten                 - Holland
3. Wilco Groenendaal   - Holland            3. Jorg de Louw             - Holland
4. Anthony Waye          - Australia          4. Narry McManus          - USA
5. Dale Holmes             - England           5. Dale Holmes               - England
6. Markus Rutz             - Switzerland      6. Rodric Neri                 - Switzerland
7. Clay Goldsmid          - USA                 7. Christophe Leveque   - France
8. Barry McManus        - USA                 8. Nicolas Gaudillere      - France

Results Girls 18 and over:
1. Corine Dorland- Holland
2. Wendy Dekker - Holland
3. Kerstin Munski - Germany
4. Christelle Lesout - France
5. Simone Mintrop - Germany
6. Bianca Tenniglo - Holland
7. Tina Madsen - Denmark
8. Anne Proud - France








Making the headlines in Norwegean newspapers was Norwegean BMX star Thor Arne Dybdahl winning the Worldtitle in Crusier 18-24 class.



Results, courtesy of Paull McLaughlin, Wakefield, Australia, taken from his booklet BMX Racing World Championship Results 1978-2009.


Other famous riders competing in the Girls classes were:
Tamara Vakkers (NL), Tanja Madsen (DK) - Girls 9 y., Rianne Busschers - Girls 10 y. (NL), Ellen Bollansee - Grils 11 y. (B), Tatjana Schocher (CH) and Vikki Overson - Girls 12 y., Anne Carolie Chausson - Girls 13 y. (F), Sabine Cavalle - Grils 14 y. (F), Arieta Minnema (NL) and Cecile Fressaynet (F), Rebecca Wichman (NL) - Girls 16 y.,

In Expert classes,
Liam Batey (GB) - Exp. 6 & under,
Levi Noorlander (NL), Arjan Gijsbers (NL) - Exp. 7 y.,
Vlasdislav Khas (Tch), Thomas Luksan (Tch), Alexander Dick (GB) - Exp. 8 y.,
Rob v.d. Wildeberg (NL), Ben Overson (GB), Quentin Delescluse (F) - Exp. 9 y.,
Benoit Duployer (F), Kelvin Batey (GB), Mickael Deldycke (F), Michal Prokop (Tch) - Exp. 10 y.,
Robin Hardt(D), Richard Crowel (NL) - Exp. 11 y.
Thierry Fouilleul (F) - Exp. 12,
Scott Beaumont (GB) Chirs Hyde (GB) - Exp. 13 y.,
Florent Poussin (F), Nicolas Grevet (F), Glenn Nielsen (DK) - Exp. 14 y.,
Jean Christophe Tricard (F), Bertrand Dufour (F), Kai Lehman (D) - Exp. 15 y.,
Robert Sprokholt (NL), Yannick Rosset (CH), Thomas Allier (F), Pieter Does (NL) - Exp. 16 y.,
Dylan Clayton (GB), Daniel Herz (Austria), Norbert Groger (D), Olivier Prosper (F) - Exp. 17 y.,
Roy v. Leur (NL), Thor-Arne Dybdahl (N), Ludovic Laurent (F), Marc Wentink (NL) - Exp. 18 & over.

In Cruiser classes,
Ken Meland (N) - Cr. 13 and under,
Mark van Leur (NL), Marc van Gerwen (NL) - Cr. 14/15,
Pieter Does (NL), Jens Bondesson (Swe), Leon Eggens (NL) - Cr. 16/17,
Frank Brix (D), Martin Steensma (NL), Imko Mike Gerrits (NL), Dennis Cassamata (F), Frederic Legall (F), Andreas Hopping (D) - Cr. 18/24.


Results team championships,
National Team Championship:
1st   England - 346 points
2nd  Holland  - 319
3rd  USA       - 315

Factory Team Championship:
1st   Sunn Chipie  - France,    334 points
2nd  Wulfsport  - UK,              309 points
3rd   MCS Europe  - Holland, 287 points

The award presentation took place in a large hall in an amusement park called KONGE PARKEN, close to Sandnes. Finalists revieved a number plate and top three a cristal glass and a medal, all shown below.





1991 World Championship Medal count:

Country              Gold    Silver  Bronze
Holland                   8          8          8
France                    8          8          5
U.S.A.                    6           6          3
Australia                 2          2          1
Colombia                2          1          -
Norway                   2          -          1
England                  1          2          2
Denmark                1          1          1
Czechoslovakia     1          1          -
Argentina               1           -          1
Canada                  1           -          -
Switzerland             -          3         2
Germany                -          1          4
Venezuela              -          1          -
Austria                    -          -          2
Chili                        -          -          1
Sweden                  -          -          1
Scotland                 -          -          1

Total classes:        33       33       33


September 14th-15th., the I.BMX.F. European Club Championship - Slagharen, Holland took place.

74 Teams participated from 9 countries, that gave in total 433 entries. They were: Holland, Denmark, Belgium, England, Latvia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary and Italy. The top twelve finishers were:
1. FCC De IJsselcrossers 4 - Doetinchem, Holland 380 points.
2. FCV Wijcross 1 - Wijchen, Holland 373
3. Flying Flies - Venray, Holland 367
4. FCC Lion d'Or 1 - Valkenswaard, Holland 363
5. Soro BMX Club - Soro, Denmark 340
6. FC Unitas 1 - Assen, Holland 340
7. De Brugge Jumpers - Belgium 333
8. Hillingdon 1 - England 325
9. FCC de Vaart - Dedemsvaart, Holland 321
10. FCC De Boscrossers - Heiloo, Holland 321
11. FCC Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Holland 320
12. FCC De IJsselcrossers 3 - Doetinchem, Holland 318


December 2nd. The UNIVERSITY of BMX training camp II, Orlando and Christmas Classic - Columbus, Ohio - USA.

Total group was 34 persons of which 23 riders from Sweden, Holland, Switzerland and France. Among the riders were Nico Does, Bas de Bever, Yannick Rosset, Michel Clerté, Claude Vuillemot, Florent Poussin, Jean Christophe Tricard, Cecile Frayssinet, Sabine Caballe, Andreas Höpping,


For more details look under: CONSULTING  and then  TRAINING CAMPS around 60 pictures will tell you the story.

December 1991.  The license count in Holland with the K.N.W.U. - BMX department went down till 1065.

History of BMX (1994 - 1995)

Year 1994.

January, the I.BMX.F. - Florida, USA

issued an updated Rulebook, since they were working together now with the UCI in Switzerland - Europe. Also a special page with the names of the original founders of which three of them have been awarded a LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP. George E.Esser, Tadashi Inoue and Gerrit Does. They were the men who took the first initiatif to form an international BMX federation composed of representatives from world wide national BMX organisations. Gerrit Does was the first to start a discussion on this topic in 1979 at the JAG BMX Worlds.


Another change was made on the I.BMX.F logo. The original logo from 1981 was designed by George Esser's son, Brian Esser (also a former BMX racer). The rider in that logo was Pro BMX'er Greg Esser. For copy-right reasons, since I.BMX.F. was working together with the UCI now, a new "rider" in this logo was designed and placed. That's the history behind the I.BMX.F. logo. 

History of BMX (1996 - 1997)

Year 1996.

InBelgium a new chairman was elected, Mr. Marcel Bollansee. Marcel had a hard time getting BMX going. However, after 7 slow years in this sport in Belgium, 1997 would become the year things would change in favor. Around 100 license holders were registered at the time.

January 23rd., I received a letter (for my information) from the UCI concerning the ABA's claim of October 4th. 1995) with regards to the BMX World Cup Series (ABA claimed the proprietary rights in “BMX”).

The enclosured papers, concern correspondence between the UCI attorney, Mr. Philippe Verbiest and the American attorneys office, Gipple & Hal. Furthermore, an analysis of and report on the matter by Gipple & Hale attorneys, and also the reply by the UCI to the  ABA. As one will learn from the enclosed documents, it is very unlikely that ABA will undertake legal action against UCI with regards to using the title “UCI BMX World Cup Series”. End of story.

History of BMX (1998)

1998 - January 24/25th. On this date the UCI BMX Commission meeting took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The following decisions were made by this committee:

Team competition at future World and Continental BMX Championships.
There will be a new format of team competition, that is team results will not be deduced from individual results any more, but there will be a separate team competition. Trade teams will have the opportunity to expose their sponsor’s jersey during team competition. The BMX Technical Group will work out a new team concept. Should be presented to the BMX Committee by April 1st 1998. The new concept will be on the agenda of the 1998 BMX Convention and is to be implemented at the 1999 BMX Worlds in France.

New concept for World BMX Rankings.
In 1998 there will be World Rankings for prize money (total CHF 30.000) to be awarded after the main finals on Sunday, July 26, 1998, at the BMX Worlds in Melbourne. On January 1, 1998, all riders will start with zero points.

History of BMX (1999 - 2000)

Year 1999.

Me telling you all about the History of BMX as I know it, ends about here. Since one year I did withdraw from BMX being active as organiser, promotor, team-manager and so on. Want to take it easy a bit, after being involved in BMX since around 1974, its time to take a rest.  From the year 2000 I will update my site from time to time, with stories and additional information, my opinion on developments, but mostly I will add pictures to the stories, hundreds of them in due time. I hope that all written down up till now, will give you a personal view of what was, were we all came from. From here on, I will write about events that I did go to or received reports from. I will also give my personal opinion on developments and such, as they occur. 

January 29th - 31st., The NBL - USA clebrates its 25th. anniversary: 1974 - 1999.


During the Annual Competition Congress, held January 29th. through 31st. 1999, the NBL - USA celebrated its 25th. anniversary: 1974 - 1999. Original founder of the NBL, my dear friend George E. Esser (R.I.P.), was inducted into the newly formed “NBL Hall of Fame”. The Congress took place at the Trump World's Fair Casino at Trump Plaza, Mississippi and the Boardwalk Atlantic City, New Jersey. Some years later his son Greg Esserwas inducted as well.

History of BMX (2001 - 2002)

YEAR  2001.



The UCI - BMX department has at this moment 41 countries with a BMX organization affiliated world-wide. From Europe 22 countries are affiliated with BMX organizations, North and South America has 13 affiliated organizations, Africa 2 and Oceanic 3 organizations/countries.

Looking at the European scene the number of license-holders is at a very low level. France, approx. 7.000 license-holders (in 1988 around 12.000); Holland, approx. 1.000 (in 1986 almost 6.000); England, approx. 450 license-holders; Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech republic around 350 + license-holders.

Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Lituania, Malta, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia from 150 till around 250 license-holders and Belarussian and Russia 200 and less riders! Exact figures are not made public, would be nice to see how the situation exactly is. My estimate is that in Europe we do have a total of ca. 12.000 license-holders.

History of BMX (2003 - 2004)

YEAR 2003.

April 24th.-25th. European Championships rounds 1 & 2 Winterthur (CH).

The weekend of 26th. - 27th. April the first 2 rounds of the European Championships where held in Winterthur, Switzerland. Some really spectacular races on the super fast track with a new last straight added designed by home rider Roger Rinderknecht. A 90 degree turn a step-up with a dropdown afterwards of a few meter followed by a big double jump.

***    FOTO  Rob vd Wildenberg (INQU) and European Elite Champion 2002 Florent Boutte (MBK-B52)

The top of the European Elite and Junior BMX riders was present to show their best and their new rides/sponsors in Winterthur. Some familiar faces from the past returned to the European BMX scene.

Back after a few years racing in the states riders like Leive One Nordmark who didn’t get an extension to his Powerlite sponsorship showed up riding a Free Agent, Karine Chambonneau back in GT colors and Malene Madsen. Other riders went to race in America during the winter break in Europe and got some nice results. Medhi Remili (GT) has spent some time racing with several podiums and wins in A pro, Also Henrik Baltzersen was racing A pro., he joined his big brother Jan in the Supercross Team and they even did a rider’s clinic together. It all paid off because Henrik was flying in his first year in Elite. Rodger Rinderknecht (SixSixOne) recovered well from his injury. He broke his collar bone during a training session in America. But you couldn’t tell while he was making everybody chasing him throughout the motos. Ivo Lakucs was also preparing himself in the USA. He joined the Bulldog crew for several weeks and did a few races in A Pro. Winning the NBL Elite Pro Challenge put him up in the lead for the Big A Series. Michal Prokop (Author) was the did not make it to Winterthur. He is still in the USA racing in AA Pro and making mains. Things are looking good for Michal. The word is that he will come to race rounds 3 & 4 in Valkenswaard (NL) in between some of the 4X World Cups he will be contending in.

History of BMX (2005 - 2006)

YEAR 2005.

Flashback 1975, picture of USA rider Tinker Juarez on a full suspension BMX bike: did bikes change or what! 

BMX exists around 30 years now in the USA as an official spot (since 1974, N.B.A.). Pioneer Byron Friday showing that in this poster.


January 29-30th.  20th. Indoor of Tours, France.

February 14th, our BMX professor Gerrit Does celebrated his 60th birthday.

At the surprise party that his childeren Nico and Pieter organised, over 80 family members and friends from moto-cross and BMX were present. Special guest was Jaxon Bradley, Gerrit's American friend from Kansis City. Also a special delegation from Latvian BMX was present, Ziaga and Aldons Vrublevskis as well as Janis Silins. They presented Gerrit with this appreciation award.

2005 letland oorkonde gd 60 jaar dsc06916fotos nico gd 60 jaar surpise party 12 2 2005 031 2fotos nico gd 60 jaar surpise party 12 2 2005 033 2










May 21-25th., visiting Latvia again and checking out the BMX scene.

Another very interesting trip to Latvia and again learning much more about its culture and history, besides just BMX developments.

pictues follow

July 30th-31st. and August 1st. UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BERCY – Paris, France.

History of BMX (2007 - 2008)

YEAR 2007.

April: OLYMPIC GAMES 2008 medals revealed. 

Dear friends in BMX,

It seems the Olympic virus is finally catching on. During the past 2 months, more and more publications and interviews were published in local and regional newspapers and magazines here in Holland. This gives a really good feeling, still there is a small critical note to make. Even after almost 30 years of BMX in Holland (right now I am talking about the situation in Holland only, on this subject) reporters find it necessary and it probably is, to explain once again, what the sport of BMX is all about, stands for etc.

Just recently the BOCOG, or better the Chinese organizing committee of the 2008 Olympics Beijing, revealed the remarkable Olympic Medals. This presentation took place in Beijing – China on the 500 days before the start of the 2008 Olympics. The medals do weight 150 grams and are a little bit bigger then the medals issued in Greece. On the backside these medals do have a typical Chinese design of jade. The competition to design the official medals did have 265 entries. The design of the Central Academy of Art in Beijing did win this competition. In all, 6000 Olympic medals will be produced.


History of BMX (2009 - 2010)

YEAR 2009.



February 8th. The official opening of the Dutch BMX MUSEUM located in a small town called MEGEN in Holland.

Owner Mike Janssen, an old school BMX'er himself, started to collect BMX bikes while surching for his first ever BMX bike he owned himself, when he was a kid. Mike did find a location in the small town of Megen in Holland, a second floor of a large farmhouse of about 120 m2 where was able to fit up his complete collection. Beside about 80 complete bikes, mainly BMX, also a couple of trial bikes, so-called "formula-one" bikes, a side-hacks and further more there are many old school frame/fork sets of famous brands in 20 and 24 " issues.  



History of BMX (2011 - 2012)

YEAR 2011.

January, 25 men who pioneered European BMX during 1978 and 1983.

With this article I want to honor the people that were instrumental getting BMX off the ground in their respective countries in Europe. They all were very motivated and enthusiastic to get this new sport going in Europe. They invested a lot of time, energy and even money in promoting and marketing a knew sport, that had to coop with all the problems, such a new development meets. These men and women were charismatic, good promoters and organizers of the first hour of development. In due time I hope to be able to place pictures with the names in order to let you all see, about whom we are talking here. You might meet some day, at a bicycle or motorcycle event, one of the 25 persons who made it possible for you to enjoy this great sport or enjoy it right now.

Of all those men and women mentioned, about 55 % were motorsport orientated (mainly moto-cross), 40 % were bicycle oriented and around 5 % did have other backgrounds (organizers/promoters/PR business). I met and know all of them personally from the pioneer days of BMX and I wonder what they are doing now. From some I know, from others I hope to find out what has been going on with them and I will tell you all about it, adding the new info to this article from time to time.

Well, here are the names of the men and women who PIONEERED BMX and made it possible for you riders to race BMX bikes now a days, in the first place. More and detailed info of each of them also in the HISTORY of BMX sections.

History of BMX (2013 - 2014)

Year 2013.

January, here the 2013 UCI BMX Calendar.    

To give you readers an idea of how many international events are organized (sanctioned) now-a-days within the world governing body for BMX, the UCI, here a complete calender of all International Competitions 2013. A very important reason to have an extensive International calender with events world wide is for holding/keeping our Olympic status.

History of BMX (2015 - 2016)

Year 2015.

March 7th. - 8th., International BMX Indoor de Tours - France, the 22nd. edition.

On March 7th. and 8th. the longest running indoor in Europe took place. The International BMX Indoor de Tours - France, took place for the 22nd time, the only remaining CLASSIC BMX EVENT from the 80's (first event took place in 1983). The other CLASSIC events were the E.C.C. / European Challenge Cup at Slagharen in Holland and the International Indoor Palais Omnisport de Bercy - Paris, in France. Both latest mentioned events seized to exsist years ago.

After a break in organizing the Indoor de Tour of 9 years, now this prestegious event is back. Since BMX has some history now, there will be Old School activities and a BMX Museum was in place. Three Pioneer well known BMX racers will attend this event on the Saturday evening. Hope to have some pictures available soon for you all.

History of BMX (2017-2018)

Year 2017.


May 6th.-7th. 2017, UCI BMX SX round at Papendal Olympic Training Center, Arnhem - Holland.

img 5045

My Opinion on the UCI BMX SX Papendal – Holland of May 6th.-7th. 2017

After the UCI BMX Worlds at Zolder in Belgium in 2015, I decided to take it easy and stop giving my opinion to the UCI and other decision makers in BMX world wide, which I did before for several years. I did not go to a lot of BMX events since 2015. Lately I was invited by a friend as a guest/VIP at the 2017 UCI BMX SX at Papendal-Holland. So, here we were on Saturday and Sunday, May 6 -7th. at the Papendal race.
Besides that, Dutch National TV, NOS-NTR Andere tijden sport, was following me around during the weekend. They were making a docu about the start and rise of BMX in Holland and Europe. This 30 min. docu will be broadcasted on Sunday evening, July 18th. 2017 on NPO 1 at 22.15 hours. Anxious to see the finished docu.

Because of being present, watching the racing and side-events, my creative BMX mind started to work again and after the event I had to give you all my opinion one more time. Hope you don't mind ….... Also because things looked better and situations improved and that's worth while mentioning too.

A view things I learned, had changed this year. First, former promotor, BMX Holland stopped organising this event. The Papendal organization (with Jochem Schellens as “main-man” and his crew) were now organizing this event themselves. As before, there were side-events in place. Papendal also took care of well planned promotion through social media and for sure that worked. Compliments!

Arriving on the venue I was surprised by the many, many cars in the parking lot. Big difference with the previous years (2011 > 2016). On the side-event venue, next to the BMX venue, for 2 days long many people were present, including many children and they were using the facilities. Great job done here, I think. Compliments Papendal!

img 5078 img 5080 img 5084

Racing technical changes.
I was happily surprised by the fact that from 2017 on, the UCI decided, not to use the TIME-TRIALS anymore. Probably you all know my opinion on time-trials and I am very glad those trials are cancelled. The Olympic qualification system is used now. Now we don't have to sit for hours and watch just 1 rider go round on the track, we can see racing happening again.

I also learned that to be allocated a World Cup or Super Cross event, it is not a MUST anymore to have an 8 meter starting hill. The 5 meter hills are o.k. too now. I think that is a very good step forward to. It gives many more professional organizers world wide a change to be able to organize such top events. Read the UCI Chargebook page 82, To be allocated a Worlds an 8 mtr. hill is required. To be allocated a World Cup/SX, a 5mtr. till 8 mtr. starting hill will be accepted.

In my opinion it also will be SAFER for the riders, these 5 mtr. hills. Less speed coming down the 5 meter hill means also less heavy crashes and I think that racing might even be more spectacular on those tracks with 5 meter starting hills. An 8 meter starting hill looks spectacular to the outside world, but may also cause career ending injuries. An extra benifit is that probably most BMX clubs can afford themselves to built a 5 meter starting hill. Thats a different story with an 8 meter hill. It is disappointing ofcourse for those organizers that already built 8 meter hills. Still SAFETY goes first, so its a good thing speed goes down somewhat.

Note: Still one serious problem remains concerning SAFETY of the riders. The concrete, tec-soil, brick layed tracks/turns, I hope in the near future someone comes up with a unique idea to change that too in order to prefent further bad injuries by the riders when crashing. We have seen a couple of bad crashes at Papendal also this weekend, I am sorry to say. But again, BMX is a contact sport and speed is involved. Just like in moto-cross and road cycling, accidents will happen.

In motorcycle road racing and formula 1 for instance, safety is a hot item. Look what has happened in the past 20 or more years. Safety improved a lot. In BMX we have to work harder on that too.

Improving the last straight.
I can't resist giving my opinion/advice on the last straight (done that before!). Looking at the SX and other tracks, the last straight needs some attention. It will bring more racing and exitement till the finish-line, when after the set of whop-de-doos on the last straight, at least 25 meters will be FLAT (no obsticals) in order to have the riders SPRINT to the finish. It will give technical riders (whoop-de-doos) as well as power riders (24 meter flat track) equal changes at the end of a race ánd I am sure it will be spectacular for spectators to watch that longer sprint. Something to try-out / test I think!

Progress is made for sure.
Main reason to give my opinion on the 2017 Papendal race is the fact that is was such a different race in 2011, when the first ever SX race took place on this location. At the time Mr. Lindström was the actual SX series promotor. A copy of the London Olympic BMX track was built on Papendal, including the so-called “box-jump” and so on. This 2011 race was a dissaster.

In 2011 there was a big difference in the level of riding skills by the riders, the track wasn't layed down well and that caused many, many accidents and injuries back then. You can read my report on that event on my website, (History of BMX, year 2011-12 etc.). It was awefull and I complained about it through my OPINION letters.

For the first time since then (2011), in my opinion this year 2017 was almost perfect race and organization wise. Perfect in BMX is  impossible because it is a fast and spectacular sport with 8 riders on the track and then things can happen (crashes). Besides the track itself, also the level of skills the riders has increased a lot. For the first time since 2011, I enjoyed myself for 99%. Also taken into consideration the fact that Time-Trials are no longer a part of racing. Compliments to the Papendal organization and ofcourse compliment for the UCI on the changes they made in the rules and regulations.

From arriving at the Papendal grounds till parking, entry, side-event area, BMX venue in total, everything was just great. Very friendly officials at all spots mentioned, just the way it should be. Again, a job well done here Papendal !

img 5262 zo 16 img 5262 zo 17 img 5262 zo 38

Spectators / Grandstands.
It was clear to all, that the Papendal organization added extra Grandstands along the first straight of the track. Therefore it looked like there weren't that many spectators. Empty seats on the other grandstands. Still there were more spectators overall just on day 1, May 6th. as last year in 2 days. More attention for the event by the Papendal organizers through Social Media, probably is the reason why. Well done! However, now we have to think how to get the grandstands filled completely next year 2018. Well, since I am writing this OPINION letter, maybe I can add some suggestions, to make this event even more attractive. Here we go:

Add a new item to the race program (is my advice).
O.K., in my time (1983 – 1993) when I organized the European Challenge Cup – E.C.C. Events at Slagharen – Holland, I was able to impliment extra races or special activities, without any problem within the I.BMX.F. Today we have a different situation. Things are regulated trictly within the UCI. It still would be nice if UCI would allow some kind of experiment for 2018 to take place during the SX event at Papendal. I do have 2 suggestions/proposals, hopefully worthwhile considering implimenting as last event of the day (Sunday). Pick one of them.

1e.: UCI BMX Trophy of Nations
For many years I am suggesting a Trophy of Nations in the setting as done in moto-cross. As a pilot project and on a small level, one could have a Trophy of Nations Cup as follows. Have Elite men and women form a team, so per country 2 riders. Have a maximum of 32 teams present. They will race 3 moto's, a semi final and a final, men as well as women. In time we need around 2 hours to runs such an event. This count be done after the SX event is finished.Have riders wear their National Flags on chest and back for better recoqniztion. I am sure this works with spectators too. They can cheer for their Country. Try to have teams present from all 5 continents.

2e : UCI BMX CORPERATE TEAM World Cup (commercial and/or factory teams).
Up and till the 2000's, factory team racing was very popular. Manufacturers were very interested in setting up teams, supporting the sport and we can use that now-a-days again very well. Just today I learned that the UCI started Team racing again this year 2017. That's a good thing to hear. Probably it is not a seperate event, but teamriders get points for their results and in the end there will be announced a winner. That's o.k.

What I would like to see, is a Team event, maybe as a pilot project too, where teams of let's say 4 riders (Elite and Juniors, men and women?). Compete against eachother. For 2018 Papendal it should be a max. of 16 (selected) teams (x 4 riders= 64 riders) to compete against eachother for instance. Racing in Team uniforms (commercial and/ or manufacturer teams). Again, just an idea for some EXTRA exitement in 2018.

Celebrating 40 years of BMX in Holland (and therefore in Europe) in 2018.
An extra item could also be the fact that BMX will excist for 40 years in 2018 here in Holland. This celebration could take place during the 2018 UCI BMX SX event and be co-organized by Papendal, together with the University of BMX? It's just an idea specific details have be sent to the Papendal organization. We'll see what will happen. (SFN 1978 - now KNWU 2018 = 40 years).

This is what I had to say. Glad to see progress in adjusting BMX to what BMX is all about. Next important thing is to work on safety, specialy concerning the BMX tracks themselves, soil wise. Yesterday a wise man said to me (the chairman of the professional scoccer club of Heerenveen): why do they make new modern sports that dangerous (BMX, Half Pipe snowboard, etc)! Road racing, F1 and other motorspsort have became much safer over the years. A sport like BMX should work towards that goal too. So far.

Gerrit Does
University of BMX

June 9th., UCI Press-release on among others BMX Freestyle Park

HOT NEWS,........ Madison and BMX Freestyle Park added to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Programme. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is delighted to announce that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has agreed to add the Madison and BMX Freestyle Park to the Programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The decision was made at today’s meeting of the IOC Executive Board in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Named after legendary races organised at Madison Square Garden in New York (USA), the Madison is a dynamic, exciting and technically demanding track cycling event, which requires excellent bike handling skills, balance, strategic capability, observation and tactics. The Madison will appear on the Olympic Programme with both men’s and women’s races and two new Olympic gold medals to be won on the track.

The race, which is 50km for men, and 30km for women, involves two riders, a sprinter and a rouleur, working as a team to propel each other forward as they meet between laps. Teams sprint every 10 laps to accumulate points according to the following structure: five points to the first team, three points to the second, two points to the third, and one point to the 4th. Points awarded in the last sprint will be doubled. In addition to the sprints, teams can earn 20 points for lapping the field. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the race. Famous pairs include many riders who have also been champions on the road such as Juan Esteban Curuchet-Walter Perez (Argentina), Mark Cavendish-Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain), Howard Leigh-Cameron Meyer (Australia) and current women World Champions Lotte Kopecky-Jolien D’Hoore (Belgium) crowned in April in Hong-Kong.

182685 8 lg hdBMX Freestyle Park is a spectacular, crowd-pleasing discipline, which takes place on ramps with big transitions and large obstacles. Competitors are judged on tricks performed throughout the course, with points awarded based on difficulty, originality, style and execution. Each rider in both the men’s and women’s events gets two one-minute runs (which both count) to impress the judges, who will reward the rider with a score between 0-100 points, with the ultimate goal being the award of an Olympic gold medal. Famous riders include Logan Martin (Australia), Daniel Dhers (Venezuela), Alex Coleborn (Great Britain) for men, Nikita Ducarroz (Switzerland), Macarena Perez (Chile) and UCI World Cup title holder, 15-year-old Hannah Roberts (USA) for women.

In addition, in line with the UCI’s strategy to promote women’s cycling and the IOC’s Agenda 2020, it was agreed that for Mountain Bike and BMX Racing, several quotas previously allocated to men athletes would be transferred to women, achieving full gender equity in both disciplines.

UCI President Brian Cookson said: “I am thrilled to see four more cycling events joining the Olympic programme. With competitions across very different disciplines, cycling already makes a large and diverse contribution to the Olympic Games, and now becomes the third largest sport in terms of gold medals, with 22 on offer. I am also delighted that we have made another big step towards full gender equity across all of our disciplines.

“I want to thank President Bach and the IOC Executive Board for their confidence and reiterate the UCI’s full commitment to make Tokyo 2020 a great success for cycling. I also want to thank our partner FISE for the role they have played in the development of BMX Freestyle over the past 20 years.

“The Madison will bring its long-established history and exciting format to the Games, while BMX Freestyle Park has great potential to open the event up to a whole new generation of athletes and fans. In an increasingly competitive landscape for Olympic sport, it is important not only to see our overall quota remain unchanged, but to also welcome the award of four additional opportunities for medals in Olympic cycling disciplines.

“I am proud of the effort made over the past few years by all of our National Federations, event organisers, teams and riders, which has helped us improve cycling’s strong position within the Olympic Movement. I am fully committed to continue this work and I am convinced that after extremely successful Games in Rio in 2016, Tokyo will take our sport to another exciting level.”

END of Press-release. 

June 14th., was a sad day. Mr. Hein Verbruggen. former Board member of the KNWU, later on president of the UCI and I.O.C member, passed away.

Indeed it was a sad day, Mr. Hein Verbruggen passed away. I knew Hein well. He came from the area that I live in, he was born in the city called Helmond in Holland. When the S.F.N. - Stichting Fietscross Nederland,
the first official BMX organisation in Holland, founded in October 1978, joined the KNMU - Royal Dutch Cycling Federation in 1981, both Hein Verbruggen and myself were in the KNWU Board. In those days Hein was already working for the FICP, the professional leg of the UCI (FIAC was the amature leg).

As Secretary of the I.BMX.F. I was in contact mainly with the FIAC in the beginning, but when the working together relation ship started ending '80 s and early '90 s, Hein asked me to act as Project Manager World Cup series BMX in 1994. Mr. Verbruggen played a very important role in getting BMX recoqnized within the I.O.C. with the result of BMX becoming an Olympic discipline in 2008. Hein Verbruggn kept the promis he made, bringing BMX into the Olympics if we, the I.BMX.F. would join and later on merged into the UCI.

We will not forget Hein Verbruggen.

2017 06 14 202632 2017 06 14 202458

July 14th., the BMX Museum (NED) had a special quests from Australia, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Iglio.

For some time now, I am acting as host for Mike Janssen's Dutch BMX MUSEUM in Megen. On July 14th. I had a special appointed with Frank Iglio from Australia. Frank did bring his wife and his brother in law with him to the BMX Museum were we spent several hours talking about BMX and checking out all the stuff at the BMX Museum.

This was the first time we had a visitor from Australia. Frank got involved in BMX, more specific in the collectors side of the sport and then mainly in BMX Freestyle. We always talk about the European and American scene, but little about the Australian / New Zealand scene of both BMX race and Freestyle. Frank promissed me to sent me information on what is happening since a couple of years in his country and so he did. Please find here a report on the collectors scene in Australia. Hope you all like this and I will try to keep in close contact with the Aussies to general more info over time. Enjoy !

Frank gave me also some inside info already..... In October of this yeat 2017, legends Stu Thomsen, Perry Kramer and Eddy Fiola will be special guest in Australia. Besides being a "correspondent" for now, Frank also produces special BMX "stands", a quality product under the name SIDEKICK. Check out his facebook and website on that product.

frank iglio 2017 img 5968 frank iglios bike stand 533632 n frank iglio 2017 img 5970

Frank wrote about the Australian situation:

Hi Gerrit,
Here is some more info on what’s happening in Australia.
As you know old school BMX collecting and restoring has become extremely popular, which has led to many BMX shows happening each year. Most of these shows started out as a small social meet up with friends that still owned their old BMX bikes. Each year they grew larger and larger. Some of the shows are now charity based, money raised goes to a good cause.

In Melbourne, there is a show called ‘Hurstbridge Show and Shine’. In 2016 the special guest was Harry Leary and this year it will be Bob Haro. It is Hosted by ‘Bicycle Works’ a bicycle store based in Victoria. In my home town, Adelaide, we have a show called ‘RADelaide’. Last year it was very successful with Eddy Fiola visiting and this year he is also back in December.
There is also another show based in Sydney called ‘BMXpo’ this years special guest is Stu Thomsen.
Mark Tawaf is a PK collector based in Melbourne who has started a company supplying reproduction parts in Australia. He is doing very well, working with many of the old brands/manufacturers to remake limited numbers of old parts. These parts range from many styles of Grips, Comp 2,3 tyres, seats such as Kashimax and CW, Bulls eye cranks, CW lightning frames, Hutch frames etc…........Here is a link to his website, although many of the sales are done through his facebook page:
I also mentioned a new BMX movie coming out, based on the life of John Buultjens. It’s an interesting story and worthwhile reading about. He works for Haro and has the largest Haro collection in the world. Here is a link to the article:
Steve Cassap is another interesting story worth reading about. He is also now becoming involved in bmx shows in Australia:

OZBMX is another website to check out. It is dedicated to the preservation and research of vintage BMX in Australia – it consists of a community with chat forums. It has been around for a number of years now. You can also find them on Facebook:

BMX monthly Swap meets have also become very popular. Again, another great way for people interested in BMX to come together and share knowledge. After most meets a ride is organised. The largest is based in St.Kilda Melbourne.
I’ve attached some of the flyers for the shows, some photos of my stands and a few pics from the last BMX shows. Feel free to use any pictures from my Sidekick page, and share around if you like.  If you have any questions or want to know more info, don’t hesitate to email me at any time.  Let’s keep in contact!  Thanks again,  Frank Iglio- Australia.

Frank, thanks for sharing this information. Please keep me up to date. I will publish this Australian news frequently. It was very nice meeting the 3 of you. See you next time.

Here some pictures of Frank's workshop in Adelaide.

002 1 sidekick frank iflio 003 1 sidekick frank iglio 017 sidekick aussie stands


July 12th - thr. 16th., the UEC BMX European Championships in Bordeaux - France took place.

On July 14th through 16th. the UEC BMX European Championships took pace in the city of Bordeaux - France. Included was the last round of the European Championship Serie in the Elite classes. Many reports on this event can be found on the internet, so we at the University of BMX will stick to some statistic data ánd the results in the Elite classes.

In the European Challenge ánd Elite classes, riders from 25 countries participated. You can find the names of the countries concerned on the "country summary" list below. In the Challenges classes there were a total of 1740 entries. Largest group of participants came from France, 668 entries, smallest number of praticipants came from Hungary, 1 rider.  Just in Elite and Junior, Men and Woman classes there were 217 entries. Riders involved in these classes came from 22 different countries. Elite men had 73 entries, Elite women 37, Junior men had 81 entries and Junior women 26.

Overall results in the Elite men series:
1. Joris Daudet - France       European Champion
2. Twan van Gend - Holland
3. Sylvain André - France 

Overall results in the Elite women series:
1. Laura Smulders - Holland       European Champion
2. Elke Vanhoof - Belgium
3. Simone Christensen - Denmark

scannen0023 scannen0026

pictures impressions to be added.


Overview of all classes and countries concerned winning GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE at the 2017 Euiropean BMX Championships:

scannen0033 gold ek 2017scannen0034 silver ek 2017scannen0035 bronce ek 2017


July 21st.-29th., the UCI 2017 BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, USA took place.

Sixteen years have past since the last UCI BMX Worlds in Louisville - Kentucky in july/August of 2001. A lot did happen in these past 16 years. BMX became an Olympic sport in 2008, riders in the highest performance classes were trained more professional then before, due to the Olympic level they have to reach, the N.B.L. seized to excist and ABA BMX (now called USA BMX) joined the UCI ranks for BMX.

The Worlds in 2001 in Louisville Kentucky was a dissater. A soft track at the indoor facility caused several bad crashes, protests by the Elite riders and even a strike by those riders. They wanted changes to be made on the track so it was safe ánd competable for all. Personally I was very disappointed by the way the NBL handled this 2001 Worlds event as in fact leading BMX country in the world. Read all about the 2001 Worlds in Louisville at the website  then History of BMX and then look for History 2001.

2017 worlds rock hill 6933523 n 2017 wwowrlds rock hill 85405076 n 2017 worlds here in mike kings place 7989845 o

OPINION on the Rock Hil - SC. UCI BMX Worlds.

Anyway, we are 16 years later and the UCI BMX World Championships were now helt in Rock Hill - South Carolina, USA. I will place the time schedule right here and I will give my opinion on what I have seen on the life stream of the event. I followed the racing on life-stream from Tuesday July 25th. on. When I organized the 1983 Worlds and after the the E.C.C. event in Slagharen, after each event we evaluated the weekend past. My main officials had to make a report about what in their section went good, but more important, what went wrong. So the evaluation concerned all aspect of the total organization like, parking, ticketing, routing, parc fermé, race track, first aid, officials etc. About 2 weeks after the race weekend the headofficials did meet en we discussed all notes/remarks made. Our goal: improve the next event. Never we had a 100% perfect score (I believe thats impossible in BMX). We had an average of about 25 till 30 point we needed to address and improve. That's what we did. That's what we did in the '80 s and '90 s. Concerning the Worlds in Rock Hill, in general one can say, "THIS 2017 WAS VERY GOOD, BUT IT ALWAYS CAN BE DONE BETTER". What I think is fantastic to see, how in all age classes the level of racing has improved over the years. Most remarkable improvements in the Cruiser classes of 35 years and over (looking back at the 1980's) and absolutely in Girls, the Junior and Elite Women classes. I can only comment on what I saw on Life-stream of the event, so its' only about the racing.

The time-schedule of the event from July 21st up and till July 29th.:

x timeschedule wk 2017 scannen0001 2x timeschedule wk 2017 scannen0001 3x timeschedule wk 2017 scannen0002 4

My evaluation notes on the Worlds 2017.

Tuesday: In general I can say that the overall accomodation looked very professional. Very important part of the accomodation is the BMX track. I was happy to see a well manicured track, with no crazy obsticals, On Tuesday the Challenge cruiser classes were on and the Challenge track looked almost perfect to me. Not too technical, but o.k., variation is needed also in our sport. Next time a track can be much more demanding and technical. Not many accidents occurred and smooth racing took place. Some people said, not spectacular enough, I think this is just fine. The main events were exciting to watch. Just enough grand stands were placed and they were filled nicely all day long.

About safety. One thing I noticed was the fact that several riders, after crossing the finishline, took off their helmets without unlocking their shinstrap. That ment, their helmet was sitting loose on their heads. It seems to me, NO UCI official noticed that or checked that at the gate...... which the should !  As prove, here a picture of 2 riders crashing and one of them lost his helmet falling down (helmet under bike). I realy wonder how the rider concerned is doing. I would not be surprised some bad head injury occured there.

In total 48 countries participated in this challenge and championship event with over 4000 entries. Around 700 volunteers were helping out to run the overall organization. That is immese. Overall I would award a 9 (out of a serie from 0 to 10) to this Worlds of what I was able to see on TV, that is.

20031749 10210091660263846 972465115657673416 n 

It was good, but things always can be better....... Now I will write down a couple of  "notes" I have made since Tuesday about the event. My ideas for better one's ofcourse, if you have them. Ideas might improve this high quality event. Here we go:

- On these modern tracks, specialy in the younger age groups, often the riders just follow eachother in a "follow the leader" setting. Tracks are wide which doesn't invite for spectacular racing (just a fact). 

- With all respect, but the announcing was not the very best. Most of the time, race numbers were called if it did not concern American riders and if they called the names of foreign riders, you could not understand it because of very poor pronounciation. Annoucers only calling numbers and names all day long is very boring too. There is so much to tell, why not add interesting stuff. For instance, former World Champions (from the '80s) took part in Cruiser class. Never anything was said about that. Mr. Speaker(s)  did not know much about the foreign riders, only numbers and stuff like, that Aussie guy or that French guy etc. Countries were mentioned like nr. 2 from Brasil",  no name. BMX has become very professional, announcing has not improved and did not keep up with those developments, I think. Media training should be in place at this level. Watching and specialy listening to the reports on the racing, I felt like not much had change since the '80 s.

- Because of the high number of participants (over 4000), the event is scheduled to take place from Friday July 21st. up and till Saturday July 28th. A result of these high numbers of riders, specialy when we are racing in the USA is, that out of the 4000+ riders, there were around 1100 USA riders. So, 25% of the riders are coming from the USA, Personaly I think that is wrong. The balance is out of order. I think this needs attention by the UCI. The present ruling is that the organizing country is allowed to sent 32 riders per class to the Worlds. Ofcourse the fastest riders will win a medal for sure and the USA has very fast riders, but a final with 6 USA riders and only 2 foreign riders is not very exiting for a Challenge event and outside USA TV spectators. In the younger age classes that happened a lot. On Friday racing, in the main events, there was a fair mix of all countries in each race. That's good for publicity as well, you know what I main? 

On Tuesday, Cruiser class day, the grand stands were completely filled with spectators.

- When the Cruiser finals were on, the comment on life stream was given was not of high quality. Same thing as with the announcers on the track, pitty that they could not pronounce the names of the foreign riders correct. To be professional in this field too, one should orientate more on a serious and professional commentary. The racing developed better then anouncing. Racing was cool, I enjoyed that very much.  

Medal count list after Day 1:
2017 medal count 0100624 n

On Wednesday, the 20 inch Challenge youngest age classes were on
- In general the same remarks as on Tuesday, grandstands were filled again. Not too many accidents for which I am thankfull.

Thursday,the 20 inch Challenge, medium age classes were run.
- Remarks dito as Wednesday, grandstands filled and racing was good.

Friday,the 20 inch Challenge, 17 & older classe, Master class.
- It was noticable that there were less spectators over the day, Grandstands weren't filled. During the finals the stands were filled. Fierce competition was going on now. Again here, not too many crashes, which is good. I enjoyed the racing very much. The main events today were just great, I loved it. Good racing.

Finaly on Saturday,the 20 inch CHAMPIONSHIP classes.Junior, Elite, men & women.
- No Life-stream in Saturday. That was very disappointing. It's August 1st. now and still I have not seen any action on Dutch TV on the World Championships. UCI had on there roster 2 TV dates for Holland, the 30th. and 31st. including which station and local time. I was ready to watch both times, but NOTHING on BMX was shown. Still we did win a silver medal in Junior Men and a 4th. place in Elite men and a 6th. place in Elite women........ nothing on TV. This shows me that for some reason BMX here in Holland anyway, still is not excepted for 100% as an Olympic top sport. Because of this the load of "outside BMX" people in Holland, did not get info on what our riders had done at the UCI BMX Worlds. Frustrated and upset I am about that. 

Medal count list at the end of this Worlds:
2017 medal count 26676656 n

What I did see on pictures on facebook was the totaly overloaded grandstands and even the spectator space in front of the grandstand. Totaly filled. I think this was kind of new for BMX in the USA too.

2017 worlds grand stands filled 17126588 n 1

My dear friend Greg Esser, pioneer BMX racer, former champion, BMX Pro from Pompano - Fl., USA, planned to go this World Championship. Long time since he was present at a Worlds. I asked him to give me his opinion on what he saw. I value is opinion very much, here it is:

"Hi Gerrit, Rock Hill I enjoyed very much. Lots of people and the racing was quite good. The organizers did a great job with the show. For myself I don't like how the riders are hiding out and you never see them. I can't say what bike anyone was riding. How do bike companies get their money's worth by sponsoring anyone? I would like to see, as the tracks are pretty much the same now, maybe a 3rd. straight instead of a rhythm section. Out of the 2nd. turn a set of doubles as it is, but in the middle of this straight just 1 big jump that is steep and tall. Then a set of doubles into the last corner, as it is now. Watching  the races it would be nice to see riders have to use there pedaling power to pass some. I think Maris possible could have still made the semi, if he could have used his power and not have to go at the same speed through the rhythm section.  I think it would be nice for the riders to have a chance to show how fast they can go. Might be interesting.

I have to say I was worried about how I would feel watching and having no real reason to be there. I had a different feeling at Chula and the HOF. I have to say I am very glad I went and would do it again.These are my thoughts Gerrit. Cheers Greg".

The 2017 UCI BMX World Championships Rock Hill results.
Elite Men: 
1. Corben Sharrah (USA),  World Champion
2. Sylvain André (FRA)
3. Joris Daudet (FRA)

Elite Women:
1. Alise Post (USA),   World Champion
2. Caroline Buchanan (AUS)
3. Mariana Pajon (COL)

Junior Men:
1. Cedric Butti (SUI),    World Champion
2. Kevin van de Groenendaal (NED)
3. Mikus Strazdins (LAT)

Junior Women:
1. Bethany Shriever (GBR),    World Champion
2.Saya Sakakibara (AUS)
3. Vineta Petersone (LAT)

Overall conclusion on the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships at Rock Hill, SC - USA.
As you can read, I did not make too many notes at all. So overall and so far this can be called a very succesful UCI World Championship and Challenge event that washed away the memories of the 2001 Louisville edition completely. Congratulations all involved. On a scale  from 0 till 10, I award the Rock Hill Worlds organisation a nine 9. Perfect is impossible in BMX, organization wise. This was the best ever event I have seen on USA soil. A new trend has been set, on to the 2020 UCI BMX Worldchampionships and Challenge events in Houston - USA.  

Opinion, figures etc. on the UCI BMX Worlds in Rock Hill by..........
The Herald | HeraldOnline.comThe Herald | HeraldOnline.comNEWSSPORTS

How much money did BMX World Championships make for Rock Hill? 2:01 Rock Hill economic officials estimate that the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships held in July generated $19.2 million in direct economic impact. The event attracted 3,700 riders from 48 countries. David Thackham How much money did the BMX championships bring to Rock Hill?  BY DAVID THACKHAM
AUGUST 15, 2017 11:45 AM

ROCK HILL Rock Hill officials estimate that hosting the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships generated around $19.2 million for this area. The event, held in late July, far exceeded the expectation of $13 million that officials had been touting for months. John Taylor, the city’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director, said the number inflates to $29 million when accounting for national and international airfare in and out of the greater Charlotte area. “We were very happy about what it did economically for the community,” Taylor said. “But I think the biggest thing about the event was that the whole community bought in. People were proud to be Rock Hillians, and show it off to the world.”

Taylor said the economic numbers are created by a series of in-depth surveys with consumers, digging into information such as food, lodging and transportation expenses. The international event attracted nearly 20,000 people, while projected cumulative attendance for the week from multi-day admissions is estimated around 50,000-55,000, according to the PRT study. Officials say around 3,700 riders from 48 countries flocked to Rock Hill for the championships. Taylor says the event has broken BMX records.

A webcast of the challenge races July 25-28 broke viewership records with more than 500,000 views, making them the highest-viewed challenge races in BMX World Championships history. City manager David Vehaun told the Rock Hill City Council Monday night that UCI officials complimented Rock Hill on its management of the event, which took three years to plan. “They called it the best they’ve ever had,” Vehaun said. “John (Taylor) and his staff at PRT once again proved they are the best in the world. There’s really no other way to say it."  Rock Hill won its bid to host the championships two months before the city’s BMX Supercross Track opened in the Riverwalk community. This was the first time the event has been held in the United States since 2001 (Louisville, Ky.).
Cheers, David Thackham: 803-329-4066, @dthackham

Read more here:

The reaction on the above came from me, Gerrit Does. Read on......... 

Gerrit Does:  O.K., next question, what has been the total COST organizing this Worlds ? I mean TOTAL cost, so also incl. fees/rights USA BMX, UCI, buidling the track etc.etc.etc., O.K., next question, what has been the total COST organizing this Worlds ? I mean TOTAL cost, so also incl. fees/rights USA BMX, UCI, buidling the track etc.etc.etc.,

Fifteen:  The UCI costs to get the event are in one if the UCI documents, I'll try dig them out.

Fifteen:  Gerrit Does - Here are the costs from the UCI to get the event: "The UCI proposes business models that can adapt to the local economic environment. Transparency and flexibility are key elements in the relations between the UCI and the organisers.THE UCI REQUESTS THE FOLLOWING FEES:Hosting fees: CHF 450,000 The fees include 50% of the marketing rights Optional Marketing fees: CHF 100,000 for 10% of additional marketing rightsTELEVISION PRODUCTION Television production is at the cost of the organiser. The UCI owns the worldwide media rights.BIDDING FEES For each bid submitted to host the UCI BMX World Championships, the Organising Committee shall pay the sum of CHF 20,000 This amount shall cover in particular the costs of the visits made by UCI representatives, as well as the costs of evaluating and processing the bid.BANK GUARANTEE A bank guarantee equivalent to 20% of the contract amount will be requested 60 days after the awarding of the event and will remain in place until 180 days after the last day of the Championships.CONTRACT SIGNATURE The contract has to be signed by the city or the region where the event will be organised. The Organising Committee and/or the National Federation may also co-sign the contract."

Gerrit Does:  Thanks "Fifteen"  and hè....... interesting or what. It's all about the money in our modern BMX world! Quess what, I / we organized the IBMXF WORLDS in 1983, total cost of that event around 75.000 gulders, that's  about 35.000 euro's !!!!!! Times have changed for sure.

Denny Case:  Building the track did cost around 7,000,000 dollar......

Fifteen:  The track wasn't built just for the Worlds, awesome facility though ?

Denny Case: That was also the case with the Ponypark Slagharen track. No, but it had a lot to do with being allocated the UCI Worlds. The City does a great job maintaining it and having Mike King running it doesn't hurt either. I'm lucky to be a local at this fine track.

August 3rd. Former FIAC World Champ, Juanma Montero of Spain, visited Gerrit Does.

Former 1985 FIAC BMX World Champion, which Worlds took place in Pineta di Jesolo in Italy, was spending his vacation in Holland, close by where I live. Juanma Montero and family called on me and wanted to visit. On August 3rd., on their way home, we spent some time together and talk history and present. Good times. It is a great feeling, meeting people again after 32 + years and see and hear how they are doing. All the best Juanma and and family, hope to meet you again on your ext visit to Holland.

Here the reaction I received from Juanma Montero in his mother language:

Juanma Montero
6 augustus om 10:13

Un honor y un placer poder encontrarme con Gerrit Does en Holanda, el "padre" del BMX en Europa, fundador de la IBMXF y creador de la web University of BMX. Lástima no haber podido asistir al encuentro internacional que organizó Gerrit en 2014 en el que gracias a Joan Albert Redondo, salió mi nombre como invitado, ¡te debo una, Joan Albert! Por fin pudimos ponernos conocernos personalmente! Además de toda una celebridad he de decir que es un tipo encantador.

x img 5980 2 x img 5982 2

September 1st-3rd., Australian news, the Hurstbridge 2017 BMX Show & Shine - Melbourne took place.

Through my dear Austrialn friend Frank Iglo, I received the following information an pictures about the Hurstbridge 2017 BMX Show & Shine event in Melbourne, were Bob Haro was the guest of honour. The organiser of this event, Glenn Ballinger, owner of Bicycle Works, did put on a very succecfull and great event. Here some comments of Frank Iglio on this show.

Hi Gerrit,
How are you? Last weekend I attended the Hurstbridge 2017 BMX Show & Shine in Melbourne. It was a fun and very successful weekend of BMX. The weekend consisted of a Friday night dinner with Bob Haro, a Saturday ride through the city streets of Melbourne and a Show & Shine on the Sunday. The ride had a great turnout, close to 100 bikes! It was a very interactive for all ages.

On the Sunday, the weather was not on our side, it was raining. However, the organisers did a good job of re-locating the show to an indoor stadium. It was jammed packed and still a huge turnout. There was a turnout of at least 800 BMX bikes. I represented SIDEKICK-BMX, with show stands for sale on the day. I had a very positive response and sold out of stands within the first few hours.

See attached some photos from the weekend. Hope all is well. Speak soon. Regards, Frank Iglio

hurstb. sept. 001 2 hurstb.sept. show 005 5 006 5 020 aussie old school stuff 021 more aussie old school stuff hurstbr.sept.show019 hurstb.sept. 018 aussie old school show hurstb. sept. frank and bob 003 5 hurstb.sept. city ride 007 4

Last picture from the Hurstbridge event in Melbourne is of Bob Haro at the end of the BMX ride. This was great fun. (All pictures courtesy of Frank Iglio).

hurstb. sept. bob 002 5


To be translated soon !

Sportparticipatie: Minder clubs, minder leden
september 19, 2017

NOC*NSF geeft aan dat het aantal sportverenigingen is gedaald, en dat er minder mensen zijn aangesloten bij sportverenigingen van de aangesloten sportbonden. Het persbericht geeft aan dat er zo’n 15.000 minder leden zijn dan in 2015. In 2014 hadden de clubs nog zo’n 5,3 miljoen leden, in 2016 stokte de teller op 5.276.778. Tennis (-16.000) heeft de meeste actieve leden verloren, terwijl Squash maar liefst 25% van het ledenbestand inleverde. Ook wandelen en sportvissen zijn minder populair geworden. Dat kan niet gezegd worden van boksen en turnen (+5810) opvallend gestegen. Ook voetbal (+4481) en golf (+3755) blijven nieuwe leden trekken.

Tevens is het aantal sportclubs met 9% is gedaald tov 2008. Ten opzichte van 2015 zijn er 123 minder sportverenigingen. Er zijn er nu nog 24.546 geregistreerd via de sportbonden die zijn aangesloten bij NOC*NSF. De tendens van de laatste jaren zet zich voort: een langzame afname van clubs en leden.

Vooral kinderen zijn lid van een sportvereniging. 80 procent van de kinderen tussen de 10 en de 14 jaar heeft een lidmaatschap. Tijdens de puberteit zeggen veel kinderen dat lidmaatschap af, bij jongeren tussen de 20 en 24 is nog zo’n 30 procent lid van een sportvereniging. Dat percentage blijft hangen tussen de 20 en 30 procent tot de leeftijdscategorie 70 tot en met 74. Dan neemt het aantal mensen dat sport, snel af. Mannen zijn in alle leeftijdscategorieën vaker lid van een sportvereniging dan vrouwen.

October 13th - 15th., more Australian News..... the Supershow "SHINE" Melbourne took place.

Another great show of BMX bikes was organised, this time by Mark Tawaf and former USA Pro rider Perry Kramer was the guest of honour this time. Again my dear friend Frank Iglio kept me updated on what happened during that weekend.

Hi Gerrit,
How are you? As you know I attended the Melbourne Super Show & Shine early September 2017. This time I went to the "Supershow - SINE- Melbourne", were Perry Kramer was the guest of honour. It was a really good event too. I flew in on the Saturday morning, unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Friday night Dinner show or the Saturday bike ride, but made it to the main event which was on the Sunday.

The event was located at the Old School BMX Store, owned by Mark Tawaf. There were lots of amazing bikes, and a great group of BMX enthusiasts. Once again it gave great exposure to my Sidekick BMX Stands as well, and made good sales on the day.

Perry Kramer is a great guy!, and a very likable person. I was lucky enough to be invited to hang out on the Saturday and Sunday night with Perry, with a few of Marks close friends. I mentioned to Perry that we knew each other, and I said hello from you. Perry also said to say Hi.

Here are some photos I took from the show. Feel free to use any of them and share. Hope all is well, speak soon. Frank.

1. old school bmx store 001 4 2. perry kramer quest of honour at sine 003 6 3. pk and friends 004 6

4. frank iglio mark tawaf and pk 006 6 5. just some bmx stuff at the store 012 2 6. professional bmx stands by sidekick bmx stands015 2 7. supershow sine melbourne 002 6 8. need some grips 011 2 9. o boy what great machines 017 1 10. bmx bikes 024 11. more bmx bikes 023 12. much more bmx bikes 022 13. range of pk bikes 009 2 14. pk signing pictures and stuff 21 1 15. the candy store at the old school bmx stoe 014 2

Last picture from the Supershow - SHINE - Melbourne by the Old School BMX Store. Seen here guest of houner Perry Kramer singning an SE frame tube. Again here, pictures courtesy of Frank Iglio.

16. pk working on an se 008 4

November 8th. - 12th, the 1st. UCI Urban Cycling World Championships, Chengdu -China.

The UCI becomes bigger at the Olympic level, new exciting moments coming up. Also the event on November 8 through 12th. is new.........Looking forward to our 1st. UCI Urban Cyling World Championships which event includes Bicycle Trials, BMX Freestyle Park and MTB Eliminator as formats. This 1st event will take place in Chengdu - China.

December 1st. - 3rd., the RADelaide 2017 bicycle show, Adelaide - Australia.

Through my contact in Australia, Frank Iglio of SIDEKICK BMX stands, I was informed about some more news on another bicycle show.

Here Frank's report:
"Hi Gerrit, here is a little more info on the last BMX show for 2017 in Australia. The event was called RADelaide, located in Adelaide, South Australia. The event was spread over the first week in December, with special guests Eddy Fiola, Bill Allan and Kïd Fruhmann coming out from the USA.

The 3 main events were:
1st. December -  "The KING Cometh ". A night with Eddie Fiola & Bill Allen". This was on the Friday night. A sit-down dinner followed by the screening of the movie RAD. Bill and Eddie gave special commentary with a detailed insight on what happened behind the scenes. There were lots of signing of merchandise and free give-aways throughout the night. A local guy called David Gartland made a special themed guitar for Eddie and straight swapped him for his EF Performer 20’’ BMX. The themed guitar was based on the design of the first generation GT Performer. There were approximately 70 people that attended the dinner. It was a fantastic night and all who attended got to mingle with fellow BMX enthusiasts.

2nd. December - RADelaide Show & Shine. This was the main event on the Saturday, where the public could display their own BMX bikes. There were judges and awards given out to the best bike for each category. A raffle bike was also put together from parts donated from the Forty1Thirty group. It was raffled off at the end of the day. All the money raised went to charity. During the day Eddie Viola rode the local skate park and showed off many of his tricks. The event was a huge success - a credit to Jon Moore and all the sponsors, SIDEKICK-BMX being one of them. At the end of the day everybody got together and enjoyed a yarn about the good old days of BMX!

3rd. December - Bill & Ed’s Excellent Adventure Ride took place on Sunday 11am, down at Glenelg beach in Adelaide. The ride started at Boomers café and headed to the West Beach skate park. Once again Eddie Viola performed on the local bowls and half pipe. It was a very relaxed day and a great mix of all ages.

Following on from the Adelaide event. Eddie, Bill, and Kid went on to travel to Melbourne and Sydney to share some time with more BMX enthusiasts. They then made their way to New Zealand for the NOS BMX show, before returning back to the USA. Hope this gives an insight to what is going on down here in Australia, the old school BMX scene is strong and we look forward to 2018.  Kind Regards, Frank Iglio".

Pictures courtesy of Frank Iglio and Flickr Photography, an impression of the events:

1. radelaide show en shine 175137 n 2. guest of honour eddie viola 1420807 n 3. bmx show en shine 29389 n 4. radelaide show 210072 n 5. bmx show en shine 802070 n 6. radelaide show 9535 n 7. samen film kijken 9007 n 8. een vergulde gt radelaide 71143 n 9. the specs of this gt 7657 n 10. more bmx show and shine stuff 589677 11. a modern bmx bike 5719375 n 12. some haro bikes at radelaide 86244515 n 13. special item gt frame made into gitar radelaide 755033 n 14. gt frame into gitar 7249237 n 15. gt frame now a gitar 61560674 n 16. backside of gt gitaar frame 14816 n 17. gt gitar 29100869 n 18. show and shine overlook at radelaide 2699 o 19. redline radelaide 1037637 n 20. cw at radelaide 82266 n 21. robinson at radelaide 086036 n 22. morales bike 3186027 n 23. gt show and shine bike 598866 n 24. radelaide hutch 1058439 n 25. the radelaide sjow and shine trophies 103020 o 26. 66474756 n 27. 46399528 n 28. 119448 n 29. 204125 o 30. 63008 o


Year 2018

In this year, 2018, we celebrate that the sport of BMX - Bicycle Moto-Cross - was introduced in Holland and became an official registered sport in th same year, now 40 years ago. Records show that the S.F.N. - Stichting Fietscross Nederland, was the first officialy registered BMX orgnisation, not only in Holland but also in Europe. For that reason one can see that BMX also celebrates its 40th anniversary in Europe as a whole.
Only 4 years after the Americans started to officialy organize BMX nationwide in 1974 (by the NBA and the NBL) and in 1978 (by the ABA, now USA BMX). Within 40 years, BMX developed from a sport just having fun immitating motorcycle moto-cross stars into an Olympic discipline in the highest performance classes, Elite women and men.

image002 bmx 40 jaar 2018

This is not the way I wanted to start the new year, but I have to inform you about the passing of 2 dear friends, who also ment a lot to BMX at a National ánd international level. I am sorry to tell you the mr. Don Hutelin - USA and Mr. Dieter Schadowski - Germany passed away in the first 14 days of this year 2018. Here some more information.

January 8th., a message came in about the passing of long time friend in BMX, Don Hutelin - USA.

I am so sorry to read about the passing of long time friend, Don Hutelin. Don passed away on January 8th. at his home. Don had reached to age of 82 years. Our condolances go out to Sarah and Bonnie, John and their families. Here a short note by Bonnie Marsden-Hutelin about the passing of her Dad.

"I started this fund with the passing of my dad Don Hutelin. My dad passed away in his home on January 8, 2018 at 82 years old. He is survived by my mom Sarah Hutelin of 58 years. As a young kid, my mom and dad supported my brother John and I heavily in BMX racing for our entire childhood. They gave up every weekend to take us racing. As a family, we traveled the country, made life long friends and became successful adults.

With my dad passing everyone is asking what can I do for u. Since Bmx is in our blood and is our passion (my mom and dad included) it only seems right to give back to our Bmx family. I would love to give other kids the the opportunity to be a part of this awesome family sport. So In lieu of flowers, please donate a small portion for me to help future bmx’ers. Thank u for all the kind words on Facebook. We are truley grateful.!! With Love, Bonnie Hutelin Marsden."

2018 8 1 don hutelin 608653 n

Note Gerrit Does:

It was some time in 1980 that I came in contact with Don Hutelin, through George E. Esser, at the time the MCS - ceo and President of the National Bicycle League - USA. BMX was the reason I got in contact with the NBL and George Esser in the first place and through George with Don. In the years to come I did spent at least twice a year time in Florida to orientate myself on BMX (organisation wise). Several times I was a guest at Don's house, for which hospitality by the Hutelin's I am / we are still grateful. We, Don and I, had also a mutual friend from Japan, Mr. Tadashi Inoue. Don's son John, stayed at our house in Holland in the '80 s and together we travelled Europe with my family and John. All good memories. Don, thanks for all and I hope you, and believe, have now found peace. R.I.P. Don Hutelin.

2018 8 1 don hutelin 12254 n 1981 don green ft. lauderdale scannen0015

January 8th., Olympic silver medalist in BMX, Jelle van Gorkum, crashed hard at the Papendal track in Holland.

story will follow....


January 14th., another sad message came in about the passing of dear friend in BMX, Dieter Schadowski - Germany.

2018 252209 n

Dieter's son, old school BMX'er and long time friend, Rainer Schadowski, did write the following message on facebook:

" Liebe Freunde,
mein lieber Paps und bester Kumpel, Dieter Schadowski, Familienoberhaupt, Ehemann, Vater, Schwiegervater, Bruder, Onkel, Opa, Papiermaschinen-Ingenieur, Bike Shop Inhaber, mein BMX Hauptsponsor, Team Manager und Old School Bike Sammler ist heute von uns gegangen.
*02.10.39  + 14.01.18

Wir sehen uns wieder ! "
" Dear friends,
My beloved Dad and best buddy, Dieter Schadowski, head of the family, husband, father, father in law, brother, uncle, grandpa, paper-machine engineer, bike shop owner, my main BMX sponsor, Team Manager and Old School bike collector has passed away today.
*10-02-39  +  01-14-18

We'll meet again ! "

Note Gerrit Does:
First of all our condolances go out to Dieter's wife Elisabeth and ofcourse Rainer and his family. Although expected, when it finaly happens, it's always a shock moment. We do wish you all much strength to cope with this loss.

Personaly I know the Schadowski family (father and son) for over 35 years and ofcourse through BMX. Rainer and I together with 2 "powder puffs" from Holland, travelled to the Murray World Cup in the '80s and since then we were in close contact with Dieter and his son Rainer for years. Dieter was a remarkable man and had his opinion about the sport of BMX. As a hobby, Dieter had his BMX shop with old skool part, bikes, uniforms etc. that was kind of unique. Several times he has been one of the main European collectors being present with quality restored BMX bikes at BMX shows, a couple of which I organised myself. His enthousiasm for old skool stuff was remarkable.


I think it was 2 or 3 years ago that I met with Dieter and many other German old skool riders, during the Reunion in Weiterstadt, for the last time. We had a great time. I will remember Dieter for his motivating talks and enthousiasm for old skool BMX in general and products specialy. You will be missed dearly by many, R.I.P. old friend Dieter!

2018 14 1 23684 n 2018 14 1 dieter n 2018 14 1 dieter schadowski 419465 n


January 26th - 28th. Special event called "Avignon Velo Passion Vaucluse" - France

2018 avignon event 78912 o 

This event was organized by pioneer old school BMX'er Christophe Vico. This weekend event included a demo Race of Pros on an indoor BMX track, an Old School Expo, a BMX Freestyle (Flatland) event and several side events. The event was a great success.

2018 christophe vico organiser 6002718 n2018 bmx os exhibition 583231 o2018 affiche 8693178 n

Some more pictures just to give you all an idea about the event.

2018 os exhibition 48341038 n2018 french old school bmx pros 815924 n 12018 presenetation of os french pros 92553285 n

Now some picture of the BMX track at the Avignon event. The design, the building of the track and the starting gate with French Old School Pro's ready to race.

2018 the indoor track design for avignon 2557806 n2018 this is how the track actualy looked will building 9972212 n2018 franch os pros on the gate 1760099 n

Also some BMX Freestyle action took place by old school riders and first BMX bikes were shown.

2018 freestyle action 6474685 n2018 bmx freestyle 9703277 n2018 real old school bmx bike 251981 n

Here an American made BMX brand, Mongoose as well as a European made BMX brand, Motobecane. The side-car class always had something special to it.

2018 mongoose 70116813 n2018 motobecane 0996008 n2018 os side cars 12632984 n

To finish this report of a very succesfull event in Cavignon, some more ad random pictures.

27066930 10215617656300222 5756889195369281571 n26992672 10215617655300197 5736322595399824355 n27067595 2070470542980194 8013438348570478344 n


May 9th., Dale Holmes did write this article on facebook on the World Cup 1995

Facebook © 2018

Dale Holmes:
The first official UCI BMX World Cup and pilot event came in 1995 in Brighton, England. Gerrit Does, known as the God Father of European BMX, was the man behind the series along with the support of the UCI.
For the first time, transponders / timers were used and they also added a MTB race that consisted of 2 laps of the BMX track (the same day as the Elite racing) meaning we ran a two-lap qualifying MTB race during the Elite Moto's followed by Elite 1/8th, quarters and semis, final for the MTB (2 laps again) a short break then back on the gate for the Elite main. There were a lot of laps for the day but the prize money was good so the majority of us raced both. Todd Lyons (Haro) won the MTB race with myself (GT) coming in 2nd and Jamie Staff (Webco) 3rd. Elite was Jamie Staff 1st myself 2nd and Wilco Groenendaal in 3rd.

The event had a King of Dirt. GT brought in their Freestyle Show and ran demos trackside and downtown Brighton and the event was broadcasted all over Europe on Euro Sport TV.

Redbull, UGP & GT were sponsors for the event and after the racing a presentation took place trackside at a marquee tent. The drinks started flowing and things got out of hand with drunken riders climbing the roof of the tent resulting in it collapsing.  Simon Tabron, Jason Davis, Rob Indri, Todd Lyons, The Murray brothers just to list a few culprits that were seen on the roof before the collapse. A good ending to a little World Cup history. Everything new in this concept came from the UCI Project Manager World Cup Series, Gerrit Does.

1995 wworld cup dale holmes 33760 n kopie

We’re in the beginning of trying to get a bmx track in Brighton again. A more suitable location this time.  I’ll share this to our Brighton bmx club page as it’s a wonderful bit of history. ?

Some reactions of many on this article:
-Todd Lyons I smoked you that day.???
-Marco Dellisola Drank WAY too much Red Bull that weekend!! It was new back then!
-Manda Hempstock Unforgettable weekend. ?



May 18th-19th., the Ernie Alexander's N.B.A. Reunion & Bike Show took place at St. Chatsworth - Cal.  USA.

2018 amy 18 19 ernie 2464 o

This event was a great success. Plans are already there for a 2019 Reunion & Bike Show. Here a series of pictures to give you all an impression on the NBA Reunion.

nba reunion grounds 20832 nnba reunion air view 3041024 nnba reunion grounds air view 523456 n

card bike show nba 710400 nbike show 90080 onba runion bike show top row 786112 o

Pioneers of BMX ............................

nba prize bike show 224512 nnba reunion 7955200 npk roaster 35712 n

ernie 01376 nnba roast crowd 41856 nstu 9905920 n

ba mike red baron david 877184 nbob haro and friends nba reunion 630272 onba 2018 reunion 949952 n

nba heros 63520 nnba riders 86880 nnbas ernie speaking 52992 n



June 1st., a press-release on a book about Rochard Long - GT Bicycles.

Doug Martin‎ talks about a unique book about Richard Long, Original GT Bicycles Co-Founder.   ALL: As earlier eluded to by Chris Long, Wanda Long and family, we are happy to share the details of a now formally commissioned book on Richard. The project is designed to tell the story of his life, times and the company he built with co-founding partner, Gary Turner. Below is the press release which went out today. Please feel free to share and promote within your own networks and circles. We will keep this group updated as related news happens.

The Story of Richard Long and GT Bicycles Commissioned and Underway -- Noted Author and Southern California based Journalist Roy M. Wallack to pen book on GT Co-Founder and Industry Visionary

Orange County, CA (June 1, 2018) – The family of Richard Long, original co-founder of GT Bicycles, is pleased to announce that they are moving forward with a book dedicated to Richard’s life and the story of GT from its very beginning through the time of his premature death in 1996. Long was killed in a motorcycle accident while driving to Big Bear, CA for a NORBA National, just one week prior to the opening ceremonies of the Atlanta Olympic Games. He was 46.

The project, driven by Richard’s wife Wanda and son Chris, is designed to cover the era and circumstances that lead to the first serendipitous meeting between Richard and Gary Turner (the “GT” in GT), through their rise as a BMX dynasty, MTB pioneers and USA Cycling and U.S. Olympic Team suppliers.

Local Orange County journalist Roy M. Wallack, perhaps best known for his long-time work with the LA Times and as an accomplished cycling freelance writer and author of the bestseller Bike for Life: How to Ride To 100, has been commissioned to write the book and has already begun his preliminary research. The timeline is still susceptible to change, but currently the book is targeted for completion by fall of 2019.

“Richard’s story has been a goal of ours for some time,” says Wanda Long, “and we are thrilled to see it finally in motion. He was so remarkable and being able to share his backstory, and that of GT’s humble beginnings all the way through the soaring growth years of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s is something our family is thrilled about. We expect this to be much more than just a bicycle company story and believe Roy (Wallack) will be able to capture all of the magic that went into this very special time and place.”

“I was around during GT’s rise to greatness and I am aware of its impact on the sport, business and industry,” Wallack states. “Even still, after meeting with the Long family and several longtime employees, including Todd Huffman and Doug Martin, both of whom worked directly with Richard, it is evident what a special man Richard was and how so much of what GT accomplished boiled down to his ability to inspire others and will things to happen. Having spent my career writing mainly about the bike world, this project is hugely inspirational to me, and it is our collective goal to give Richard, the company he built and the bike industry the attention it deserves.”

A number of past GT executives, employees, vendors, athletes, and customers have already been contacted with more expected as the outline and draft(s) continue. END OF RELEASE.

richard long r.i.p. 7313024 o Richard Long.

Here a few reactions:

Woody Itson:  Richard was awesome and I owe him a lot. He gave me free reign to do as I needed during my tenure at GT and I’m in the position I am today largely because of that.

James Mickey Daily:  Doug Martin, do you realize the pic next to your name is from the Frank Zappa Album: Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch?  Totally cool....

Penny Westman:  I could not be happier about this book. I miss my wonderful GT Family. What a Ride!

Monique De Bruijn (NED):  I think it’s gonna be a story with lots of memories. Richard was several times in the Netherlands and also visited our bmx shop in Eindhoven. At that time I was sponsored by GT and together with another GT rider Jean Pierre van Hoof I was invited to visit the GT factory in Sant Ana.  We had a wonderfull time there and went home with lots of new stuff.At that time we didn’t earn money with bmx so we where very happy with the sponsored materials and clothing we received every year ?.  After one week we flew home with a big smile and much nice impressions of the GT Family ? Greatz,Turbo Monique

Russ Cooper:  Cannot wait to see the final story. Lots of memories going to the Riteway warehouses and riding GT bikes as they were our #1 line through the 90s. I have fond memories of attending bmx nationals and seeing GT owning the races. Same with mtb races. We have a titanium GT road bike in for service now that was bought from us 20 years ago and still going strong.

Penny Westman:  I could not be happier about this book. I miss my wonderful GT Family. What a Ride!

June 2nd. the 2nd BMX Reunion Andorra - Spain took place.

As in many other countries across Europe and in the World, also in Spain Reunions take place of pioneer BMX racers, officials and others. For the 2nd. time now, the Reunion Andorra - Spain of former members of the Amics del Bici Cross, started by Juan Ventura (r.i.p.) and first affiliate in Spain of the I.BMX.F., took place at Circuit BMX 'd Arinsal. To give you all an impression, here a series of pictures on this event.

2918 2e reunie andorra 2 juni 18 10496 o34189463 2255962637762123 82957641214590976 omemorebilia 921856 n



2018 juan alber redondo 4606464 n2nd reunion andorra 157888 n2018 amics del bici cross 99936 n


2018 andorra reunion 11104 n2018 andorra stories are told 519296 o2018 palau de plegamans shirt 64000 n


ols school bmx bikes 1767424 oshowing off 3787264 othruster 37504 n


a bit bigger then 40 years ago 4608 nchecking out os stuff 1267072 oenjoying this reunion 96544 n


friends in bmx 7943680 ogetting bbq ready 546053120 ngetting used to the bike again 781120 o

On the far right picture, the blue BMX bike is an original BH bike, made in Spain. At the time Brian Montgomery (r.i.p.) worked for BH and helped promoting BMX in Spain.

powder puffs 74464 nold skoolers spain 664128 oshowing off equipment 4791424 n


music meastro 606912 ospanish girl power 1163264 nspecial stuff 903744 n


2018 andorra reunion 2 4118528 olady power 92032 ojoan albert redondo 989760 o

See you all at the next Reunion in Spain. 


June 3rd - 9th., the UCI BMX World Championships took take place in Baku - Azerbaijan.

2018 uci bmx wk azerbaijan 967935 n

Overview on the UCI BMX World Championship track in Baku. These pictures courtesy of Marco Dellisola (GBR).

2018 baku 1840 n2018 baku 75296 n2018 baku 86848 n  

In  Baku 40 countries were repesented with in total 1263 entries in the CHALLENGE classes and...  entries in the CHAMPIONSHIP classes. Here a schedule mentioning all participating countries and classes with its entries......

2018 wk baku 0703 193755thumb 2018 wk baku 0703 scannen0003


Results in Elite en Junior classes Men and Women:

a elite men wk 10592 nb elite women wk 25984 n

Elite Men results:
1. Sylvain Andre   FRA  - World Champion.
2. Joris Daudet   FRA
3. Anderson Filho   BRA 
4. Joris Harmsen   NED
5. Corben Sharrah   USA
6. Kyle Evans   GBR
7. David Graf   SUI
8. Dave van der Burg   NED

Elite Women results:
1. Laura Smulders   NED - World Champ
2. Merel Smulders   NED
3. Judy Baauw   NED
4. Natalie Afremova   RUS
5. Simone Christensen   DEN
6. Saya Skakibara    AUS
7. Alice Willoughby   USA
8. Brooke Crain   USA

c junior men wk 8256 nd junior women wk 20544 n

Results Junior Men:
1. Leo Gardyan   FRA - World Champ
2. Juan Ramirez   COL
3. Ignasio Molina   CHI
4. Emilio De La Fuente   ARG
5. Ross Cullen   GBR
6. Kye Affoo   AUS
7. Ian van Heugten   NED
8. Carlos Zuluaga   COL

Results Junior Women: 
1. Indy Scheepers   NED - World Champ
2. Zoe Claessens   SUI
3. Gabriele Bolle   COL
4. Varvare Ovchinnikova   RUS
5. Stephani Moran   USA
6. Emma Jouteau   FRA
7. Leila Henry   CAN

Here the overall MEDAL COUNT (Challenge and Championship classes) of the 2018 UCI BMX World Championship in Baku 

i 2018 medaille spiegel wk bmx 65088 n


July 13 thr 15th., the UEC European BMX Challenge and Junior (men/women) Championships took place in Sarrians - France.

The 2018 edition of the BMX Junior and Challenge European Championships held last weekend in Sarrians (France) were a great success. 1,716 riders took part in this continental event which was raced on a new track opened last April and provided us with three days of top level technical skill.

ek bmx 2018 junior women dba33 1

In the Junior category, the current World Champions triumphed in the two races: the Dutch rider Indy Scheepers and the French rider Leo Garoyan.

In the Women’s events, Scheepers won a fiercely fought battle in the final beating Eliska Bartunkova (Czech Republic) and the French rider Charlotte Morot, adding to her wins this season the European Champion jersey following her world title win just over a month ago.

In the Men’s races, great day for the French who occupied three places on the podium on 14 July and also had eight riders qualifying for the final. It was Leo Garroyan, BMX Sarrians club member, reigning World and National Champion who took first place. Watched by his fans, he beat his fellow countrymen Dylan Gobert and Hugo Marszalek.

The Elite European Championships will take place in Glasgow (Great Britain) on 10 and 11 August.

Participating countries and number of Entries:
Austria     11 entries
Belgium     164 entries
Belarus     5 entries
Czech Republic     25 entries
Denmark     55 entries
Spain     69 entries
Estonia     5 entries
Finland     2 entries
France     737 entries
Great Britain     122 entries
Germany     40 entries
Ireland     8 entries
Italia     58 entries
Latvia     65 entries
Lithuania     4 entries
Netherlands     229 entries
Norway     1 entry
Poland     3 entries
Portugal     9 entries
Russian Federation     11 entries
Slovenia     7 entries
San Marino     2 entries
Switzerland     72 entries
Slovakia     6 entries
Sweden     9 entries
Ukraine     5 entries

Total of 27 countries represented 

July 20th., the 1st ever Australian BMX Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on the Gold Coast in Australia.

February 23rd.  2018 a press-release was issued by former World Champion BMX from Australia, Cameron Mittchell. This is what that release did tell us:

Australian BMX Hall of Fame awards diner.
Long time coming.. the very first Aussie BMX HOF awards dinner is locked in and will be on the Gold Coast. Please jump online and book a ticket and be apart of history. If you would like to become a sponsor then DM Cameron Mitchell or Sharon Mitchell or myself.  Spread the word and share this with everyone!

Bruce Morris
Steven Cassap
Steve Ewart
Phillip Weatherley
Michael Nieland
Craig Fisher
Trent Todd
Anthony Howie Waye

Australian BMX Museum
23 februari ·
Tickets are now on sale for the inaugural Australian BMX Hall Of Fame Awards Gala Dinner. Come and join us on the Gold Coast, July 20th to celebrate some of the biggest names in Australian BMX History. This is the night-of-nights for Australian BMX.  Special Guest Speaker, exclusive ticket holder memorabilia, charity auction and door prizes on the night. We look forward to your company. Tickets are limited. Tables of 10 available. Follow the link below to purchase tickets.

Australian BMX Hall Of Fame - Home
The Australian BMX Hall Of Fame - The Official home of Australia's finest BMX talent.

2018 aussie h o f 71104 o 

A report on the actual event will be posted after July 20th. 2018. Check it out later ! 


July 27th., to be translated soon.....

NOC*NSF ziet minder leden, maar meer sporters
ARNHEM (ANP) - Het aantal mensen dat lid is van een sportclub is in 2017 licht gedaald. Sportkoepel NOC*NSF registreerde vorig jaar 5.194.000 lidmaatschappen, 44.000 minder dan in 2016. Ook het aantal sportverenigingen daalde met 676 naar 23.870. Het is een tendens die al enkele jaren zichtbaar is.

27 juli 2018 10:37
NOC*NSF ziet minder leden, maar meer sporters

Nederlanders zijn wel meer gaan sporten. Ongeveer 5 miljoen mensen doen dat buiten een sportclub om. Volgens de jaarcijfers van NOC*NSF sportte in 2017 64 procent van de Nederlanders minimaal één keer per week en dat is 3 procent meer dan in 2016. In absolute aantallen komt dat overeen met 10.115.000 mensen in de leeftijd van 5 tot en met 80 jaar.

De voetbalbond KNVB is nog altijd veruit de grootste bond met ruim 1,2 miljoen leden, ook al raakte de bond er 14.000 kwijt. Fitness is de meeste beoefende ongeorganiseerde sport in Nederland. Volgens de sportkoepel brachten in 2017 ruim 3 miljoen mensen geregeld een bezoek aan de sportschool.

Slecht 4 sporten zijn gegroeid in aantal leden t.w.  dart,.........


August 10th. and 11th. Glasgow, European Championships Elite Men and Women.

Story will follow.


August 14th., here a video on Alans BMX - RadBMX MK18 Tent Tour with pioneer BMX'er Alan Woods - GBR.    AlansBMX - RadBMX MK18 Tent Tour with Alan Woods.

An off the cuff walk around RadBMX MK18 with Alans Woods. Excuse the lighting and sound, this was as unorganized as it gets. Plenty of rad rides and people at MK18, bring on next year!  And that was Del at not oops. He is the man for all your Decal needs, hit him up!  Thanks so much to the Rad Army and everyone involved with organizing such an amazing event!

2018 alan woods 27993oBesides BMX, a now-a-days great hobby of Alan is moto-cross. That is the sport BMX originated from. So, in a way, back to the rutes and enjoying it.

If you need parts for your Oldschool build or anything to do with BMX check out   For all your BMX needs, be it Old School, New School, Mid School or anything go to or call us on 01942 826 598.  Alans BMX - the longest established UK BMX shop since 1981.

O.K.  and now check out the VIDEO:

Just a few reactions on FACEBOOK after people watched this video:
- Andy Ruffell:    Nice one Alan Woods! Really cool overview video from MK18. I learned a few things watching this LOL. Do more of this Alan Woods!
- Andy Irwin:    Awesome, learned a load there. Alan knows what he's talking about.
- Trevor Shanks:    Great video Alan. I didn’t realise that Wood Cycles was yours, I brought a load of bits for a bike I’ve just built, I also found this photo from a mag of me you racing when I raced for ACE , I’m not sure where it was, I thought I recognised your face, you are looking well and sure know your stuff, just a sham I couldn’t make it to MK we could have had a chat .
- ,,,,,,,,,  :    Nice to see you back on the track Alan
- Spencer Moon:   Love Alan,  he's forgotten more about bmx than most people know!  Alan knows the score
- Tony Fleming:   Cheers, pretty awesome to hear the history from a legend!
- Denny King:    Great vid Alan. Very interesting details & a huge knowledge of BMX history
- MulletRecords:    The knowledge right there... superb vid! 
- Sean Smith:   Great job, Alan!
- Will Farrelly:   Epic knowledge and recollection 
- Spencer Moon:   He was fecking fast as well on the track. All round good egg always willing to do ye some good deals when ye go to the shop top job!

August 23rd. 2018, the Asian Games 2018 / BMX event took place in Jakarta - Indonesia.

It is very interesting to see how BMX is developing in Asia and more specific in Indonesia. Many years ago as General Secretary of I.BMX.F., I have been in contact with people involved in BMX in Indonesia in the early days ('80 s). This year the Asian Games 2018 did have BMX included. On August 23rd. BMX racing took place at the Jakarta International BMX track. Through my Japanese contact mr. Hiroshi Takahashi (old school BMX'er himself) I was able to gather the pictures below, to give you all an impression of the present status of BMX at the highest level in Indonesia.

Jakarta Palembang 2018 sanctioned by the Asian Cycling Confederation, affiliated to the UCI. Pictures courtesy of  Hiroshi Takahashi.

a 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99047b 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990418c 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99049

d 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990452e 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990423f 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990427 

g 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990414h 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990416i 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990426

j 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990430j 12018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990442k 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99044

k 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990411l 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990439m 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990450

o 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990428p 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990415q 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990429

q1 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99048r 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990448s 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990433


Hope to place race results of this race later here.......................

The presentation of awards ceremony shown in these pictures. Again..... courtesy of mr. Hiroshi Takahashi

1. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 9904472. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 9904383. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99045

4. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 9904245. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 9904256. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99046

7. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 9904328. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 9904469. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990453

10. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99044511. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 99043412. 2018 aug. asian games jakarta indonesia 990421


October 6th - 18th., the Youth Olympic Games - YOG, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 2018 summer YOG - Youth Olympic Games will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


December, just some statistics on participation in European Champiionships ánd Cup events.

Registrations European Championship:
2018  Sarrians (FRA)     1716 total                                                                          27 countries
2017  Bordeaux (FRA)   1740 total       217 championships      1523 Challenge     26 countries
2016  Verona (ITA)         1900 total       201 championships      1699 Challenge     21 countries
2015  Erp (NED              1458 total       203 championships      1255 Challenge     21 countries
2014  Roskilde (DEN)    1423 total       191 championships       1232 Challenge    21 countries
2013  Dessel (BEL)        1679 total       224 championships       1455 Challenge    24 countries

European Cup registrations: average per race
2018     971 riders per race
2017     732 riders per race
2016     959 riders per race
2015     733 riders per race
2014     588 riders per race
2013     507 riders per race

2018      45 teams registered
2017      39 teams registered
2016      42 teams registered
20 teams participated


History of BMX (2019-2020)

History of BMX, year 2019.

April 2019,    information received from the National Encyclopedia of Latvia concerning BMX (Bicycle Moto-Cross).

Just recently we did receive the underneath information one can find in the National Encyclopedia of Latvia, concerning the start and development of BMX in Latvia. Interesting read for sure.

First ever personal contact with mr. Janis Silins from Latvia visiting Waalre-Holland to learn more about BMX from former General Secretary and co-founder of the I.BMX.F. year 1987-1988, the start of something great for Latvia.

1987 janis silins 1e x in ned 51987 janis silins 1e x in ned 111987 janis silins 1e x in ned 8 oss

1988 race in oss again checking out the event procedures and so on scannen00821988 race in oss janis and gd with amev rider gerard heuver scannen00951988 slagharen the landmark of the park at the time scannen0094

2019 national archieves latvia 1 

2019 national archieves latvia 2

2019 national archieves latvia 3

July 11-14th. the UCI BMX European Championships in Valmiera - Latvia.

2019 bmx fotografie sanda tutere latviajpg2019 european championship valmiera latvia2019 uci bmx ek valmiera letland 1




July 24-27th, the UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder - Belgium.


August 30th, article to be completed after sept 26th.

Taken from fb page "Old School Classic and racing BMX 80s" by Henry Sarria.
Beheerder · 30 augustus om 15:52

History of BMX (2021-2022)


History of BMX, year 2021

Dear followers of this website. I have to tell you all that this year, 2021, will be the last year that I write about the History of BMX and other things concerning BMX in detail. I will update the site from time to time as interesting things happen.
I have been in BMX wordwide since I got involved in this great sport in 1974 and decided to finish up my activities in this year. I have reported on among others, the Olympic Games since the beginning in 2008, in 2012, 2016 and 2020 would have been the 4th. Olympics I should have written about. Due to a world wide pandamic...Covid-19, the 2020 Olympics were postponed and as it stand now, the Olympics will go on in 2021 in Japan. For me it's a good time to leave it up to the next generation to report and write about BMX world-wide developing from 2022 on.

There still is a lot to update on my website from the beginning up till 2022. I will continue that work with pleasure. Wishing you all the best for the future and enjoy reading the University of BMX website.
Cheers,  Gerrit Does

History of BMX (2023-2024)

History of BMX, year 2023

August 12 -13th., the UCI BMX World Championships in Glascow-Scotland took place.

2023 wk bmx glascow 15 8 3





Part of these UCI  World Championships in Glascow-Scotland also were the BMX Freestyle Worlds.

Here a series of pictures of the Womens BMX Freestyle - PARK Worlds to give you all an impression of how professional Women Freestyle has become.




August 18/19 & 20th.  the BOMD - France BMX event took place..... reliving the '70 s.

2023 BOMD event, France.


 Pictures places ad random.........

2023 bomd366068407 7378768298819776 4016848665223534685 n2023 transportation means




September 9-11th, The Frogtown Classic 2023 took place



November 11th., the 2nd. UK BMX Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place in Birmingham.

History of Dutch FX in the ’50s

As we all know, American BMX in its special form (20 inch bikes etc.) started in the late 1960 ‘s and early 1970's because of youngster imitating motorsport moto-cross stars. The bikes used at the time were the famous STINGRAY bikes, using 20 inch wheels. In the early '70 ‘s BMX became an organized sport in the USA (check the History of BMX on this site). As a matter of fact, although not know as BMX (Bicycle Moto-X), in Holland BX (Bicycle Cross, in Dutch "Fietscross") got off the ground in the mid 1950's and also here youngsters were imitating motorsport moto-cross stars from Holland, Belgium, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark etc.

HOLMES Dale (England)

Dale-Holmes2001 World Champion
1996 World Champion

1997 World Cup Winner

Dale Holmes on the right with Nico van DartelDale Holmes on the right with Nico van Dartel is one of Nico's favorite BMX websites


Dale Holmes on the right with Nico van Dartel ( is one of Nico's favorite BMX websites)

HOOGENDOORN Phil (Holland)

1986 World Champion
1985 World Champion
1984 World Champion
1984 World Champion (24")
1983 World Champion


Phil Hoogendoorn is the only BMX racer that up till today (year 2010, after that Elite cruiser classes seized to excist) did win a World title in 20" as well as in 24" class in one year (Japan 1984: Amateur Class 20 and 24 inch).

Finished career in 1994.

JARVIS Malcom (England)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with Alan Rushton, Geoff Wiles and his wife Sue, Malcom Jarvis introduced, started organising and promoting BMX in England.

JARVIS Sue (England)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with Alan Rushton, Geoff Wiles and her husband Malcom, Sue Jarvis introduced, started organising and promoting BMX in England.

KIMMANN Niek (Holland)

2015 World Champion

2016 World Champion

2018 World Cup

2019 European Champion

2019 World Cup

2021 Olympic Champion

2021 World Champion

KOOYMANS Albert (Holland)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Founder and owner of ASCO bicycles. Still producing parts for among others, ATB/MTB bikes (year 2003).

KULIGOWSKI Alain (France)

1984 alain kuligowskiSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with René Nicolas, Alain Kuligowski introduced and started organising BMX in France.

Among others responsible for the organisation of:

  • Indoor BMX de Bercy - Palais Omni Sport - Paris, France

In the beginning, Mr. Alain Kuligowski was responsible within the Lariviere Organisation. Later on this was taken over by Mr. Didier Coste (both men were "Chef Redaction" of the Edition Lariviere group).



LEVEQUE Christophe (France)

Christophe Leveque in Luzern Swiss after the Euro Championship in 19902001 World Champion
1999 World Champion
1998 World Champion
1997 World Champion
1995 World Champion
1993 World Champion
1991 World Champion

1994 European Champion
1993 European Champion
1993 European Champion (24")
1991 European Champion

1995 World Cup Winner


Christophe Leveque has been crowned the KING of CHAMPIONS, holding 7 World titles in the highest age/performance classes and another 2 titles in lower age classes, which makes his total: 9 world titles won, up and till this moment. Who will beat this record?

Special note:

Christophe Leveque (FR) is one of only 3 riders that succeeded in winning a 20 and 24 inch European Championship title in one year during the 19 years of European BMX Championships. The orther 2 are Pierre van Zuijlen (NL) and Eric Minozzi (FR).

LYNCH Tom (England)

Tom-Lynch1986 European Champion

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Tom Lynch, one of the most successful British riders who managed to rake the Superclass by storm when he was only 16 years old (in 1986). Tom stated "I still have me verses TEAM AMEV dreams". Insiders know exactly what Tom means by this!

Tom started out as a moto-cross rider but switched to BMX in 1980, competed in his first BMX events in 1982 and Tom finished his career in 1994.

MASSE Mr. (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Indoor de TOURS - Tours, France

Mrs. Morain and Masse (original founders), Mr. Perraquin

The fundament for this prestigious event was laid down by 5 clubs from the region d'Indre-et-Loire. In 1984 the Rochecorbon BMX clubs organised the first event with 200 entree and around 2000 spectators.

In February 1986 four clubs organised the French National Indoor Championship Superclass. Main sponsor was Credit Agricole 'd Indre-et-Loire.

The 3rd Indoor de Tours was organised in March of 1987 and for the first time foreign riders were allowed to compete. A new concept was introduced, "Le Trophée des As". In this open class riders of 16 year and older were able to compete against each other.

In 1989, the 5th indoor in Tours had grown to almost 800 entries and more then 6000 spectators came to watch the racing. It was for the first time also that the original BMX organisation AFB, worked together with the French cycling federation, the FFC.

The 6th Indoor de Tours in 1990 did hold the 1st. leg of the I.BMX.F. European Championship Superclass and also included the 3rd. round for the French National Indoor Championship title. Around 1300 entries and 7000 spectators.

Up and till this year (2001), this prestigious event has been organised 17 times now. This is truly unique for Europe. This top event with an average even now of over 1000 entries, draws a lot of interest from outside BMX people. On Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, many people from the city of TOURS come to the hall to see spectacular BMX racing.

It is very special that an organisation last this long.

It has everything to do with the enthusiasm and love for the sport put into this by the original founders of the organisation Mr. Morain and Masse and also by the present president of the organising committee Mr. Perraquin and his staff.

All 3 organisations and named organisers are true Hall of Fame members and unique in their kind. Proud to have them as nominees.

MCS Team Europe (Holland)

1990 World Championship Team

Team Members:

  • Bas de Bever (NL)
  • Dale Holmes (GB)
  • Nico Does (NL)
  • Christophe Leveque (F)
  • Nick Lacey (GB)
  • Yannick Rosset (CH)
  • Jurgen van Melis (NL)
  • Tina Madsen (DK)
  • Pieter Does (NL)
  • Mark van Gerwen (NL)
  • Boyd Karsmakers (NL)

Team Manager:

  • Gerrit Does

MINOZZI Eric (France)

1989 World Champion

1988 European Champion
1987 European Champion
1987 European Champion (24")

Special note:

Eric Minozzi (FR) is one of only 3 riders that succeeded in winning a 20 and 24 inch European Championship title in one year during the 19 years of European BMX Championships. The orther 2 are Pierre van Zuijlen (NL) and Christophe Leveque (FR).

MORAIN Mrs. (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Indoor de TOURS - Tours, France

Mrs. Morain and Masse (original founders), Mr. Perraquin

The fundament for this prestigious event was laid down by 5 clubs from the region d'Indre-et-Loire. In 1984 the Rochecorbon BMX clubs organised the first event with 200 entree and around 2000 spectators.

In February 1986 four clubs organised the French National Indoor Championship Superclass. Main sponsor was Credit Agricole 'd Indre-et-Loire.

The 3rd Indoor de Tours was organised in March of 1987 and for the first time foreign riders were allowed to compete. A new concept was introduced, "Le Trophée des As". In this open class riders of 16 year and older were able to compete against each other.

In 1989, the 5th indoor in Tours had grown to almost 800 entries and more then 6000 spectators came to watch the racing. It was for the first time also that the original BMX organisation AFB, worked together with the French cycling federation, the FFC.

The 6th Indoor de Tours in 1990 did hold the 1st. leg of the I.BMX.F. European Championship Superclass and also included the 3rd. round for the French National Indoor Championship title. Around 1300 entries and 7000 spectators.

Up and till this year (2001), this prestigious event has been organised 17 times now. This is truly unique for Europe. This top event with an average even now of over 1000 entries, draws a lot of interest from outside BMX people. On Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, many people from the city of TOURS come to the hall to see spectacular BMX racing.

It is very special that an organisation last this long.

It has everything to do with the enthusiasm and love for the sport put into this by the original founders of the organisation Mr. Morain and Masse and also by the present president of the organising committee Mr. Perraquin and his staff.

All 3 organisations and named organisers are true Hall of Fame members and unique in their kind. Proud to have them as nominees.

MORTEL van de Anita (Holland)

1988 World Champion
1987 World Champion

1989 European Champion
1984 European Champion

Anita van de Mortel finished her BMX career in 1991 and restarted in 2001!!!

National Team England

1996 World Championship Team in Brighton - England

Team Members:

  • Scott Beaumont
  • Vikki Overson
  • Dale Holmes
  • Jamie Staff
  • Dylan Clayton
  • Martin Murray

Team Manager:

  • Pete Phillips

National Team France

2003 World Championship Team in Perth - Australia

Team Members:

  • David Gibert (JM)
  • Thomas Allier (EM)
  • Cyrielle Convert (JW)
  • Helena Aubry (EW)

Team Manager:

  • Farbice Vettoretti

National Team Holland

2004 World Championship Team in Valkenswaard - Holland

Team Members:

  • Robert de Wilde
  • Ivo van der Putten
  • Willy Kanis
  • Natalja Busschers

Team Manager:

  • Ton Kolvoort

NICOLAS Philippe (France)

1980 Philippe Nicolas of France with young Pieter Does HollandSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

One can call Philippe the pioneer and trend setter for French BMX.

He was the first ever National Champion of France in the oldest age class in 1979.

Philippe was a good promoter for BMX, competed also in the AVRO GOLD CUP TV event in Waalre-Holland in August 1980.

Inducted in 2001

NICOLAS René (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with Alain Kuligowski, René Nicolas introduced and started organising BMX in France.

Up and till today René Nicolas is involved in BMX (works for FFC).

NIJS Sven (Belgium)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Waalre, April 2006 - Sven Nijs (BEL) part 2.

Sven Nijs 2005-2006 World Cup winnerUpdate: Sven Nijs 2005-2006 World Cup winner

Old Skool BMX' er Sven Nijs has been unbeatable this past winter. Although Sven was not able to prolong his 2005 World Title in Cycle cross, this 2006 season Sven was almost unbeatable winning the UCI World Cup series 2005/2006, among other things.

Update Sven Nijs during a Press-conference

Sven Nijs (BEL)  1.

Updated April 2003: Old Skool BMX’ er and former member of the WEBCO team Belgium, changed from BMX to Cycle Cross in the early ’90 and is doing very well indeed in this discipline. Just recently Sven became the Belgium National Champion Cyclo Cross 2003 in the Elite Men class. He owns already a World Champion title and is a “World Cup” series winner in the Cyclo Cross discipline.

February 10th he also did conclude the so-called “Super Prestige” Cyclo-cross series (the last out of 7 events) by winning in Harnes - France. This was the 4th time that Sven did win the “Super Prestige” series.

NYBERG Andreas (Sweden)

1985 Andreas NybergSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Another pioneer rider has been nominated, Andreas Nyberg from Sweden.

Andreas was the first ever Swedish BMX racer in the, at the time, oldest age class and the first one from Sweden to compete in international events, among others, the 1983 I.BMX.F. Worlds in Holland and the Murray World Cup in Nashville Tennessee, USA.

Andreas still runs a Bicycle and BMX shop in Sweden.

Inducted in 2004

PERRAQUIN Mr. (France)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Indoor de TOURS - Tours, France

Mrs. Morain and Masse (original founders), Mr. Perraquin

The fundament for this prestigious event was laid down by 5 clubs from the region d'Indre-et-Loire. In 1984 the Rochecorbon BMX clubs organised the first event with 200 entree and around 2000 spectators.

In February 1986 four clubs organised the French National Indoor Championship Superclass. Main sponsor was Credit Agricole 'd Indre-et-Loire.

The 3rd Indoor de Tours was organised in March of 1987 and for the first time foreign riders were allowed to compete. A new concept was introduced, "Le Trophée des As". In this open class riders of 16 year and older were able to compete against each other.

In 1989, the 5th indoor in Tours had grown to almost 800 entries and more then 6000 spectators came to watch the racing. It was for the first time also that the original BMX organisation AFB, worked together with the French cycling federation, the FFC.

The 6th Indoor de Tours in 1990 did hold the 1st. leg of the I.BMX.F. European Championship Superclass and also included the 3rd. round for the French National Indoor Championship title. Around 1300 entries and 7000 spectators.

Up and till this year (2001), this prestigious event has been organised 17 times now. This is truly unique for Europe. This top event with an average even now of over 1000 entries, draws a lot of interest from outside BMX people. On Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, many people from the city of TOURS come to the hall to see spectacular BMX racing.

It is very special that an organisation last this long.

It has everything to do with the enthusiasm and love for the sport put into this by the original founders of the organisation Mr. Morain and Masse and also by the present president of the organising committee Mr. Perraquin and his staff.

All 3 organisations and named organisers are true Hall of Fame members and unique in their kind. Proud to have them as nominees.

POSTUMA Eddy (Holland)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

2004_Eddy_Posthuma_l_and_Gerrit_Does_rDuring the Worlds in Valkenswaard – Holland, July 2004 I did meet among others, with an old friend of mine who retired from BMX about 3 years ago, after the Worlds in Louisville Kentucky - USA. His name is Eddy Posthuma. As probably most of the present international riders know, Eddy has been a head-official (track) for many years at European International events and World Championships all over the Worlds.

I find it hard in a way, that when top riders and/or international officials stop with their activities, it seems they disappeared from the face of the earth. In my view, those concerned deserve a place on a podium, where they can and will be remembered.

A sport with no history is no sport” and the people I am talking about did mean something for the sport of BMX and therefore their history has to be written down for which I use the University of BMX website.

Eddy Posthuma (R.I.P.)

Sorry to see Eddy passed away in 2009.

EDDY_POSTHUMAEddy Posthuma is one of those men who has to be remembered for the work he did for so many years. Eddy got involved in International officiating thru me at the European Challenge Cup events in the '80 s. Was active at European Championship events, World Cup events and Worlds Championships. As a friend I personally want to thank Eddy now, for all the work he did and experience he transferred to others, now active at the same positions as Eddy was himself, here in Europe. After ending his work in 2001, the Worlds was the first time since then that he saw a BMX race again.

Because of back problems, Eddy has to walk on crutches now a days, but for the rest he is the same man as before. We all wish him the very best and a good health for him and his wife. Good luck Eddy and again thanks for all your work.

REDOIS Xavier (France)

xavier redois 1984Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Xavier started racing BMX early 1979 and can be considered one of the pioneer BMX racers of France and leaded the way for a long period of time.

He never won a European and/or World title in the highest level class, however he still was a leading figure in International BMX for many years, together with Claude Vuillemot and David Kastler.

xavier redois 1987Xavier is still involved in BMX due to his profession working for a bicycle company in England.

A man who had to be nominated for the European Hall of Fame of BMX.

Inducted in 2001

ROKER Mr. Renny (USA)


Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Inducted in 2008

RUFFELL Andy (England)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Here the motivation concerning the nomination of Andy Ruffell to the European BMX Hall of Fame. Besides a pioneer top rider, Andy was a true promoter of the BMX sport during the first 8 years of BMX in Great Britain, as you can read.

Waalre-Holland, October 2007

NAME :  Andy Ruffell (born in England) 
CITY :  Las Vegas
DATE OF BIRTH : 8th May 1966
E.MAIL ADDRESS : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
MARRIED : NO (Long time girlfriend Heidi Kelso (American TV Producer)

PROFESSION AT THIS MOMENT (explain a little about your job, has sport helped you with this?):

President / CEO A3 Networks USA – A3 is a media group with TV broadcasts in 8 million households, various web sites and production companies ( My role is to develop the business as a whole, in particular take our TV interest's into other cities in the USA including New York and Los Angeles – then across the world.

I'm so grateful for what I learned all those years ago during my BMX career, there's the usual things you would expect like never give up and fight hard to be the best….but potentially even more than that it was that it allowed me to travel the world a few times while I was young enough to really learn about people and human nature. The biggest lesson of all is that basically we are all the same no matter what religion or where we are from.. If I had my life again I wouldn't change a thing.. BMX rules !

START OF BMX CAREER (year): 1979

MAIN RESULTS DURING THE YEARS (championships, nr. 1,2,3 spots) at

NATIONAL LEVEL :        No. 1 – 1980, 1981, 1982. 1983, 1985 (No.2 1984)

EUROPEAN LEVEL:        Not sure? Always on the road I think I missed most of the Euro races

WORLD LEVEL:             Top 5 a few times?


* UK Freestyle Champion 1982 / 3 (won every freestyle event entered)

* ScreenSport Pro Champion 1985

* World Record Bunny Hop Height – 39 inches (circa 1984)

* World Record People Hop – 36 People (1984)

* Starred in BMX The Video 1983 sold million copies worldwide

* Starred in various commercials for Kelloggs and Readybrek (UK, Europe and Africa)

* Awarded young cyclist of the year by Minister For Sport 1984

* Made over 500 TV appearances around the world

* 12,000 people attended one Andy Ruffell show in South Africa

* Made a top 30 record in 1983 ‘BMX Boys have a lot of fun'

* Won his first American BMX race in 1981 Pontiac SilverDome


Ammaco Mongoose 1981 – 1984, Raleigh – 1985, Ammaco Mongoose 1986


Mongoose Supergoose 2, Mongoose ProClass, Raleigh Team Pro, Mongoose Pro Class




only as a hobby – Motorcycles / Snowboarding


Andy, now 41, has also developed a significant career in television and hosted 7 series over 4 years of the nationally televised BMX Beat on the UK ITV network as well as presenting the prestigious Kellogg's BMX Championship on Channel 4 for three years. He has appeared in over 400 TV shows in the UK and around the world including two appearances on BBC Superstars and starring in various commercials for Kellogg's and Ready Brek.

Andy also founded and produced several major BMX and Skateboarding events including the European BMX Freestyle Championships and the world-renowned ‘Holeshot' event, which brought together the world's best BMX riders and Skateboarders – a forerunner to the modern ‘X Games' – all with international TV coverage.

In 1987 he decided to retire from competitive sport and developed his next career behind the camera as a producer at London's BiG Group Communications Agency. Over the next few years he produced a wide range of award winning entertainment programs and documentaries around the world including Asia and North and South America for clients including British Airways, Johnnie Walker, Cathay Pacific and Cunard Line.

In 1995, Andy undertook one of his greatest challenges when after a chance meeting with Kanya King they created and launched the MasterCard MOBO Awards – now one of the world's largest televised urban music events. The event has just celebrated its 10 th anniversary and is broadcast nationally on BBC1 in the UK and in 20 countries across the globe. Since launching The MOBO Awards, the parent company has grown to include TV Production, Publishing, and Music and Internet divisions.

Ruffell is also Founder and CEO of ‘DanceStar' – the global dance music awards platform. It is an event concept developed across three continents with the first DanceStar show – ‘The World Dance Music Awards' taking place on June 1st 2000 at London's Alexandra Palace. It was broadcast on the UK's Channel 4 network and various territories around Europe reaching over 100 million households worldwide.

March 2002 saw the launch of DanceStar USA – The American Dance Music Awards that took place at the prestigious Jackie Gleason Theatre in the dance ‘Mecca' of South Beach, Miami. It became the most talked about event of 2002. The 2003 show took place live on the sands of Miami Beach and was seen in 54 countries across the world – the most watched electronic music show in history…

Andy has now Created, Produced and Exec Produced more than 18 world class televised award shows and over 50 other event, TV and video projects around the world in places as diverse as Kuwait, Hong Kong, Venezuela and mid Atlantic on the QE2.

Andy's events have featured some of the world's biggest names in music and entertainment including, 50 Cent, Destiny's Child, Tina Turner, P.Diddy, Diana Ross, Ja Rule, Lenny Kravitz, Juliette Lewis, Lionel Richie, R.Kelly, Dionne Warwick, Moby, Boy George, Bootsy Collins, BB King, Bono, The Edge, Fatboy Slim, George Benson, Kool & The Gang, Santana, Jay-Z and Tony Blair.

The future looks good for Andy Ruffell with his consultancy company advising US and European corporations on televised event development, he is President and CEO of A3 Networks, a TV channel in south Florida which is about to expand across the USA. Also three new globally televised events are in development with major broadcasters including a Latin Version of DanceStar.

Andy has now based his operations in Miami and New York with AR Consulting Inc encompassing Music, TV and Radio Projects.  

Thanks Andy for completing this form. GD.


Press Release (November 2005)

"Old Skooler ANDY RUFFELL scoring in the USA with his Music Awards programm and.... showing he is proud of his BMX background. Very well done ANDY"



Andy_Ruffell_1984 1983_Andy_Ruffellandy_ruffell_tabletop


Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Inducted in 2011

RUSHTON Alan (England)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with Geoff Wiles and Malcom & Sue Jarvis, Alan Rushton introduced, started organising and promoting BMX in England.

SCHADOWSKI Rainer (Germany)

Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame


Rainer started riding BMX bikes in 1980 and competed in an official event for the first time in 1982. He was one of the first German BMX'ers to travel with Gerrit Does to events in the USA in the early '80s.

Together with his Dad, Rainer started a BMX shop called "Rainer's Bike Shop". This shop still exists today. Since a couple of years, an Old Skool reunion takes place in Weiterstadt - Germany around September and among others, Rainer is one of the organisers of this event.

Rainer still rides his bike ('80's) once and a while.

As a leading, pioneer racer in the early days his nomination is a form of respect for the pioneer work he did.

Inducted in 2001

STAFF Jamie (England)

Jamie-Staff- EC2003-Cheddar1996 World Champion

1995 European Champion

1996 World Cup Winner
1995 World Cup Winner

Jamie Staff came to check out the races and hand out the trophies in Cheddar.

ŠTROMBERGS Māris (Latvia)

2008 first ever Olympic BMX Champ Maris Stromberg2012 Olympic Champion
2008 Olympic Champion

2010 World Champion
2008 World Champion

2014 European Champion
2013 European Champion
2008 European Champion

2010 Supercross World Cup

Sunn Chippie (France)

1991 World Championship Team

Team Members:

  • Christophe Leveque
  • Florent Poussin
  • Jean Christophe Tricard

Team Manager:

  • Max Commencal

Team GT Europe (Holland)

1996 & 1994 World Championship Team

Riders of the winning team were:

  • Dale Holmes
  • Robert Sprokholt
  • Corine Dorland
  • Gundars Osis
  • Vlasdislav Khas
  • Nicolas Grevet

Other team members were:

  • Robert de Wilde
  • Fred LeGall
  • Thierry Fouilleul

Team Manager:

  • Gerrit Does

The History of BMX (as I know it)


This section concerns mainly the History of European BMX. However, since I have been involved in the international development of this sport world-wide in the early days (1974 - 1984) and did have many contacts all over the world, a wide range of world-wide BMX developments have been documented as well by me.


I started competing in moto-cross events in 1963 and it was during those events that I had a competitor called, Pierre Karsmakerswho also was a starting moto-cross rider at the time. Pierre Karsmakers was contracted by YAMAHA USA ending 1972 and would leave Holland some time early 1973 for the USA to live and work in California as a YAMAHA USA moto-cross team rider. He had a very nice sister that became my friend, fiance and in 1969 my wife. After my active career as an international moto-cross rider 250 cc ending the 1975 season, I became trainer/coach of about 8 Dutch top-riders in moto-cross and trial. Among them 4 of my brothers-in-law, Pierre, Paul, Frans and Toon Karsmakers. I was the personal coach of the youngest Karsmakers, Toon for some years. In the years to come, Toon did win 3 Dutch National titles in the 500 cc International class.

VRIJDAG Louis (Holland)

Gerrit-Does-left-and-Louis-Vrijdag-rightSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

As you can read from the History of BMX, Gerrit Does discovered BMX in the USA in 1974 and imported the sport in Europe, more specific Holland in the first place.

Louis Vrijdag has been instrumental getting the sport organised in Holland together with Gerrit Does in the early days.

Gerrit Does has been instrumental getting an international organisation of the the ground called the I.BMX.F. , now integrated into the UCI. Louis Vrijdag was instrumental integrating I.BMX.F. into the UCI which took about 6 years to realise all together.

Gerrit has been involved in BMX up and till 1998 (since 1974 meaning 25 years of involvement) and Louis Vrijdag up and till 1999 (since 1978 meaning 21 years of involvement) working for the KNWU (National Cycling Fed.) and the UCI (president BMX committee UCI). Both men have been crucial for National and International developments up and till the '90s.

Louis-Vrijdag-left-and-Gerrit-Does-right-having-lunchFour still active manufacturers of BMX bikes and parts have been inducted into the European BMX Hall of Fames in the year 2003. All of them were pioneers in their fields in international European BMX. They were trend setters and instrumental in developing BMX equipment from the early days on up till now. They helped initiating the sport and its products within the European market and on.

WILDE de Robert (Holland)

Robert-de-Wilde1999 World Champion

2000 European Champion
1999 European Champion

2007 Supercross World Cup
2005 Supercross World Cup

2003 World Cup Winner
1999 World Cup Winner

wc perth2003 robert dewildeRobert de Wilde (GT) posing with  UnivofBMX Staff Member Nico van Dartel

WILES Geoff (England)

1982 Geoff Wiles, UK.BMX - EnglandSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Together with Sue & Malcom Jarvis and Alan Rushton, Geoff Wiles introduced, started organising and promoting BMX in England.

ZUIJLEN van Pierre (Holland)

1986 European Champion
1986 European Champion (24")

Special note:

Pierre van Zuijlen (NL) is one of only 3 riders that succeeded in winning a 20 and 24 inch European Championship title in one year during the 19 years of European BMX Championships. The orther 2 are Christophe Leveque (FR) and Eric Minozzi (FR).